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Java by Drew Estate

Java cigars are a combined effort from two leaders in the industry.

Introduced in 2004, and released in the 1st quarter of 2005, Java cigars are an exceptionally unique handmade from two of today's hardest working cigar makers: Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. Quite a one-two combo, to say the least, and boy does this cigar pack a punch, not in strength, but in flavor. Java is a subtly sweet Nicaraguan that features a dark, oily maduro wrapper stretched across an aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. While aging, these cigars have been slowly infused with the delicious flavor of gourmet mocha, morphing a traditional Nicaraguan cigar into a incredibly rich cigar filled with hints of mocha that smokes smooth from start to finish, leaving an extremely pleasant aroma in its wake.

The Wafe is a unique, super-slim parejo that feels great in the mouth and hand, delivering ample amounts of relaxing flavor.

What's this 'Latte' all about, you ask? The Java Latte employs a silky-smooth Connecticut Ecuador wrapper rather than the standard Connecticut Broadleaf. The result is a mellow and creamy sensation with all that Java awesomeness you've come to love.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
'58' (super toro) (Gordo) (5.0"x58) BOX OF 24 In Stock $224.40 $201.99
5-PACK In Stock $44.00
'58' Latte (super toro) (Gordo) (5.0"x58) BOX OF 24 In Stock $224.40 $201.99
5-PACK In Stock $44.00
Corona (5.0"x42) BOX OF 24 In Stock $176.40 $157.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.00 $35.00
Corona Latte (5.0"x42) BOX OF 24 In Stock $176.40 $157.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.00 $35.00
Petite Corona (4.5"x38) BOX OF 40 In Stock $248.00 $222.99
5-PACK In Stock $29.50
Petite Corona Latte (4.5"x38) BOX OF 40 In Stock $248.00 $222.99
5-PACK In Stock $29.50
Robusto (5.5"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $195.60 $175.99
5-PACK In Stock $39.00
Robusto Latte (5.5"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $195.60 $175.99
5-PACK In Stock $39.00
Toro (6.0"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $207.60 $185.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.00
Toro Latte (6.0"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $207.60 $185.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.00
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Customer Reviews of “Java by Drew Estate”
(Java by Drew Estate) inproved My golf game. They go great with J D on the rocks.
SM of Brunswick, GA
VERY NICE!!!! Not too sweet, great burn and draw... I will definitely buy more.
CC of Petersburg, VA
Gimicky? I thought so, it's as hick as oh, I'd say three credit cards perhaps. I tried it on a recommendation from a buddy of mine. This smoke (Java by Drew Estate)certainly "charged" me! fantastic cigar, it burns warm like a panatela, but the broad, flat surface area keeps it cool in the hand. This one certainly tasted more like coffee to me then mocha. It's a fantastic cigar, and one I highly recommend.
DM of Carlsbad, CA
I have been trying to get my hands on these (Java by Drew Estate) for a while. When they came in the mail I immediately lit one up while working in my yard. This is a great cigar. The flavor is not overpowering and the construction of the cigar itself is fantastic. Remember these are box pressed and it has a great feel in your hand. This is definitely a finger tip burner. I smoked 2 in one day and the flavor and burn on both were consistent.
KL of Mahopac, NY
I have never been a big fan of flavored cigars. Then I picked up a sample of a Java by Drew Estate at the CI Cigarfest. After a couple of puffs I thought " hey this is a darn good cigar." A couple of days later a friend of mine, whom I had attended Cigarfest with asked if I had smoked my Java yet. He was equally impressed! With each draw you enjoy the rich flavor of chocolate and mocha, but the flavor is not too overpowering. I also noted a subtle sweetness with each enjoyable puff. Drew Estate has come up with a real winner here. I may not smoke a flavored cigar very often, but when I do it will be a Java.
JM of Cumbola, PA
"Perfect Friday Night"- Grab a beer(preferably a Newcastle) open up the ol' Humidor and reach for a Java stick- then kick up your feet up and relax. Hands down the best Drew Estate Cigar I have ever smoked, smooth till the end. Hurry up CI and offer a 1 day deal on a box of 24!!!!
SN of Salida, CA
A friend set me up on a blind date and said this guy liked cigars. So I went through my stock, picked out a Java(Java by Drew Estate) and one other. That evening my date was very impressed with the Java and the fact that a woman knew her cigars. He has asked me out again and he's bringing the Javas this time!
PG of Amarillo, TX
Being a fan of "Java", it's one of my favorite cigars, I wanted to check out the Wafe. It is one of the most unusual cigars I have ever had, well almost, I tried an egg maduro, now that was really weird. Since it is very flat it isn't as flavorful as the other sizes. It is a "one of a kind" cigar. If you are looking for something with a little bit of flavor try the wafe, you won't be disappointed.
KL of Mahopac, NY
Did the The Aromatic Altercation: Kahlua by Drew Estate -vs- Java by Drew Estate, both these products by Drew Estate were great!!, but for me the Java was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!
DL of . of, NH
Drew Estate, you've done it again! Seems like every time these guys roll out a new cigar (Java by Drew Estate), it goes straight to my "best" list! Keep up the great work!
JK of Placentia, CA
BJ of HMoore, OK
I am not typically a flavored smoker. I got the Java in my cigar of the month pack and the only reason I didn't give it away was I am a BIG Drew Estate fan. Although a little sweet at first it transformed into one of the best cigars I have ever smoked and one that will line my humidor often!!!!
LW of Pittsburgh, PA
I bought a couple of these from a local cigar shop. I absolutely loved it! Very easy draw and flavorful but not too sweet. I'm going to be be buying more of these as time goes on. Highly recommend Java to anyone.
SO of SSpringfield, OR
I purchased a 5 pack of the Java Corona for $21.00 back several months ago. I smoked one immediately and it was outstanding. It had an oily wrapper and a fantastic pre-light aroma. After torching it the aroma and the taste were right in line with each other. I smoked the Java to the nub and the flavor was there from beginning to end. It was not one dimensional and had some slight flavors come thru at different points of the cigar. I am not a "hint of spice with a taste of leather and peanut butter with a final hint of toast, rewarding the smoker with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toast by the very end." Just a great coffee flavored cigar with quality tobaccos, wrappers and tastes.
MF of Washington, NC
I've had 5 of these suckers (Java by Drew Estate) and enjoyed all of them. They taste and smell great. I could take one of these into a bar anywhere and I don't think anyone would bitch about the smell. Another aromatic delight from Drew Estate
DG of Providence, RI
My buddies and I were outside of a popular coffee shop and we sat down to enjoy our cup of joe and too enjoy a nice cigar. I overhead some women say, "Those guys are smoking cigars it's gonna stink real bad". After about 5 minutes I overhead the same woman say," Man those cigars (Java by Drew Estate) those guys are smoking smell really good!" No more needs to be said. Great smoke, good price, not to mention great compliments. Thanks again Drew Estates.
JT of Galt, CA
Over priced (Java). Stick with the Isla del Sol and you will get the same smoke for half the cost.
BF of Billerica, MA
I sometimes turn my nose up at flavored (infused) , but the Java latte by Drew Estate is a great break from the ordinary. Pleasant chocolate mocha taste in a superbly crafted cigar. Even the snobs of cigar smokers can't help but like this one! The Connecticut wrapper gives this cigar a more delicate body than the original Java. After you've tried one, you will be hooked!
PR of Sandy Hook, CT
Just smoked a (Java by Drew Estate) and it it the smoothest I've ever had. U. S. Marines salute Drew Estate!
CL of Baghdad, AE
What can I say that hasn't already been said?Java by Drew Estate After years of going to my local cigar bar and never smoking a cigar, my curiosity finally got the best of me early last year. My first was the Kuba Kuba, and the Java was my second. It is by far my preferred morning smoke. Man, what a masterpiece. Extremely mild, flavorful, and aromatic. The box press makes it feel great in the hand too. There is nothing better than kicking off a long day of football tailgating with one of these and a strong cup of coffee.....pure bliss. I am officially a Drew Estate junkie, and have turned several friends on to his smokes as well. I've yet to hear any of my smoking buddies say anything negative about Drew Estate smokes. So Jonathon, keep the creative offerings coming. And CI, keep stocking them at the best prices and with the killer freebies! CI and Drew Estate.....sounds like a match made in heaven to me!!!
AB of Rome, GA
Wow...I know it has been said more than once in these reviews, but this (Java by Drew Estate)is an amazing smoke. This has rapidly become my smoke of choice. After taking one whiff at the recommendation of a shop owner, I was sold. Everyone I have shared one with has also fallen instantly in love. Not a big fan of the Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba line, but this is nothing like that. Highly recommended!!
MK of Aurora, IL
PLEASE, talk them into making more of these incredible cigars (JAVA by Drew Estate)! The first one was great, but the second one proved it was no fluke- the JAVA is my favorite cigar, period. Unbelievable. Walk back into the room where you finished one earlier, and it smells as if someone just burned some wonderful chocolat incense!! 'Nough said.
DP of Ball Ground, GA
I have to say that I'm not usually a fan of flavored cigars mostly because of the uneven burn but Java by Drew Estate is one of my favorite smokes. It burns fantastic, draws great and with a cup of hot coffee, what could be better?....well a October special on Java's CI could make it better!!
JF of Owings Mills, MD
Almost through the 5-pak sampler I ordered last week (Java by Drew Es). I wish I had ordered more. The only problem is that I don't want to smoke anything else. Guess I'll be ordering a box of these next time.
BM of Seattle, WA
Being a "die-hard" full bodied stick; Gurkha Beast, Evil, Assassin, Punisher...etc..Java can deliver full tobacco satisfaction with a great but not overpowering infusion of flavors...Well done Johathan Drew and Rockey Patel..Bravo!
JD of Bethel Park, PA
Bravo JF from MD. Excellent draw, well constructed cigar, (Java by Drew Estate) will last the entire front 9. Smooth without an overpowering flavor. The flavor tends to stay in the wafting aroma and not the palette. Now let's make a plug for a November CI Special ;)
AM of SWarwick, RI
Wow ..what a smoke! Just when you think Drew Estate products cant get any better...I find the Java. Gave some to my buddies and they would not stop raving about them. Justifiably so. You want to light one after the other. Look past the price if you want a awesome smoke. The old saying you get what you pay for certainly applies here!!
GM of Salisbury, MA
I sure like these smokes. The purist snobs don't know what they are missing. I just can't decide whether I like the maduro or the natural better.
WM of Mount Airy, MD
This cigar (like the copperbanded CI Legends) reminds me of the chocolate-flavored breakfast cereal I craved as a child. Sorta weird in a cigar, but goes okay with a cup of strong coffee. Try the copperbanded Legend before plunking down your pile o' coin for these...just a suggestion, of course.
TH of hendersonville, NC
By far my one of the best he makes Java Latta by the king Drew Estate. I wish i had order more. The only problem the sell out quickly. Drew if i new how to roll cigars i would go down to your factory and help stock more. You are the God of cigars man....
AK of south plainfield, NJ
Buddy of mine traded me one of these....wife saw me finishing it off, tokin it like it was a bone....yeah, these are gooooood!!
JE of Easthampton, MA
A good friend started my real interest in cigars with a JAVA! The smell will attract you first, but the taste will keep you coming back for more everytime! They're so good, you'll have to stop yourself from trying to "eat" the wrapper! I've used them many times to get others involved with cigars...they're just that good!
JB of Key West, FL
By far one of the best Cigars I have ever had.
BB of Billerica, MA
I really dig this cigar. I get distinct chocolate and coffee notes all the way through this bad boy. Drew her down to a wee little nub and still wanted more. This is not a wimpy cigar either, just in case that was lingering in your mind. It has a punch in just the right area and the fragrant aroma of this cigar adds such a dimension to the whole experience. Well worth your time. So get one and get the love started!!
DR of Casper, WY
(Java) Drew Estate actually won me over! I was skeptical at first, but I tried one and it just had this explosion of flavors - coffee, leather and mocha. My wife commented on how she liked the aroma. A great cigar! Perfect with that cup of coffee.
GR of Sterling, VA
Tried one of these yesterday and was very suprised. Very nice cigar. Not strong, nice flavor. Great cigar for some one who is not into smoking cigars, but also very good for someone who is aged in the art of cigars.
BT of Sierra Vista, AZ
I bought some of these off of the Jambalya and when I received them I passed them out to a couple of my friends. I usually let my new cigars sit in the humidor for a bit before smoking so I had not tried one of these beauties until one of my buddies called me. This guy has been smoking for years and I was surprised when he sounded very excited over the telephone. He went on to tell me that he just smoked a Java, and it was one of the best cigars he has ever had. I was told that I needed to try one right now. Well, I went to the humidor and retrieved one of the beauties. Went outside, lit it up and wow! The flavor of this cigar is truely awesome. It is very smooth and has coffee flavor throughout. I have since then turned several of my buddies onto the Java and Tabak by Drew Estate. This stick has a perminate place in my humidor as long as I can get them.
JS of Claremore, OK
There is no doubt that this is a well made cigar, offering a medium body smoke. While they will never replace anything within my rotation, they are worth trying. To say their better than a Cuban is going a bit to far, or the Cuban being smoked wasn't real. I would have prefered a non box pressed Java, but I guess they don't make them. I agree with the review cocerning the quality of the flavor simular (not as good) to other cigars I have. Those such as Diesel, AVO, Gurkha Legend, Davidoff Corazone, Diamondback, Edge lite, and a few others.
DM of Taylor, MI
After so much bad burn and typical box press sub-par construction I stuck the last 4 of these in the bottom of the humi, 3 YEARS AGO! Smoked one today and it burned better, but seriously...great flavor can only make up for so much, 87.
TT of Eugene, OR
I prefer the Java Latte for a great late night treat with a cup of java. It doesn't get any better than that. A truly enjoyable smoke, and with less calories than any other dessert you might think of.
WC of Seeley Lake, MT
Wow was my first impression...the chocolate smell when opening the box had me ready to burn one but I wanted till early morning with my cup of coffe and this is a delicious cigar...I'm not real big on some of the other cigars Drew estates put out due to the being sweet at the tip and taking away from enjoying the flavor of the actual cigar but the java maduro is definately a winner and will have to let them sit in the humidor to see how they taste with some age on them...I recommend this cigar to any true's packed with flavor from beginning to end...once I started smoking it I couldn't put it down...10 thumbs up...
JP of Port Arthur, TX
I am normally not a fan of flavored or infused cigars. I have tried two of the Acid cigars and they just did not fit my taste. However, I bought one of these based on a recommendation, and I have to say that I really enjoy this cigar. It has a very rich mocha taste at the beginning that mellows out after a couple of minutes, yet still lingers for the duration of the smoke. Unlike most infused cigars, the tobacco in this still seems to be very high quality, making for a very tasty smoke.
LW of Sellersburg, IN
Bought a 5 pk. a couple weeks ago (Robusto), sorry I I'm hooked. I like a sweet cigar and as soon as you take one out of the wrapper you can smell the chocolaty aroma, add a cup of coffee and it's like dessert. A well put together cigar with a good burn and even taste throughout. Just wish the price would come down a little, so I could buy a couple boxes to fill my 40 box.
DG of Pearcy, AR
Just had my first Java Maduro Corona. Perfect in every way. Construction, feel, draw, and of course, taste. So good I had to pass it around to a couple of buddies for a quick taste. Verdict? Winner all around. I'll be ordering at least a 5 pack to confirm, but I think it's a definite winner. My usual favorite smokes are CAO Brazilia, Criollo and Gold Maduro, Ghurka Legend 2001, La Gloria Cubana R and Torano 1959 Exodus "50 Year." If you like any of these, you might also love the Java.
I've tried both the Java Latte and the Java Maduro, and by far, the Maduro is the best. In fact, the Java Maduro is definitely one of my top 5 favorite cigars. Great from the start to the end, this one is definitely worth smoking.
I would have to admit this cigar is one of the best cigars that I have smoked. The pull is very smooth and full of flavor. Honestly, I hesitated to light it because it tasted so good. I'm glad I did however because the cigar was even more enjoyable afterwards. I highly recommend this cigar to the ones with a sweet tooth or just need a fine fix!!! I can't wait to try the mint.
Smells and tastes like Cocoa Puffs. Flavor is average, no extra notes and a light smoke. While rolling it around in my fingers I noticed the middle was a little thin as if it wasn't rolled evenly. Overall not bad but I'm not going to buy one again.
RK of Fort Mill, SC
very nice smoke for after a long day at work(or before) sweet but not too sweet it's more like dark chocolate than coffee but still I LOVE these will be buying a lot more.
CL of New Ulm, MN
This is the best cigar you will ever taste, a perfect blend like poetry in motion is how I describe this cigar, The leaf has a great flavor so there's no more spitting like your chewing tobacco, I highly recommend this cigar, you are getting what you paid for, it is worth every cent, money well spent. I'm on my 2nd box of 24. this is a top shelf cigar that can hold its own against any cigar you bring to the table guaranteed! ( a # 1 Hit )
Just had my first Java and I must say it's one of the best cigars I've had hands down..
RC of Fort Stewart, GA
My favorite! Starts out tasting like a great cup of coffee, by midway it tastes like a delicious maduro with a sweet coffee aftertaste.. I wish these things were a little cheaper though.
CC of Fayetteville, NC
Fantastic morning cigar, replaces my usual cup of coffee. My new favorite.
NW of Fort Polk, LA
Ideal for "mixed" company. By that I mean fans and non-fans of cigars. I supply the cigars for about six or so of us at our semi-annual get-togethers for the members of our church's "praise team." Although nothing was said, I "felt" like some of the non-fans weren't all that thrilled with those of us who clustered around the table on the back porch for a herfage! Then I discovered Java by Drew Estate! I have had many compliments from people who do not ordinarily enjoy being around cigar smoke; they say the smoke is very pleasant - and it IS! And for the fan, you get a very flavorful cigar, great draw, tight ash - I love them! A definite winner, no matter which end of the cigar you find yourself.
MI of Waxahachie, TX
I have tried all of the flavors (Java, Latte, Mint), with the exception of the limited edition. They are all great in their own way. The regular Java is my favorite, it nice by itself and even more flavor comes out while drinking coffee. I'd only smoke the Latte with a cup of coffee, for I think that it's bland by itself. And for the mint, if you want a sweeter cigar, this is the one to get! It is a nice dessert cigar and it has a nice pipe tobacco essence to it.
SZ of Toms River, NJ
By far my most favorite anytime smoke. I always keep these stocked in the humidor. I took some of these home for vacation and the three people I shared them with now keep them stocked too. Has an easy draw, excellent flavor, and goes great with a cup of coffee.
CS of Columbus, MS
I first had the Java 58 while I was deployed in 2009. A battle buddy of mine gave me one to try and I'm glad he did. I immediately ordered a box. Back then the box was going for about $129. That price didn't last long at all. At the time I was the Aide de Camp for the Commanding General who is an avid cigar smoker and I gave him one to try after getting a good ribbing about smoking a "sissy" cigar. Needless to say, he changed his tune after he smoked one. The next day he came out of his office and slapped his credit card on my desk and told me to order him a box. All I could do is smile to myself and laugh on the inside. So, I go online to place his order and the price had shot up to $179 a box. This was only a mater of two months from the time I ordered my box. I knew right then that the Java was more than your average infused cigar and that the demand was going to continue to grow.
very good cigar - burns cool and there is no turn. the taste of cocoa and coffee is sublime.
JS of Purcellville, VA
Very Nice indeed! Nice taste, burn, smell, and left me wanting more. I even got my wife to try it. Will definitely buy some more.
FS of Denair, CA
Smoked my first java(by Drew estate) today It was beautifully box pressed with a dark oily wrapper. Felt firm. On light up it was ok the aroma from this cigar is by far better than the taste. It got a little better flavor towards the end but after reading all the coffee flavor reviews it fell short of my expectations the burn was fairly cool and mostly even. The taste was a slightly sweet slightly creamy with hints of coco and a subtle earthiness for the money there are better tasting cigars on the market.
HM of Jonesboro, AR
I love the Java's by Drew Estate it has such a full flavor and this is my third time buying the full box of them. Great buy!
CB of apo, AE
This is by far one of my favorite cigars. I have paired this with maple crown and honey jack and this stick compliments both very well! I'm stuck on stupid with this cigar and even if I'm sampling other cigars, I have to pick up at least one of these in the process.
BP of Owings Mills, MD
Great cigar use to smoking java mint these are my 2nd favorite
AO of Hicksville, NY
I'm going to buck the trend here and confess that while I really tried, I am not a fan of the Java line up. As a new cigar smoker I picked up the Latte and the Mint on the recommendation of the guy at the local Tinderbox. I tried the mint first and after hearing the glowing review of the guy in the store, I had high hopes. I thought there was more of a chocolate flavor than mint, and while the cigar had a nice draw and burned evenly, I felt the overwhelming taste was best described as harsh. After greatly enjoying the first few cigars I'd tried, this one gave me cause for doubt in my new favorite hobby. The Latte on the other hand, was better. It also had a great draw, burned evenly and easily produced generous clouds of thick smoke. Though the first two inches or so tasted very harsh. I pressed on wanting to like it and it soon mellowed out. While it was better, I think it always just eluded being able to be called good. As a comparison, I've also tried the Tabak Especial Dulce and found that cigar to be amazing. Maybe I just ran into a couple of duds here, I'll give them another shot down the line.
CL of Reno, NV
AWESOME!!! RP and JD have made a fantastic cigar! Essences of flavor are important in describing this smoke. It is not flavored! It has delicate hints...just a fine litte smoke.
RD of Maywood, NJ
Java by Drew and Rocky Patel. Coffee and Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream on deck, seasonally warm 9/30/2014 in NH. Coffee cold. Talenti melted. Couldn't get enough of the Java stick. I am in love.
SP of Spofford, NH
I love these cigars. That being said, I never smoke them.... If this was a 5 dollar cigar it would be a great deal. But these are just too expensive to smoke them often. I keep a 5 pack around for those really special days, and even then feel guilty for spending this much on a cigar.
One of the best cigars I've ever had... bar none.
GW of Stafford, VA
Thoroughly enjoyed the JAVA Maduro. I'm confident I've found my go-to cigar. The flavor is subtle coffee and chocolate that left a creamy tobacco aftertaste. The aroma is wonderful and wasn't the least bit offensive to the neighbors. Will place an order for a box.
NA of Leesburg, VA
First, I don't like sweet cigars or flavored cigars. Having said that, this Java Toro is one of the BEST cigars I've ever smoked. Period. Well Done D.E. and RP, I will most definitely be ordering more.
JB of Jonesboro, AR
Awesome is all I can say!!!
DB of Rochester Hills, MI
One of my must haves for my humidor!
CL of Lincoln, NE
A special smoke for a special occasion, superb!
JL of Accord, NY
Great flavor, almost overwhelming at first, but than just smooths out to a great smoke.
WC of Wildomar, CA
Love this cigar. Great aroma for you and anyone around you. Smells sweet but you can't really taste the infusion, it smokes like a great premium "unflavored" cigar. Earthy, lots of smoke, and deep flavors.
Awesome, insanely awesome and most importantly there is no other cigar just like it. Take the taste and quality of say a padron 3000 and add this insane java flavor, the java flavor is so good it makes you almost wanna gnaw on the end of this thing like an animal!
EG of Lindsborg, KS
I have had these gems before and they are delicious! Smooth to smoke and with excellent taste and flavoring. They almost look like chocolate bars in the package....
My favorite cigar..., love the smooth, full flavor with a hint of coffee.
JR of Asheville, NC
These are a phenominal smoke. Mind you, it wont be an everyday smoke due to price, but wow, these are great. They meet all the reviews and then some.
RA of Liverpool, NY
Extremely good smoke
LN of shinglehouse, PA

Java by Drew Estate

Posted by Keith

The idea for Java was conceived in Allentown, PA. I know that ain't sexy, and you might rather believe it was divine inspiration one day in Central America when Jonathan Drew and Rocky Patel were inspecting tobacco plants in the vegas of the Jalapa Valley....but it's the truth.

It was May 2, 2004, and all the major cigar manufacturers were here in Pennsylvania for CI's annual mega-herf called CigarFest the day before. Any cigar maker worth his salt came to the event, attended by a ton of raving cigar nuts. Anyway, the day after the event a small group of cigar makers - the cigar glitterati - were sitting in the lobby of some crappy hotel waiting to catch flights. Among the group were Rocky Patel and Jonathan Drew. These two guys became so absorbed discussing a new project they were trying to collaborate on that they changed their travel plans to extend their Allentown odyssey for an extra day. They spent the next 24 hours in that crappy hotel talking and brainstorming. See, Drew Estate is the king of infused cigars, known for ACID, Kahlua, Natural, etc. And at that time, Rocky's RP Vintage was just starting to skyrocket in popularity, and Rocky was searching for a new product to add to his line. He wanted an unconventional, subtly flavored cigar unlike anything else on the market, and Drew Estate was the only maker that could pull that off. After the idea was conceived there was months of blending, and Java was born. How do you describe this kind of cigar? This may sound like a distinction without a difference but Java is not a flavored cigar per se. It's imbued with the flavor of gourmet mocha. Not injected, sprayed, or one of the other countless ways they make most of the cheap flavoreds. Instead over time the flavor is allowed to absorb into the tobaccos prior to rolling. The result is a cigar with more nuances, one that's more refined, slightly sweet with mocha-like flavors. It's not a syrupy, gooky mess like many flavored cigars end up. Instead Java retains a crisp tobacco flavor that is not overwhelmed by the infusion of mocha. To me, this cigar is like a sorbet. I like to cleanse the palate between my voluminous consumption of more conventional cigars.