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Alec Bradley Prensado

Prensado is Alec Bradley's fullest-bodied cigar to date.

Introducing, Prensado....a rich a redolent handmade guaranteed to satisfy. This exquisite handmade employs a special 'Trojes' Corojo wrapper grown in Honduras and a flavorful blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and more Trojes long-fillers. Expect a bold and eventful smoke that brings interesting flavors in spades. Buttery-smooth notes of deep, rich nuances including roasted flavors, coffee, and a dash of sweet red pepper. 96-rated and impressively built, that's Alec Bradley Prensado.

In addition to being named the Top Cigar of 2011, Alec Bradley Prensado received an unheard of, 96-point rating, noting, ""The Alec Bradley Prensado is as gorgeous a cigar as you’ll ever see, with a picture-perfect head and a stunning wrapper. But it is the flavor that makes it a classic smoke. The Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos come together to create leather, chocolate and spice notes, and a long, lush finish."

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48) BOX OF 20 In Stock $213.00 $180.99
5-PACK In Stock $48.00
Churchill + Sampler (7.0"x48) BOX OF 20 In Stock $213.00 $181.00
Corona Gorda (5.6"x46) BOX OF 20 In Stock $186.00 $157.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.50
Corona Gorda + Sampler (5.6"x46) BOX OF 20 In Stock $186.00 $158.00
Double T (Gordo) (6.0"x62) BOX OF 20 In Stock $249.00 $210.99
5-PACK In Stock $56.00
Double T (double toro) + Sampler (Gordo) (6.0"x62) BOX OF 20 In Stock $249.00 $211.00
Gran Toro (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $244.00 $206.99
5-PACK In Stock $55.00
Gran Toro + Sampler (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $244.00 $207.00
Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $192.00 $162.99
5-PACK In Stock $43.00
Robusto + Sampler (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $192.00 $163.00
Toro Tubo (6.5"x52) BOX OF 10 In Stock $125.00 $111.99
Torpedo (6.1"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $244.00 $206.99
5-PACK In Stock $55.00
Torpedo + Sampler (6.1"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $244.00 $207.00
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Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley Prensado”
Burn and draw issues... Nonetheless, it was awesomely flavorful, and I will definitely try another - perhaps keep it in my lower humidity humi, and see what happens.
MB of Milford, MA
The Alex Bradley Prensado is a creamier, smoother version of the delicious Tempest. A little pricy perhaps but when you find a stick you like...well....some are cheap and some..............................
KB of San Francisco, CA
If you like Alec Bradley Tempus you will love the Prensado. I would take these over the Tempus any time. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Oh yea! Prensado deserves all the high praise and high ratings. Full bodied yet smooth, nuttery and buttery, leathery, etc., etc. Forget the descriptions just try it. This is one impressive cigar.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
Until now, I have not been all that impressed with AB cigars. However, the Prensado was a game changer. This box-pressed beauty is densely packed, heavy in the hand, rich and creamy, and smokes like a champ! This cigar goes 12-rounds; don't even light the double toro unless you have at least 2-hours to kill. It is not cheap cigar, but it's worth every penny.
CW of Fredericksburg, VA
I am impressed with this cigar(Alec Bradley Prensado) Flavor profile is very similar to Tempus,but less pepperly and more butterly.It is hard for me to say which I like better.They are both complexed and elegant smokes..!
SN of Austin, TX
Being a sucker for maduro wraps the "Prensado" Gran Toro is an excellent stick. The pre-light aroma fills the nostrils with sweet caramel and wonderful barnyard. Upon first light you'll note toast and lots of cream blended to perfection, a quarter way in you will also receive slight hints of cedar, pepper and caramel, true down to the finish. Not my personal favorite yet well deserving of the ratings received, only to be bested by "Tempus Maduro" according to my palette. I'm apologize to you Padron,,, you will now have to step aside.
ER of Oklahoma City, OK
Just smoked my first AB Prensado(torpedo) and I must say, I understand how it drew such rave reviews. Decently constructed, heavy in the hand and the flavors booming outta this thing are amazing! Stands up well to my favorite '64 Padron when it comes to appeal and taste....
SL of Wapakoneta, OH
Time to update your description boys! This beauty just scored a coveted spot at the top of the charts. The Churchill was rated 96 and took Best Cigar of the Year 2011! I'm SO glad I got a few of these before the news broke and the cat was out of the bag. Snatch up some of this blend while you can, they will not last long!
MZ of Riverside, RI
I hate to stand opposed, but the 92,93 rating, well, I'm not so sure. While the Prensado is very well made, smokes good, lots of smoke. IT'S the wrapper that gets me. Reminds me more of a mexican San Andres. I get that distinct bitter sweet cocoa taste instead of the robust, earthy, chewy after taste you get from a corojo wrapper. Not much sweetness there to take away from some of the bite I got when first lit. It does smooth out nicely. Still a fairly good smoke. Needs more of a finish to it. The smoke is at it;s best about two thirds of the way down. Nice aroma.
DE of Arcadia, IN
Wonderful cigar(Alec Bradley Prensado).It takes the Tempus experience up a few notches.Very rich deep flavors with rich luxurious pepper and an aroma to die for.Scored a 10-pack on whack,CI you're the best,thanks Mr Rubin and Alec Bradley.
RK of College Park, MD
One of the most amazing smokes i have ever had. Smooth, creamy, good draw. My mouth is watering as im describing this. It was recommended to my by a co worker. The whole time I was smoking it, fireworks were going off in my head. Try a 5 pack, no screw it, buy a box, no, buy 10 boxes. Its simply the best thing out there.
BN of Honolulu, HI
The Prensado is a stong, flavorful and balanced smoke with great aroma. Simply stated; this Alec Bradley delivers.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Recently bought some of these after reading a number of favorable reviews. Flavor and appearance on the first were excellent, though the draw and smoke output on this first smoke were a little disappointing.
WC of Seeley Lake, MT
This is worth the price! Top 3 or 4 for me, and I have smoked my share. This has the distinct AB pepper zing. Full bodied, but pulls it off smoothly. I have have two gripes: 1. the price, while definitley worth it I hate to pay $11 for the gran toro (my favorite), and 2. they tend to go out in the final third unless you stay on top of it. Aside from this nothing else tastes like a Prensado. IMHO it's AB's best (yes even better than tempus ratings not withstanding). If however you really hate paying $9+ for a stick don't try it, because you will want more. If you love sweet spice with strength and smoothness, and don't mind ponying up the price to play look no further this is your stick!
AA of Red Bank, NJ
Alec Bradley has always been my favorite line, next to CAO. This cigar is no where near their best one. I strongly disagree with the 96 rating it received. I would give it at 91-92 at most. Good flavor profile, not strong on the nicotine but the price makes it's rating go down in my book.
RE of Springfield, NJ
The family blend, tempus and harvest are all well deserved 90+ rated(maybe), but this one really deserves cigar of the year. Extra spicy and solid consistent flavor, the prensado sits up there with the padron 64 maduro. It has that extra something that makes you say wow! Buy some before they're all sold out.
PW of Charlestown, RI
The churchills are absolutely, without question, the BEST cigar I've ever had (which makes sense, since that size in particular is the one Cigar Aficionado rated 96 AND the #1 Cigar of 2011). Over here in Eastern Afghanistan, there's nothing like taking 1:15 minutes to relax and smoke one at the end of a long day. Worth every penny!
CR of Spring Lake, NC
Am I the only guy not floored by this cigar? Admittedly an incredibly built artisan cigar with a beautiful band and easy draw but I will say this cigar was bit bitter. With a 96 rating I must have got a dud or something but I found it a bit harsh. The stick I smoked did not have an even burn either. I love love the AB line and the 97 is one of my favorites though so I will try this cigar again and see if maybe I got a stale one perhaps?
JL of Middle Village, NY
Great cigar worth the rating. I see a lot of people with burn and draw complaints to which I concur. My advice to those is that this cigar is a DIVA in the humidor, a slight change in humidity or temp makes this stick change dramatically in flavor and burn! I can attest to that. At 66% this thing tastes like burning dirt. At a high reading it burns like a 96 rated cigar. Draw I know is a manufacturing variable but all in all, when kept properly this cigar shines the 96 rating it received! Happy smoking.
JL of Middle Village, NY
What can i say, over a year ago i was new to the cigar world, so i researched around for the first perfect cigar i can start out with. #1 cigar of 2011 eh why not? i know nothing about this stuff. took $20 bought the stick and a cutter, came back smoked it thought nothing of it. So now a year later i have a humidor with 20 of these bad boys. I have fished around other brands and nothing compares to the churchill. Amazing aroma, nice blend of chocolate, spices and leather. Just a beautiful all around stick. I'm glad it is my first ever and still going strong in my humidor.
EF of Long Beach, CA
Good, really good. I really didn't appreciate this cigar the first time I smoked one. What was I thinking?
DM of Washington, DC
Other than it not burning evenly, this was an excellent smoke. Low in nicotine strength, high in flavor. Maybe not a 96 in my book but definitely worth every penny non the less
CD of Vacaville, CA
What a cigar!! Started with a little bit of burn issues but it quickly went away, then it started to open up and reveal a mastercraftsman at work. The strong flavours at the start then a mellowness in the midway point to a smoth finish that took me away. Thank you AB. Thank you!!
CP of Ancaster, ON
"Best cigar I have smoked bar none!!" It deserves the 96 rate
I don't get it. All power and no finesse. I've smoked four of the Robustos that I bought in a ten pack over a year ago. Humidor aging hasn't helped. Like smoking a stick of charcoal. I occasionally enjoy a full-bodied smoke (Pepins, etc) but these are just too hardcore for me.
MS of Merrick, NY
Love at first toast. The Churchill is the best cigar I've smoked in a long time. Powerful, but smooth as velvet. I'd choose this over a Liga Privada any day.
For a cigar supposedly the top pick of the year. They're good but not that good. Out of the box they have the most amazing fragrance. Truly amazing and rich. But once they are lit they burn uneven and tend not to carry smoke well so you are drawing frequently to keep it alive. Not fun. It shows in the review that these are full bodied. They aren't the end up coming off with a mild/medium intensity. I had one with another enthusiast who commented, nice mild smoke. It's a nice smoke to the end but it's a high maintenance experience.
This review will go against the others, but I have to write about my experience. I only made a 5 pack purchase of these, and while the cigars are great looking, not one has had a decent draw. My humidor has a constant humidity of 65-70, and there is no reason these should have a tight draw. I can only hope that leaving them in my humidor will correct this problem....
DM of Taylor, MI
96? That is one lofty rating. Prensado earned it with a full flavored attack on the senses....this one delivers a more complex, full bodied experience that everyone should try. Highly recommended....
Outstanding flavor. This cigar has full full flavor with an oily wrapper. It was smooth and had a great draw. However, the second half of the cigar would not stay lit and it finally went out and refused to relight with about a 1/4 of the cigar left. I don't know that I would spend this kind of money in the future if they continue to have this problem. Take way the burning issue and the cigar is definitely worth the money.
This cigar single handedly turned me from an occasional big event cigar smoker to an everyday cigar puffing schlub! I love every thing about this cigar. It is the archetype that I use to judge all other cigars I smoke. From its heftiness in the hand, to the ease of its draw, huge amounts of amazing smelling smoke, and complexity of taste it is a 10 out of 10 in every category. When I think of complexity on the palate and a taste that doesn't bore the tongue this is the go to cigar. I have experienced an uneven burn with a Tempus but never with a Prensado. The Prensado stands up to and holds its own with any scotch or bourbon I have paired it with.
SB of Oak Ridge, TN
Not a big box pressed fan, this changed my mind. Nothing short of a fine cigar, this baby delivers in spades. The reviews were right on the money, will be getting extra room in mr. humi for these.......thanks guys
TB of winona, MN
I've been smoking cigars for around 18 years, and this is one of the few that really stood out for me. If you like a full flavored cigar, you cant go wrong with one of these.
KB of Taylorsville, KY
The taste alone is worth the 96 rating, but be warned (as others have stated as well) that there are some serious issues with the burn and draw. I had to relight mine 3 times, and the getting the smoke to come through was a real hassle. Do not let this deter you though. These are great full body smokes, very creamy, and have serious burn time. If you have the time and money, they are worth your attention.
IL of Pleasanton, CA
As a few others have stated, my first Double T had significant burn issues and I found myself having to babysit the stick until about halfway through. It was only then, that I was able to draw a desirable amount of smoke without having to take double to triple draws. The smoke is certainly smooth, but a bit more mild than what I expected from a full-bodied smoke--I found myself wanting a little more from this smoke. Ascetically, the Presendo is certainly easy on the eyes, though a bit spongy to the touch. Here's hoping that the next four surpass my first impression.
BJ of Sandy, UT
Just one year ago, as I was singing the praises of all things Alec Bradley, the burn issue reports began to dominate the discussion of nearly every review. It has not gone away. Today, I have tested several AB offerings & am reporting my findings. First, let's get Prensado's side of things. Everyone has a "special" cigar. One they consider superior to all others. Prensado is mine. Sheer perfection from construction to feel & draw, to every aspect of what makes a cigar, beautiful. Full flavored, full bodied, smooth as silk & loaded with flavor. Spices, cinnamon, red pepper. Complexity is one of Prensado's virtues. Among many. Even the band is glorious. I am about 20 minutes into an oh so gently box pressed robusto & the burn, thus far, has been perfect. This particular stick has seen at least three months of careful aging at 70% humidity. I have had a few burn issues with several Prensados in the past, but I see no hint of a problem with tonight's offering. Thankfully. My hope, is that Alec Bradley can identify & correct any problems that may be plaguing some of their most popular & highly rated blends. I never rush to smoke any AB stick I buy, but store them for months, then enjoy them with minimal problems. I would love to dive right in, right off the truck, but have found it is better to wait. Truthfully, I have moved a lot of my devotion to many of the fine AJ Fernandez blends, that never burn crooked. That doesn't detract from the fineness of Prensado, a blend so grand, so incredibly delicious, that it actually deserves the lofty ratings it receives. 97/100 To me, the best cigar in the world. At any price.
Those Prensados are my favorite. Im about to buy a box. That says a lot for someone as picky as me.
BK of San Diego, CA
Very strong cigar. Nice smoke. Good volume. Kind of hard to get out of the chair after this one. Plan your day accordingly.
SS of Chapin, SC
My 4th cigar of the day, is the incomparable Alec Bradley Prensado robusto. A classic 5" X 50 slightly box pressed thing of beauty. The 1st 3 vitolas this day weren't chopped liver. Morning coffee with a La Herencia Cubana robusto & two mid afternoon Alec Bradley offerings. A Tempus & Tempus Maduro, both robustos. But I have saved the best for last. Minor burn issues not withstanding, (we have beat that horse to death & things continue to improve) everything about Presado is 1st rate. From the Honduran & Nicaraguan ligeros that make up the body, to the Honduran binder & last but not least, the unique "Trojas" corojo wrapper. All married to project a full bodied explosion of flavors you can feel in your gut & behind your eyes. Truly a fantastic concoction of premium tobaccos, handled in typical Alec Bradley fashion. No wonder they are expensive, a 40 minute robusto commanding a princely $8.00 to $9.00. Luckily they can often be found in samplers & even as "loss leaders" in a deal. That's when I jump all over them. My most recent find featured 4 of AB's very best, Tempus, Tempus Maduro, Family Blend & Prensado for a palty $3.00 a stick. At those prices, the argument can be made that the 96 rated Prensado could well be the best cigar in the world. I can't quite go there, but enthusiastically commit to a hearty endorsement, with the caveat that it is one of the 10 best blends in existence today.
I have smoked several of these, and I am not that impressed. It is a well made decent cigar, but often requires a relight, and is somewhat bitter...some have draw issues as well. In my opinion (we are each entitled to our own :)) the Black Market is a more enjoyable smoke at a much better price.
JP of Indianapolis, IN
Beautiful cigar, first off. It had a good draw but it didn't burn quite right, I had to relight it a couple times unfortunately. Despite having to relight it, it had a wonderful taste, rich and smooth. I was nervous at first cause it's a full strength but I loved it. It will definitely be one that I buy to keep in stock for the future.
AP of Allegan, MI
Awesome!! Enough said!!!
EK of Fountain, CO
I just had my 1st AB Prensado robusto as my nightcap, last night and I have to say, "Wow!" Deceptively smooth & balanced for such a full-flavored cigar. I had to keep to my chair as this puppy packs a wollup! But it is delicious! The way to try this stick without breaking the bank is in the "build-your-own sampler." Hell of a deal; get 'em while you can!
PS of Decatur, GA
By far the best cigar I've tried to date. I put it above the Decade and even the Aging Room. I just bought a new humidor specifically for these bad boys! Even if you haven't liked Alec Bradley in the past, you gotta try the Prensado.
BG of Hayward, CA
Like another reviewer I had burn issues, BUT the flavor was worth the effort to keep it going. The Corona Gorda burned better than the Toro. Well worth the minor frustration if you can find them at a discount. I wouldn't buy a box at full price.
Not impressed...I'll admit this is a smooth cigar with a nice draw, definitely not a full flavor cigar....
SB of Colorado Springs, CO
AWESOME! Lives up to the rating... ordering another box for obx.
I have to admit I was very disappointed in this smoke. Poor burn. It was harsh from 1st till about 2/3 of the smoke.
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