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Man O' War Virtue

From the half man, half god creators of Man O' War, comes Man O' War lite!

Man O' War, the recently crowned king of full-bodied, has just dropped another bomb. This time, a milder handmade - Man O' War Virtue - and it is spectacular. Dressed in a seamless, silky-smooth Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador and generously filled with Nicaraguan long-fillers, Virtue is brimming smooth and creamy complex flavors. Mild to medium-bodied, but filled with richness and flavor, Man O' War Virtue is impressively complex and refined. Note of oak, cream, nuts and a toasty-but-buttery smooth finish make up the core profile. Subtle hints of white pepper and sweetness round out the mix. Well-made, perfectly blended and extraordinarily tasty - Man O' War Virtue is the sets the new standard in Connecticut wrapped cigars. Perfect in the morning, perfect after a big meal, just perfect.

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5-PACK In Stock $40.00 $36.00
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Customer Reviews of “Man O' War Virtue”
In my oh-so-humble opinion, this is the absolute best Connecticut cigar available on the market today. This is what I like to call a "full body, mild strength" stick. This stick has just as much flavour and mouthfeel as any full-bodied maduro you've had, but it still retains the typical mild-to-medium nicotine strength you get from most Connecticuts. This is absolute gold for me, because I'm much more interested in FLAVOUR than getting light-headed and nauseous. Don't get me wrong, I like my share of strong sticks, but this baby is all flavour and very little nicotine kick. It's very pleasant. Flavours abound of toasted nuts, spicy cedar, a sweet tobacco, and an incredibly pleasant flavour of vanilla, which is amplified on the retrohale. Buy yourself a box of these in the torpedo or toro size, and I guarantee you'll be happy. If you're not, you can send 'em my way! :)
BA of Bronx, NY
The Man O' War Virtue...just a bit more body than the R.P. Conn., that's it. Enjoy.
VB of San Francisco, CA
What a great a.m. smoke! I received these 6/10/10 and they went in the 'dor immediately. Smoked this one 9 days later @ 67% and it was great. Smooth, flavorful, good draw & burn, very enjoyable. Even those that prefer stronger smokes will appreciate this one. I wanted to light another, but no time to do so. It lasted a bit over one hour. Enjoy!
DS of Jacksonville, FL
I have found my favorite new morning cigar. Man O' War Virtue is one smooth and tasty operator. Perfect in the morning with a good cup of coffee. MOW Virtue proves that mild bodied does not necessarily mean boring. There is a lot of flavor packed into this cigar with some very nice white pepper when exhaled through the nose. The burn on all I have had so far has been dead on with no touch ups needed. I found the salomon to be particularly good with a perfect draw. If you like 5 Vegas Gold, Gurkha Park Avenue, CAO Gold or Rocky Patel CT you will love Man O' War Virtue.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
Very nice cigar. Burns pefectly with ample flavor. This is the best connie I have smoked.. 90 rating
LM of El Paso, TX
I don’t care for mild cigars, and Connecticut wrappers bore me, so I saved this Virtue toro for a calm day, so at least what little aroma it produced would stick around for awhile. Wow, was I mistaken—this cigar has wonderful flavor & aroma. It made my day! I think we cigar smokers tend to go stronger and stronger in search of flavor. But it’s like adding more & more Tabasco on a unappetizing meal to mask its mediocrity. If you start with a wonderfully seasoned dish, it doesn’t need to be stronger to be better. This is how I describe the MOW Virtue. From now on I will keep a supply of Virtue in my humi’s.
SC of Lake Forest Park, WA
We picked these up on a typical CI impossible to resist specials. This is a well made cigar that has no flaws. It is just at that transition point from mild to medium. A good buy at the normal price of about $8.00, but at the $3.50 we paid it is a killer.
KG of Acton, ME
M.O.W Virtue is a very good smoke. It is every bit as complex as described and I thoroughly enjoyed the first one I smoked (the day it arrived). Having said that, I disagree with the gentleman that said it was the best conneticut smoke ever. I like the E.S.V 91 a bit more but I also prefer the M.O.W original over the Ruination, so there's no accounting for taste. I'm gonna herf another one in a few weeks to get the U.P.S off the thing. If there is any dramatic difference, I'll amend this opinion. As always I got a rippin deal from C.I and I'll be combing the Jams lookin for more.
PN of Hollister, CA
Over time I am starting to see my rotation in my humidor turn from a well rounded assortment of treasures to a solitary diamond. Man O' War has definetly won my affection and now as I smoke this new gem and my taste buds are exploding I realize that they have just taken over my humidor. the Virtue is a real prize to be had. Keep it up Man O' War. We love ya!
MM of Clarksville, TN
I am telling you. This is an incredible cigar. The most exciting and eventful cigar I have ever nubbed. Medium fans will go bonkers
MW of Lockport, NY
I am a huge fan of the Ruination, so I figure I'd give the Virtue a shot. I am not a huge fan of most mild/medium blends. The Virtue was rather pedestrian with no progression throughout.Granted, I smoked this a few days after I got it. I will let the rest sit in the humi for at least a few months and try again. If you don't smoke cigars often and like a very mild cigar, this might be for you. If you like a full bodied taste, go for the big bro' Ruination.
DW of Argyle, NY
I enjoy a mild cigar from time to time, but this was too mild for me. It weighed light in my hand. It burnt too quick as well. The flavor was amazing throughout, and burned evenly. A peppery finish was exactly what this cigar had and needed. A good morning cigar or a wonderful starter smoke.
FF of Tazewell, TN
I got this bad boy in the 12 Angry Men Sampler, and let me tell you. The Virtue is among the better conneticuts I've smoked, definitely enjoyable. It starts off with a good note of pepper, and about an inch in, mellows out just a bit with creamy buttery flavors that I can't describe, and the last third is even better than the rest of it. I was truly impressed with it and will be ordering more.
KT of Afghanistan, AE
MERCY!!! First I had the MOW. Then I wanted to try the Virtue. Amazing conneticut, I would take this over any other mild-medium cigar any day!
KT of Afghanistan, AE
Best Connecticut out there, period. Eclipses even the Perdomo Champagne and Oliva Connecticut.
AD of Rochester, NY
WOW!!!! MOW should be renamed WOW after this one! I got this mixed in with a sampler and gave them about 5-7 days rest (which is unusually short for me). I am not a mild conneticut fan at all. Most just don't do anything for me. I am a 5 vegas "A" and other strong full flavor full body cigar fan (padilla miami, 1932, etc...). So since I was restringing a fence I said "WTH, might as well try this as a yard gar". Well was I in for a surprise. This was excellent. def a mild-med cigar, but with so much flavor. I was impressed to say the least. This was a mild cigar with a fullish type body (smoke was like velvet), and a full flavor taste. This should be in everyones run as a go too for something when you want a mid afternoon before dinner treat!
JM of Newton, NC
Wow, greta mild cigar well made good flavor nice burn cool and smoth to the nub. Got it on Joe's Jam after three days in the humi could not wait since is limited to singles and got 10 on Joe's Jam for a great prices. Burning with my rum and coke (Don Q) best one. Let said this one will be one of my favor mild cigars along with Perdomo Reserve 10 th Champagne great Conneticut wrapers.
ER of Middleburg, FL
Just a fantastic cigar. I really enjoy medium cigars and this one is perfectly medium. Nice pepper when you start, you can even taste it before you light it up. It mellows out but with continued complex flavors for a medium flavored cigar. I'm keeping this one in the humi for sure.
AL of Evansville, IN
Started out woody and then mellowed to a slightly-sweet taste near the end. I had to touch-up the burn to even it out near the middle otherwise, nice wavy ash that held on to about 1 1/2" before falling off. This stick had only been in the humidor about 7 days so, might be better later on . . . not much else to add.
MK of Weed, CA
Other than an Olivia Connecticut Reserve, I'm not a huge Connecticut fan, but this stick has some real flavor. It has the smoothness of the MOW, with the mildness associated with this wrapper, and not weak at all. I am keeping these in stock for just that reason.
CT of Wadsworth, OH
Best Connecticut Ever!! I don't buy milds much. Once in a while I get a mood for them and will smoke them on a morning drive. This morning I pulled the MOW Virtue out that I got in an AJ Fernandez featuring sampler. As I drove and got about an inch in to the toro I got the sense of the strength of this stogie even though it had the creamy flavor I expected from a Connecticut, I could taste and feel some freakin' ligeros in there. I had to pull over and just smoke it. Man this was a danged real cigar! So I stayed there on the side of the road just because it was too good to enjoy just a bit while driving. I even rolled up the windows because the smell was just awesome - bread and floral. As much as I like the Ruination, I like this more. Almost as strong, but definitely mellowed and tempered by that Connie wrapper. This is the Connecticut for the rest of us!
JE of Universal City, TX
The Phenomenal A.J. Fernandez does it again. A great smoke for someone like me who prefers a milder cigar. Well constructed, great construction, good burn and draw all the way through.
RK of Severn, MD
This is a good cigar that burn well and slow, so make sure you have an hour to enjoy this stick. That being said, while the smoke was good all the way around, looks, draw, amount of smoke, and stays on the moderate side all the way to a nub.It would not be a cigar of choice unless I was at a store that didn't have any I really liked. The 5 Vegas Gold Churchill, or one of the habanos are better in my opinion. The one I received in a sampler had a ring size of 50, and I prefer 52 - 56. Even so, I'm glad that CI had this in the sampler that I purchased, since I did enjoy watching how well this cigar stayed even in burn and flavor.
DM of Taylor, MI
The MOW Virtue is the best mild bodied cigar I've smoked. Tons of flavor which is rare for a mild bodied cigar. Definetly in my top 5 favorite cigars.
CM of Havelock, NC
Received this jem in a 12 Angrier Men Sampler pack. Definately the highlight of the bunch! Was a long consistant smoke with plenty of flavor and a great draw throughout. I would select this beauty time after time! Thanks Man O' War!
JJ of Rose Hill, KS
Has become one of my favorite "wake up" cigars, with a cup of coffee. Rich, mild and mellow with easy draw that keeps you wanting more and smoking it as far as you can!!
JM of Hampton, TN
The Man of War Virtue is another of my favorite cigars, but only when I am trying to wake up in the morning with a good cup of coffee. I seem to not care for it, outside morning hours.
JM of Hampton, TN
After smoking all the heavier cigars in the Man o' War Box Press Sampler I decided to try this mild rated cigar. Im use to full bodied cigars and would never think to purchase a mild cigar. The Virtue to me was a solid medium and very well balanced. Creamy and peppery. I could not put this nicely wrapped cigar down. What extraordinary flavor. It has a nice kick. I will buy a box of Toros when I have room in my humidor. Man o' War can not be stopped.
PW of Charlestown, RI
Holy smokes!! This MOW lives up to its name. I was hesitant smoking a mild/medium stick as I usually prefer the med/full to full, but lit this up anyways. I've been nothing but impressed with the rest of the MOW stories I've smoked, what the heck. This started off with a bit of pepper but settled in to a very nice experience. Somewhere towards midway through I was getting a little creaminess as well as some body that I didn't expect. The cream mixed with a bit of cocoa that I have not seen anyone describe thus far (admittedly didn't read too far down the comments though). I nabbed that SOB down to one finger and still want more. I will definately keep some of these around for an awesome morning stogie. I can only imagine what my strong coffee will bring out of this puppy... CI's pricing rocks!!! Keep up the great work in 2012 guys. Happy new year!!!
JH of Lawrence, KS
It took me a few tries to truly appreciate these fine beauties. They are now my favorite mild smokes. Mild, yet a variety of flavors are to be found here. Creamy, a touch of sweetness, and with that signature Man O' War spice profile we all know and love. If you liked the MoW Original and Ruination, this really is a no brainer.
PS of Silver Spring, MD
Being new to the cigar mania I have tried many mild to medium cigars. Ordered my first Man-o-Wars from CI from the reviews I have read in regard to this stick. I have to say that this cigar ranks right up there in my opinion with the Ashtons and Vegas 5's for me. It was very mild with lots of flavor from the initial light to my finger tips. I highly recommend this selection to anyone who is in the beginning stages of their cigar careers. So get one and fire it up, I think you'll be pleasanty suprised with this entree.
PF of Lexington, KY
Probably the most flavorful and complex mild to medium cigar I've smoked. I got the Virtues in a sampler, and then got more in another. Now I'm ordering them "standalone". I really like medium to full cigars (the MOW Ruination Belicoso is my favorite), but the Virtue is every bit as tasty and satisfying as the full-strength MOW's. An absolutely outstanding cigar!
RM of Delmar, NY
A good cigar, but not a great cigar.
ND of Nooksack, WA
Without a doubt my favorite cigar.
Very nice smoke here. A solid medium body to my taste. Burned evenly with no flame outs for around 1 hr 15 min. Held ash for about 2" at a time and plenty of smoke. Started off spicy, but cooled down in about .25". This was a true finger burner for me and I enjoyed every last bit of it.
BH of Adair, OK
I have to say this is one of the more disappointing Connecticuts I have smoked. Don't get me wrong, I have smoked some bad Connecticuts but this is an AJ cigar that requires a high price tag. I have had about 4 of them which includes the latest one from this morning which had almost a year on it in the humidor. The others I made the excuse they may had not had enough time to age but this should have been ready or at least a lot better. I think of the CAO Black or Gurkha Widow Maker connecticuts as being superior to the Virtue. I was still able to smoke it down to about the last 1/3 though; it was not the smoothest or most refined without a whole lot of flavor which is how they all seemed to smoke.
I don't often smoke mild cigars, but I must state, this cigar is fantastic. Every time a virtue shows up in a sampler is a treat. I've smoked about three of these throughout the past couple of years, and every one has been fantastic. The last mild I smoked was a diamond crown, and this blows it out of the water, at a much cheaper price. Again, highly recommended, and AJ's quality is fantastic, perfect roll, perfect burn.
I love this cigar! What a find on a whim when I could no longer get the Gurkha Symphonies. Now the next issue is just being able to keep an eye out for sales to stock up when possible. These smoke perfect on each one I have had, no intermittent burn issues like I occasionally get with Gurkha products, i.e. too tight bad draw, bad burn, etc. What a taste and the wife who rarely speaks up said it really smelled nice. This is a great stick, great taste, great burn, if you like mellow mild cigars this one has it all!!!!
This cigar has plenty of complexity, despite its mildness (and it is mild, not tending much to medium). I wouldn't like to be without a dime of these in one humidor or another. Will always look for 'em in Joe's daily. By the way, God bless Joe's daily deal, though I have to keep adding humidors to take advantage. Took up cigars in Feb. 2012.
BA from the Bronx is spot on. Took the words out of my mouth. Virtue is hands down my favorite
JP of Gilbertsville, PA
I'm 76 years old and have been smoking cigars for over 50 years, including pre embargo Cubans. For many years I smoked a Macanudo Café Hyde Park in the morning with my coffee and either a Cohiba Red Dot or Padron in the evenings with a Glenlivet single malt. Bought my smokes at a local tobacco shop. Since I discovered CI and Man O War everything has changed. Now it's a Man O War Virtue in the morning with Gevalia Columbian and a Man O War Ruination with a couple of Dos Equis in the evenings. Wonderful combinations and no intention of changing. Good going CI and A. J. Fernandez.
WM of Lorena, TX
Not usually a big mild fan but this cigar is amazing.. Its light yet so savory.. you'll just want to order an entire box.. will not disappoint.. another Gem from AJ Fernandez
AD of East Elmhurst, NY
I'm not the best one to review Connecticut wrapped cigars. I start from a position of always feeling that it lacks character, so I end up enjoying the smoke less. With a few exceptions. Most notably, Sancho Panza. The perfect Connecticut cigar & the best by far. Regardless of price. Virtue is a good cigar. The Toro has flavor, a good amount of complexity & even a medium profile. However, considering the sheer number of delicious AJ Fernandez offerings, Virtue simply doesn't measure up, IMHO. I can certainly see why many would like this blend very much. Just not me. I don't like Macanudo or Alec Bradley Connecticut, either. As someone who collects & uses cigar bands, I will say that Virtue has one of the most interesting & beautiful cigar bands I have seen.
Every time I try to change things up and smoke a different cigar, I almost invariably end up asking myself the same question. "Why bother"? Nothing compares to a Man O' War Virtue, in my opinion, and as seldom as I smoke, why not just smoke the best? They are mild but very complex. Any other Cigar is second best and I have smoked most of them at one time or another. My only complaint is that they are not cheap!
NL of Corpus Christi, TX
Toro 6 x 50... Got it in the A.J./ CI Kitchen Sink wrapper issues, no bumps, lumps or squishy spots....almost razor sharp burn, but did not float my boat....much too mild with absolutely no flavor other than a hint of spice. I prefer something with a bit more oomph. OK, I guess, as a morning smoke or a change of pace after you've fried your tongue on full body, full strength sticks. If they continue to offer them in samplers, I'd keep two or three around for those times when I need a palate refresher, but would not purchase them in boxes of 20.
In a previous review, I stated my general lack of knowledge when it comes to Connecticut wrapped cigars. I just never smoked that many, always opting instead for EMS, Maduro or whatever bolder leaf was in vogue. Times have changed & while my full bodied yearnings have not, I am finding several Connecticut vitolas with a whole lot more to say than I had previously given them credit for. The divine Sancho Panza is a case in point. San Lotano Connecticut is another. Add AJ Fernandez's magnificent Man O' War Virtue to a growing list of ones I personally keep on hand & smoke when a milder urge overcomes my usually hard core soul. Like this morning. As I sip a cup of caramel expresso, I am enjoying the complexity of a 6" X 50rg Virtue Toro. Yes, I said complex. Mild, yet loaded to the gills with flavor, spice & an underlying sweetness that has to be experienced to be believed. This is a delicious Connecticut offering, graced with one of the sharpest bands I can recall. Perfectly constructed, smooth as butter & the perfect compliment to morning coffee. If you think about it, the 3 basic Man O' War blends are shining examples of the high art of tobacco blending. Each one is a masterpiece. Worth the steep asking price, I hoard all 3 every time I find a deal. I smoke the 2nds too & they are divine in their own right. But I digress. Virtue is winning over converts left & right. I am 1. If you are a mild lover but are ready for the leap into a more robust, invigorating blend or a die hard fullhead, but like the occasional break, give Virtue a try. I think you will be impressed. Rating 92/100
A fine cigar with an elegant label and a taste to match. I definitely enjoy this brand.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Best Connecticut smoke ever! Not a mild, simple run-o-the-mill smoke. Full of flavor and an aroma that should be made into a candle scent. My neighbors came leaning over the fence to see what I was smoking. Must try.
Really enjoyed the Virtue. A touch of pepper at first light, but quickly mellowed. A bit peppery/spicy on the last 1/3. Burned flawlessly and had a great draw. I will be smoking more of these.
TS of Winder, GA
Like others have said, I am not usually a fan of anything less than medium-bodied cigars, but this one is definitely an exception to the rule. I had my first one last night and was beyond impressed. Extreme flavor and no burn whatsoever. I will be purchasing more of these without a doubt.
AS of San Antonio, TX
Well, alrighty! Plumes upon plumes of smoke, even burn, & a moderate ash - 1-2". It's a really good cigar, not overly complex. There's a little pepper but mild, with something woody. A slightly creamy mouthfeel. If you're looking to try, go for the build your own sampler. One of C.I.'s best deals. Hell it's probably the best deal on the market for a number of great cigars!
PS of Decatur, GA
Quick follow up - I'm not a morning cigar smoker, but a couple of week-ends ago I sat down with a nice cup of dark roasted coffee, black, and the MOW Virtue. While there is a little pepper in here, off-set by the black coffee, it's just a damn fine way to ease into my Sunday. The Virtue burns like a cigar ought to: even burn line & impeccable draw, and a flavor that mellows a little bit along the way. Yes, yes, yes… I've nubbed this one. Enjoy!
PS of Decatur, GA
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