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Estd 1844

A good year indeed.

You order a burger, but amazingly get served a big, juicy porterhouse....on the house. Dream the impossible dream friends, because Estd 1844 delivers in spades. A full-flavored, eye-catching new Nicaraguan handmade that's oh so tasty. Dressed in a dark, toothy San Andres Maduro wrapper and brimming with a healthy dose of robust Nicaraguan long-fillers, Estd 1844 unleashes a rich, complex profile that's layered with notes of espresso, earth, pepper, and cedar. But the fun don't stop there, every size option is some sort of figurado - perfectos, double torpedos, salomons, oh my! Put on the bib and feast boys, because Estd 1844 will satisfy your hunger. Oh, and every box, regardless of size, is just $49.99. Nutty.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Anejado No. 50 (Perfecto) (4.5"x50) Sale
BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $96.00 $37.12    
Anejado No. 50 (Perfecto) (4.5"x50)
5-PACK Out of Stock $15.00    
Anejado No. 50-xtra (Perfecto) (6.0"x50) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $110.00 $39.01    
Anejado No. 50-xtra (Perfecto) (6.0"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $17.00
Anejado No. 52 (Perfecto) (7.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $121.50 $39.01    
Anejado No. 52 (Perfecto) (7.0"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $17.00
Anejado No. 54 (Perfecto) (5.7"x54) Sale
BOX OF 18 Out of Stock $110.00 $38.47    
Anejado No. 54 (Perfecto) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK Out of Stock $17.00    
Anejado No. 58 (Salomon) (7.1"x58) Sale
BOX OF 16 Out of Stock $120.00 $39.01    
Anejado No. 58 (Salomon) (7.1"x58)
5-PACK Out of Stock $19.00    
Anejado No. 60 (Double Perfecto) (6.0"x60) Sale
BOX OF 16 Out of Stock $120.00 $39.01    
Anejado No. 60 (Double Perfecto) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK Out of Stock $19.00    
Overall Rating 4.69 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Estd 1844”

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4 out of 5
This one I try to keep plenty in my humidor. Very Nice cigar.
I truly enjoy this cigar. Perfect size. Each time they were a little dry and had a un even burn but I let them season in the humidor for a few weeks and they are PURRRRfect. Good flavor, Great size and really an enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
great cigar
Very smooth taste
4 out of 5
Good for the price
A nondescript wrapper rolled by trainees but it's inexpensive. The flavor is simple and one dimensional but it's inexpensive. For its price, it's a good cigar.
5 out of 5
Good spicy cigar
Good spicy cigar
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great smoke at a great price!
A great anytime smoke when enjoying a quiet moment or a round of golf. Strong but not overpowering with hints of spice. A cigar to share with friends...or to be savored alone. Reasonably priced so you can always keep a supply on hand.
5 out of 5
Highly recommended Cigar
Estd. 1844 Anejado delivers, and then some ! If your looking for a nice, tasty old fashioned figurado, wrapped in a gorgeous maduro wrapper, this is the Cigar you want to have in your humidor ! Even burn, dense smoke, with a variety of nuances on your palate, medium full - this stogie Is IT ! Get it, and enjoy it to the very nub...
5 out of 5
Nice cigar
i enjoyed these 1844, good draw and very nice smoke. Always a great value. Truly it is worth the price and more. I really enjoyed these cigars and plan on buying some more.
4 out of 5
a great smoke for a great price
a great smoke for a great price, picked them up for a fishing trip with my brother and they were enjoyed by all.
5 out of 5
Good smoke for the price. Nothing special in the aroma or taste
the smoke was good, but not great. there was nothing special that lingered in the taste after puff, so it was very plain smoke.
3 out of 5
just ok
For the price a good cigar though not my favorite.
5 out of 5
great cigar. Mild taste, clean burn. Nut notes.
5 out of 5
Best cigar for the price
I took a Gamble on these cigars but was pleasantly surprised great flavors lots of smoke well-balanced I told many of my friends about them and they all of them for the price it's hard to beat.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Nice and tasty!
A great smoke for relaxing on the deck with a red wine/scotch or a dog walk. Lots of smoke in a short stick with a good burn.
Customer Testimonials
I picked up some of the No. 50s a while back during a great sale. I didn't know anything about them, but the reviews looked good and I figured why the hell not? I must say, I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. These little smokes were amazing, great flavor. Typically I smoke full flavored cigars, but these Est. 1844 cigars were awesome. While the flavor was not nearly as intense, it is a very nice medium-full flavored cigar that I keep reaching for.
These are my favorite cigars. Try one and you will see what I mean. Once enough people catch on to the fact that they are the best deal/quality/smoke that C.I. offers, they will not be able to keep them in stock!
This has been one of my overall favorite smokes of the year. I bought it for camp, as the price to quantity ratio was great. However, after smoking a stick or two, they went into hiding as I didn't want to share them. Nice mild-medium smoke, that I would lean more towards mild. Great smoke for being around a camp fire or being outside on a cooler night. I plan on buying more, and maybe sharing this time around. Great bang for your buck!
The picture used on the site makes the wrapper look better than the mangy thing you encounter in person. Regardless, I pick these up occasionally in the 6" x 50 size when they make the Joe's Daily Deal or the Free Shipping yellow/blue banner on the bottom of the home page. If you don't get them over heated by too vigorously puffing, you'll get some nice flavor.... Worth the price to me.
One of the best smokes I have ever ordered. From beginning to end, they were very tasty and very smooth. Ordering these cigars was a great decision on my part!
This is a real good example of what can be done with the San Andres wrapper. Give this cigar some beauty rest and it'll wake up as a flavor beast. I introduced my Dad to these cigars (He smokes fuentes, ashtons, diamond crowns) and he's hooked. He bought a 50 count humidor just to hold his 1844s. He likes to give them out to his friends and brag about how much they cost once they've tasted them, which is fine...I let him without chiming in. Just remember who showed you the golden path, Dad...and for that I personally have CI and AJF to thank!!!
I got the #50 extra in my first sampler from CI and this was one of my favorites. Perfect burn and distinct nutty taste. Once I get more invested in cigars I can see myself regularly buying boxes of these. Ill definitely have to try the variety sampler that CI offers too.
Ordered a box. And overall its a hit and miss. I would still buy it but not the 58's maybe something smaller.
Smoked the first one out of the box today and enjoyed it. Very easy to light and the burn was nice. Occasionally it would burn a little faster on one side but very quickly self corrected. I hate having to baby my cigars so that was good. Flavors are good if not a bit mellow; a bit of a coffee finish with some spice. Strength was heady at first but mellowed in the middle only to pick up again slightly toward the end. I think I will really like this stick especially once I know what to expect. Very, very good value for the price.
I really wanted to like this one, I am a big fan of maduros and AJ Fernandez. For the price, and with all the great reviews, I was hoping this est.1844 6x50 would become my everyday go-to maduro. Pre-light aroma was exquisite, cold draw had wonderfully rich flavors, draw was medium, lit up easily, stayed lit for several minutes at a time while being unattended. I did not have to re-light or touch up an unevn burn, even once. Even the copious billows of smoke were fabulously aromatic. It was almost the perfect cigar until it came to the aftertaste. The finish left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth that I didn't care for. Now, I do like a nicely balanced IPA on the higher end of the IBU scale, but the bitterness in the finish of this stick will keep me from ordering more of these.... Optimistically, maybe just an AJF aberration, but other reviews I have read noted the same bitter finish. I do have one more est.1844 6x50 that has been sitting in my humi for a couple months as well, but it may be a few weeks before I give it another try, given this experience and the fact that I have a box of MOW Puro Authentico Maduros on the way.
I intend to try all six sizes of the Estd 1844 line up of five perfectos & one salomon. I have consumed quite a few of the 6" X 50 toros, & several of the massive 7.1" X 58 salomons. Both are 90+ examples of the art of blending Cuban seed ligeros, topping it off with a San Andres maduro leaf & offering it up at a price point that defies logic! I did not act quickly enough to secure a ten pack of the Anejado No. 60 double toros that were put on clearance for less than two clams a stick. I intend to keep a sharp eye out for any similar deals & immediately order a box of the Hemingwayesque Anejado No. 50 perfectos. I love the rothschild size & the way such a profile burns like a robusto & like a corona at different stages of the 30 or so minute smoking time. The regular price of two bones per vitola, makes them a bargain. The flawless construction, subtle medium bodied flavors & affordability make them a must have in any medium or fullheads regular rotation. I would pay more than the asking price for these & have certainly paid two or three times as much for a maduro cigar that didn't measure up to Estd's lofty standards of excellence. Truthfully, at this point in time, how could we expect anything less than perfection from the master of the blending art, the incomparable & peerless AJ Fernandez? A heartfelt 92/100 rating. Always one of my 1st choices when I am craving a maduro wrapped blunt. It may not be as good as a San Lotano Oval maduro or an Alec Bradley Tempus maduro, but I can enjoy four Estd treats for the cost of one of those tremendous, but costly blends.
I got a 5 pack of the No. 50 to try. I wasn't disappointed, nice even burn, full of flavor. Not a bad stick for the price. Will be buying again.
Smoking my first Estd 1844. I am very happy with it! Even burn, lots of smoke and damn delicious! Will be ordering a box.
An OK cigar. Will do in a pinch.
Not bad, but not the best. Left a slight after taste.
Two wrappers that I look for in a maduro cigar are Pennsylvania Broadleaf & the incomparable San Andres maduro. AJ even has a blend with PBL in the filler! But the San Andres leaf is special. It adds a known quality to any cigar it graces. Smooth, mellow, earthy & spicy, with an underlying sweetness, the SAM is my personal favorite. I know a few 8 clam vitolas that feature it. There is only one 2 bone offering, however. That is Estd 1844, by the master blender & all round good Joe, AJ Fernandez. Imagine a line of top quality boutique blend San Andres maduro wrapped beauties, 4 figurados & a Salomon, in a myriad of sizes, none costing more than 2 Washingtons & a few bits. Loaded with medium/full bodied flavor & a level of complexity, rarely if ever found in stogies at this price point, Estd 1844 commands our attention. I will be buying boxes of these when I run out of the ones I have accumulated from various samplers over the last few months. Heartily recommended to maduro lovers & med/fullheads alike. You can't go wrong with AJ Fernandez, San Andres maduro & a 2 dollar & change price tag. A super solid 90/100. You can spend a whole lot more & get a whole lot less.
Had one in the Kitchen Sink Mega Sampler, and just had to have more. Bought the '58, and it is great! Coffee, chocolate, and a hint of earth topped off with a light sweet taste. Seems like it burns a little quick, but with a cigar like this you'll wish it was a foot long. Gonna be a always in stock item in my humidor.
The 1844 "50-X-tra" is a nutty good smoke. Imagine a San Andres Maduro wrapped stoogie, loaded with medium bodied flavor, yet costing only 2 bones & change. Leave it to AJ Fernandez. Plus CI's penchant for further discounting. Who else could pull off such a coup? Seriously, you could pay five bucks or more for an inferior Maduro vitola & probably have. A blend that could easily be knocking back 90+ ratings. An all figurado lineup of top quality cigars, from the folks who are quickly becoming my favorite cigar producers. Layers of spice, pepper & smooth black tobacco. Estd 1844 can take its place among a very short list of under 3 dollar sticks that are as good or better than some costing 3 times as much.
just an ok cigar in my opinion. get a tad bitter towards the end.
With the influx of high dollar AJ Fernandez offerings like San Lotano, La Herencia Cubana Core & Pinelero, it is good to see there are still a few affordable options that still deliver the full bodied, full flavored experience we have come to expect from AJ. Estd 1844 is just such a blend. Utilizing the delicious San Andres Maduro wrapper, 1844 is chock full of flavor for a mere two bones. Until I tried 1844 my favorite AJ Maduro was the Nica Libre. A poor mans Padron some say. Well, Estd 1844 is every bit as satisfying as Nica Libre & even less expensive. You would be hard pressed to find a better everyday Maduro at this price. 90/100
I've got about a year on the last third of this box and it really has become a winner. It's spicy and bold without being offensive. It is rolled well and considering the price is a value. I will purchase again. It really is better with a little age in the humidor so keep this in mind.
I got 1 in a sample pack love it so I bought 2 boxs and iam getting ready to buy more
Truly a winner-one of my favorite go-to's/morning smokes. Excellent mild-to-medium maduro/sweet. However, the 58 has some burn issues. Also, I recommend trimming the perfecto foot before lighting for all of the "nipple end" vitolas.
Bought the 10-pk 6x60. Glad I didn't invest in a whole box. Harshest cigar I've smoked since I was reduced to smoking mexican seconds back in the cigar boom days. Maybe it was the shape. Either way, more for you.
Bought the 6x60 10pack and very nice medium body smoke, nice spicy flavor, will be buying this again ...
I just went through a box of #60. 6x60. I've been eyeing this brand for a long time and at 39.95 a box the time was right. I was disappointed with the overall taste of this cigar. The cigar was good in every way except flavor! It wasn't bad, but I've had many other brands that cost less and tasted much better. If the price is right I may try another box. Maybe I got a bad batch or it's just my personal preference.
Excellent construction and presentation. Cigar seemed to lack "body" and did not develop as it burned down. A little harsh.
Excellent smoke, toothy wrapper with consistent burn. No midway bitter taste. Will buy again.
I smoked the Anejado No. 50-xtra and found it to be absolutely delightful. Full-flavored, and medium-full bodied. It is a little bit rough looking. Rustic. Reminded me of a Backwoods cigar, almost. And it tasted rustic, like leathery, old tobacco. I don't know how to explain this "rustic" taste as I term it, except to compare it to the way a museum or library or bank smells. It doesn't smell like any of those things, but you know how those places have a unique smell that makes you think "old"? It's like that. Only instead of being mellowed, as a long-aged cigar would be, it is quite full-flavored. It intensified as it progressed, with even a taste of gunpowder at one point. That may sound odd or bad, but I liked it. This is what I imagine a cigar would taste like on a Civil War camp site. I probably wouldn't smoke it everyday lest it become ordinary, but it is a good one to throw into the mix now and then to keep your palate on its toes. I would definitely purchase more if there were any in stock.
These are awesome cigars....
A.J. is a genius master craftsman and generous, too. This is a great smoke; well constructed, great burn, and very well balanced with outstanding flavor. Highly recommended.
This is a tasty cigar. Smoke is full of flavor and burns evenly - a relaxing hour in each one.
Fantastic smoke. I'm reordering more. That's rare for me. I normally like to try something different.
Draw is a little tight loosens up about a third to midway. For what you pay for not a bad smoke but can't come close to the rest of AJ's line. Not the best but not the worst. Good beginner stick. Give them ample box time and you won't be disappointed.
As I cut this cigar, the first event is the wrapper splitting, how wonderful. I go ahead and tear off the piece and mend the rest at the head of the cigar; no big deal there. I toast this little baddy and wait on the tightness of the draw to give as the cigar narrows at the foot. Cosmetic gimmicks, got to love them. The taste of this cigar is earthy and slightly woody at the first third. Hints of spice and a grassy flavor hit the back of the palette at the end of the finish (which is medium in duration). This cigar does have a little bit of strength to it already, which is quite surprising. May I note, the burn line on this cigar is perfect. A nice white ash with slow, light smoke rising from the foot. There is a lingering espresso sweetness on the lips after each draw. The retro-hale is a smooth and creamy peppery feeling, like a dessert with a little heat to it.
Got the #50 figurado in an A.J. Fernandez sampler. Tried it today and was totally impressed! Best cigar of the last two weeks, and I smoked a few highfulutin ones. Not a "powerful" cigar, but the flavors were plenty full enough to enjoy thoroughly. Burned absolutely even, and I mean ABSOLUTELY even! The perfecto shape is a cinch to light and fun to smoke, the draw was perfect, the smoke was voluminous, and there were zero distractions such as caps coming loose or burn touch ups. That's about as First Class as you can ask for. This cigar is excellent.
Gave it a few days in the humi before I couldn't resist any longer. The 52 does not disappoint. The first third starts out on the mild side and picks up strength from there. Great notes of peper and expresso with a nice even burn. Really a medium to full bodied smoke that is a great buy at 2.50 a stick. Nothing bad to say about this one.
Recieved a box today and had to try one right away, Damn good stick will be filling my humidor with these from now on.
I'll keep it simple. Very happy I purchased the 1844's. Great smoke for the price. Will definitely buy again.
The reason my 350 count humidor is always full with good cigars, is due to ordering samplers with cigars like this. Had I not have ordered the CI Sumer Vacation sampler, I would have never tried this fantastic cigar. In a respectful manner, I suggest you order the sampler mentioned due to the selection you receive. Through the years I have always read the information contained in the CI monthly catalogue, which has helped me decide on what to order. Had I just read what the description said concerning the 1844, I wouldn't have ever made a purchase. The reason; I'm among the few that really can't stand any type of black pepper taste hit my palate. It has nothing to do with the strength, since I've enjoyed the Punisher, AB Tempus, Diesel, Cohiba, San Cristobol, and many other full flavor cigars. For what ever reason the taste of black pepper destroys my palate. This 1844 is described with a black pepper taste, among others. However, when I fired this stick up with my lighter. Here was a cigar that was full in nature, but didn't go overboard with the black spice. As a result, I had the pleasure of enjoying a future box order of a better than average cigar. Again, this is why I would not be ashamed for any lover of the stick to open my humidor. Thanks to higher end samplers, I have cigars that would please most cigar smokers. The 1844 is a strong smooth flavor smoke, that satisfies every part of your smoking experience. Pull the trigger on this one, I highly doubt you will be disapointed.
The reason my 350 count humidor is always full with good cigars, is due to ordering samplers with cigars like this. Had I not have ordered the CI Sumer Vacation sampler, I would have never tried this fantastic cigar. In a respectful manner, I suggest you order the sampler mentioned due to the selection you receive. Through the years I have always read the information contained in the CI monthly catalogue, which has helped me decide on what to order. Had I just read what the description said concerning the 1844, I wouldn't have ever made a purchase. The reason; I'm among the few that really can't stand any type of black pepper taste hit my palate. It has nothing to do with the strength, since I've enjoyed the Punisher, AB Tempus, Diesel, Cohiba, San Cristobol, and many other full flavor cigars. For what ever reason the taste of black pepper destroys my palate. This 1844 is described with a black pepper taste, among others. However, when I fired this stick up with my lighter. Here was a cigar that was full in nature, but didn't go overboard with the black spice. As a result, I had the pleasure of enjoying a future box order of a better than average cigar. Again, this is why I would not be ashamed for any lover of the stick to open my humidor. Thanks to higher end samplers, I have cigars that would please most cigar smokers. The 1844 is a strong smooth flavor smoke, that satisfies every part of your smoking experience. Pull the trigger on this one, I highly doubt you will be disappointed.
Established 1844 is a medium to full flavored gem! IF you like maduro cigars I highly suggest this stick. Had mine in the humi for about 2 months before trying and the flavor was great! Great tastes of espresso and a touch of pepper throughout the smoke. Needless to say, I smoked it to the nub and nearly burned my fingers off. IF you like Maduro cigars, this is a must try!
The 1844 is def a good smoke, hints of pepper throughout. Rates more of a medium-bodied cigar for me though. This cigar will have a place in my humi as long as they don't go on back order again.
I see a lot of good reviews for the 1844, but....I get a mix of flavors, mostly good, but there's an after taste of hay. I tried one right off the truck, so I hope this gets better with a bit of time in the humidor. Draw, construction and ash are all great...
I received 2 of these in the "Clown Car Corona Sampler" and smoked one right after receiving them. I was really surprised by the taste, sweetness and perfect burn; it was a nice stick. These looked to be specifically made for this sampler as they looked like a barbers pole. I would buy these again.
Just finished my first 1844 from the Monster Maduro sampler pack, Very nice Cigar, Smooth, burned even entire way to the nub. Very peppery in the first inch but then smooth sailing the rest of the way. Will purchase more when I get room in Humi lol.
Great cigar, too bad they are on backorder.
Just received a 5 pk. of the No.50. While smoking I read some reviews on other sites. As of now I'd say they're right on point. Great flavor, and great burn. However I am getting the bitterness after the first 3rd. In the 1st third I got sweet earth notes. 2nd I'm getting the same with bitterness. While in the 2nd third I'm not sure if I would look forward to this bitterness. I will give it the Benefit, that I have not aged them. There's a real battle in the finish with the flavor & bitterness. With an inch left I'm gonna put it down. My tongue isnt enjoying the bitterness. Recommend? Yes. Buy a box? Dunno.
I smoked one of these with 2 weeks humi. time and am very impressed with the profile of this cigar. A fairly strong smoke with steady flavors from start to finish, ie; not complex but a good cigar nontheless. I expect better things to come with some aging of these unique cigars.
Is the 1844 the best cigar I have smoked in my life? No. Is the 1844 the best cigar I smoked this year? No. Did the 1844 surpass my expectations for a $2.5 hand made? Absolutely. The 1844 isn't a game changer but the flavor was nice and consistent adding spice and a bit of complexity with the cinnamon notes toward the end. If you are looking for a value priced Maduro packed to the gills with long fillers this is your cigar. I would smoke the 1844 again without question.
The burn was perfect,the draw just right,the strength in the upper medium range and the taste was spot on for me. Do us tight wads a favor and pass on these so A.J. won't raise the price. Thanks C.I.
I tried a 5 pack based on other reviewers comments, and I found the reviews to be very accurate. This is a decent, flavorful smoke that I enjoyed to the nub. It's not a complex cigar ... it just does what it does well, and a great bargain. For those who enjoy upscale cigars at an affordable price point, this one does that very well.
Deff a bang for the buck !!! A very good tasting stick, that burned very well, awesome draw, very good taste !! AJ again hit it right on the spot !!
AJ Fernandez has come up with a winner. I usually smoke Alec Bradley but decided to try 20 of the 1844. During golf the other day I lit up a 1844 on the first 9 then a Bradley on the last 9. The 1844 won the contest. Give them a try, you will be glad that you did. Time to get another 20.
All I can say about these is ... AWESOME! To be honest, I am mostly a smoker of milder cigars. I like to keep an open mind, and when I order singles I always try something out of my comfort zone. This baby is perfect!!! Not too intense to start, but a very heavy finish which was not TOO heavy and intense. Smoked perfectly, beautiful ash and burn all the way down to the nub. Nearly burnt my fingers because I didn't want it to end. This is going on my list of must-have-on-hand cigars, for sure. Try these bad boys- you will NOT be disappointed.
Had one ROTT and loved it. This is my flavor profile. I've got to work more overtime so I can buy several boxes of these. That's the only way I'll be able to smoke some and age some. May be my new go-to cigar. Yum.
Had to try this once I learned this is an AJ Fernandez cigar. I've had some of his others in samplers and though very good cigars, the price point on a lot of those is more than I want to spend on cigars. Then I learned of this 1844 and see I can afford them, so I snagged some and wow! Flavors somewhat similar to Man O' War, if not as full. I guess he could have called these "Man O' Skirmish" or "Man O' Fracas".
For me personally, the 58's are the best bang for the buck on the market at this point in time. First review ever written.
AJ got this one dead on! This is a can't miss smoke, I will be stocking up on these and a true steal at the price.
Have smoked a ton of Est 1844 since release. Not the world's best looking wrappers, but who cares? The flavor profile is delicious. Medium to medium plus bodied. A ton of flavor and solid construction. Great draw and burn. Love the shapes too. Another great cigar from AJ Fernandez, geeze, I'm shocked, NOT!
Wow! I just got these in the other day and had to try one right off the truck. Like I said WOW! What a powerhouse. I got the #50, nice size, I can get about an hour out of it, great flavor. If you like a bold cigar, try these. You wont be disappointed. I don't know whether to stick with this size or go bigger??
Newsflash, this is an A.J. Fernandez blended smoke (an unadvertised fact). It's a well balanced medium-bodied maduro in the $2.50-$3 range. Fans of Nica Libre, Diesel, Herencia Oscuro, and Vegas Triple A will surely like this one.

Estd. 1844


Estd. 1844 Anejado No. 50

During the year of 1844, several historical events had occurred: The Dominican Republic had declared their independence from Haiti and drafted their first constitution, the US ship USS Princeton exploded on the Potomac River killing numerous passengers, including two U.S. cabinet members, and Mr. Samuel Morse sent the very first electrical telegram from Washington D.C. to Baltimore. Before I continue, you’re very welcome for the invigorating history lesson.

Estd.1844 is offered in SIX (6) different sizes that all fall under the ‘figurado’ category. The vitola of my preference is the Anejado No. 50, a pocket-sized firecracker that appears similar dimensionally to the Arturo Fuente Hemingway ‘Short Story’.

This Nicaraguan-made beauty is presented in wooden boxes with a rough patch of fabric stitched to the outside of the lid proudly displaying “1844”. Box quantities vary depending on the cigar’s size, however, the size I am reviewing today, the No. 50, features a standard box quantity of 20 sticks. Furthermore, the band is traditionally located toward the cap of the cigar which boasts its name, 1844. 

This handmade gem features a dark, oily San Andres (Maduro) wrapper. I’ve noticed at the CI Super-Store that Mexican tobacco has received somewhat of a bad reputation. I’m mystified as to why this is. The San Andres Maduro wrapper, which is very susceptible to plume (a crystallization of the cigars’ natural sugars and representation of impeccable aging) typically features a slight pepperiness with an underlying sweetness and a pleasant coffee or cocoa note. It’s also the same wrapper that is used on two of our most popular selling brands in the CI Super-Store, the Reposado Maduro and San Lotano Maduro.

The flavorful wrapper encompasses a fine blend of skillfully aged Nicaraguan tobaccos hailing from the Esteli growing region. The Esteli region essentially symbolizes the tobacco capital of Nicaragua, even though there are over 5 distinct growing regions within the country’s mountainous landscape.

Pre-lit, the cigar is fairly light in the hand but the tobaccos in this flawless figurado are packed nice and tight. 

I fired up one of these oily treasures on New Year’s Eve in the heated garage at my brother’s house (we’ll do it again next year, Brandon). For some reason, we obtained a bottle of Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, some of the cheapest crap on the market. With my watered down Black Velvet, tasty 1844 and lawn chair, I am ready to go. 

Similar to most figurados and salomons, the first couple puffs started off a bit tight as there is very little surface on the foot of the cigar to burn. But as the cigar burned to the bulbous portion of the “1844 No. 50”, flavors opened up immensely and a heavy natural espresso overtook my palate.

As for the combination of cheap Canadian Whiskey and a Mexican maduro cigar…I must admit it wasn’t my finest pairing. However, the whiskey kept me warm and the gambling stories my brother and I constantly share with each other were in abundance.

The draw was almost perfect as billows upon billows of smoke poured from this flavorful morsel. The middle third of the 1844 produced a toasty flavor with a slight cedar undertone. The aroma of this pint-sized puro was quite pleasant and produced an attractive, white ash that hung ever-so-firmly off the end of the cigar. The finish was clean but hot due to the cigar’s size.

But overall, for the price, this is a fantastic value and I highly recommend it. 

As I finished my 1844, I was in an incredibly good state of mind. As a matter of fact, I nearly forgot I was in a garage until I tripped over my nephew’s Burton snowboard onto a pile of my nieces’ Hello Kitty stuffed animals and blankies (yes, I said blankies).

I must say, if you’re a fan of the Reposado Maduro, Nica Libre, San Lotano Maduro or A. Turrent Triple Play, this is going to provide you with a coffee-break sized cigar which should take you no more than 25 minutes to burn. Also, as the weather gets a tad-bit nippy, this is one of the better smokes for Winter Time.

Expert Philosophical Thought for The Day: “Why do you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?”