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Bahia Blu

Damn I love my job. Not only do I burn cigars all day long, chug beers, and fondle women (I kid, I kid), but I get to be the idiot savant of cigar deals, spinning you spine-tingling deals like an automaton. I find this particular deal to be juicy.

This just in: yes, the official CI historians have confirmed that this is Exhibit #12,347 in the anthology of CI competition-crushing deals. You're right, the competition has already been crushed, but you get the idea. Bahia Blu is a medium-bodied handmade from Nicaragua that's priced to move. Dressed in a fairly attractive Corojo wrapper that's smooth and glistening - under the hood is a blend of 5 to 6-year old Nicaraguan long-fillers grown in Esteli, Jalapa, and Leon. The end result is a somewhat rich and toasty flavor with a sweet, cedary core, and crisp, lingering aftertaste. I've found a bit of a consistency issue from time to time but by and large a nice, everyday, handmade value. By far the best attribute is the crazy blowout price.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
B500 Robusto + Crystal Ashtray (5.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $39.99
E652 Torpedo + Crystal Ashtray (6.5"x52) BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $44.99
L600 Toro + Crystal Ashtray (6.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $41.99
U700 Churchill + Crystal Ashtray (7.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $44.99
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Customer Reviews of “Bahia Blu”
(Bahia Blu ) at less than 2$ a stick...The best deal out there. Period...... just period.
RD of From NJPrinceton, NJ
Good price, flavor was fine. Somewhat disappointed with a tendency to tunnel or burn unevenly...
NR of Los Angeles, CA
I bought these because my cigar budget is no higher than $40 a box, and the write up was pretty good. But, apart from two cigars these were a flavorless bunch with a slightly harsh edge, in fact to compliment the couple of nice ones tucked away in the bundle there were three or four that made the hairs on my neck stand on end.... Another couple were so bad they went into the trash after 10 minutes of optimistic smoking. Clearly uneven quality is one of the things this manufacturer trades for the lower price. In reality what I bought was three descent cigars at $10 each, very disappointing.
SM of Irvine, CA
I bought this bundle (Bahia Blu) when it was a good value,I was taking a chance on getting a good smoke.This to my supprize was a very good smoke.It burned very well and it has a great taste.I would buy this again and again.
WS of yulee, FL
I don't know if this it was just a bad egg or my fault, but the one I got from the CI Stimulus was no bueno, draw was too light, burned to fast and was quite mild in flavor
RS of Citrus Heights, CA
I have rcvd this cigar, maduro robusto, in the last 3 brown baggers. Ordered these Blu's when they came out years ago..nothing has changed...they are still in my opinion a $ 1.00 cigar. Taste good, but no oomph to them...helluva time keeping them lit...have to pet them like a puppy (relight) to keep them happy. If you want a good yard cigar, which I consider these, and want a better one, go with the Cu-Avanas'...they are not just a "yard cigar" but one you can pass out with confidence to your pals and not worry about construction, lack of taste or volumes of smoke that guys want when shooting pool or just playing cards!
JH of Mena, AR
Horrible construction but Good Flavor....takes a while to get a good one but when u do it gets going in the middle of the cigar and tastes great.
BB of Orlando, FL
I am smoking a (Bahia Blu) Churchill as I type this review. This s one impressive cigar. Start with the visuals, the wrapper is a medium golden brown with slight sheen to it. There is some light veining running through it. The cap is applied well. The cigar is very firm and uniform to the touch. The pre light aroma is nice with some subtle spice and cedar notes. The draw and burn on this cigar is great. I am getting a nice big volume of smoke on each draw too. I find this cigar to be on the lighter side of medium, but not mild. The flavor profile is very nice, with subtle hints of leather, white pepper, vanilla, and oak. Not overly complex, but very pleasant indeed. I don't know how CI comes up with these fabulous deals on so many good cigars, but please, don't ever stop. This is the perfect smoke for morning coffee or after lunch. It may even work after a lighter dinner. Very well made, pretty darn tasty, and an outright steal at CI pricing. You guys are amazing. Cheers!
JW of Chicago, IL
I bought a bundle of Bahia Blu torpedos recently and have just about burned though the whole thing. This is a very good medium bodied cigar with great flavor, smoothness, excellent construction and a kick butt price. I first tried Bahia Blu several years ago at a cigar event where Tony Borhani gave me one and asked for my opinion. I liked them very much and bought a hand full at over $6 a stick. I wanted more but found them to be in scarce supply. Thanks to CI I can get plenty at a price that does not break the bank.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
I'm not sure who categorized these as medium strength... these are as mild/mellow as it comes both in flavor and body. A little boring, but mild, mellow, and unoffensive. I wouldn't turn one down if someone was handing them out.
SH of Douglasville, GA
Loved it (Bahia Blu)! A soft cigar with an easy relaxing draw. A slightly sweet smoke with a bit of spice towards the end. This is definitely a keeper, try one you'll like it.
DS of San Angelo, TX
Wonderful cigar (Bahia Blu) for the price. Very smooth and a little spicy at the end. You must not pass this deal up!! Great very day smoke.
I tried the Bahia Blu B500 a couple of weeks ago and was very happy to see the L600 on special. Terrific tasting cigar for the price. I didn't have a single complaint about the first bundle so I came back for 2 more bundles.
DM of Fort Thomas, KY
All I have to say is.....yyyuuuuuummmmm...What a great cigar
SS of Seattle, WA
Dang I cant believe this cigar is so inexpensive.I had one in my humi i lit it up and could'nt believe the great flavor.The ash was 2 inches long before it fell off.Ill be keeping a box of these in my humi from now on.Thank you CI for such a great deal
GT of Jacksonville, AR
What a deal. Had to order a box of these (Bahia Blu) since I am such a fan of the Bahia Gold Maduro and the old Bahia red labels...which I cannot afford to get on a regular basis. But at these CI prices, the Blu is an exceptional value. These are smooth and medium in character, and a great smoke all the way through with a nice subtly sweet taste to the nub. This is the Toni Borhani smoke for the everyday medium cigar smokin Joe! Please keep these around a while CI!!!
D of RCincinnati, OH
I received a (Bahia Blu) in a sampler and I'm quite happy with the thing. A pleasant 'earthy' pre-light aroma and quite a nice flavour. I'd say the cigar is medium-bodied with a very even burn. As I've said before, I'm not one to say a cigar is good 'for the price'; it's either good or it isn't. This one is good and quite a value, as well.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Picked a bundle of Robusto (Bahia Blu) duing a recent special. Very, very nice smoke. A solid medium, excellent draw and very good burn. Every bit as good as smokes costing 4x as much. Really. Flavor is very consistent and smooth. Tasted just fine until about 1-1/2" to go. Then just put it down.
KK of Valdosta, GA
Bahia Blu is part of my extended rotation that includes Montecristo Whites, Perdomo Champagnes, RP R4s, 5 Vegas Series A, some Legends, and more. It's a mish-mash, but I sometimes jump ahead to the Blu, because I want that smooth, cedary taste. I tend toward medium body (despite the Series A) and this one fits right in. Draw is fine and very few with any sort of burn issues. Great value.
RL of Phoenix, AZ
Tried these because of the price and description - they're dead on. I pass up much more expensive cigars in my humie because I get a taste for these Blu's. Cedary and clean, no bite, good-burning; medium body, but plenty of flavor. I keep several sizes on hand.
R of LMPhoenix, AZ
Smoked two of the robustos as they came in a 12 pack sampler. Gave them 5 and 12 days in the humi but could detect any improvement. The taste is dry and slightly sour to my palate. I had high hopes due to the 6 years of aging, and it's Nicaraguan origin. I also smoked an EO for comparison and found the EO to be better, though not great. Switching back and forth reinforced my opinion. This cigar is not for me.
RH of Jackson, MI
Great price, great smoke (Bahia Blu) . I've tried Bahia Tinidads and maduro in the past and thought I'd give these a try. I was not disappointed.
DP of Pinehurst, NC
Just received one of these in my Brown Bag Sampler and dang, what a great stick. Solid spice, a bit uneven at times in the burn, (nothing a quick flick of the bic couldn't solve.) and packed a nice spicy smoke through out. A bit darker and fuller in body than the pictures lead on and the wrapper isn't the prettiest girl at the prom, but for the price point, I'd definitely consider adding these to my normal rotation.
AG of Holloman Afb, NM
I just finished the robusto size (Bahia Blu) about 5 minutes ago, and I must say that this cigar reminds me of summer. When you smoke this 'gar, no matter what time of the year, instantly you are transported to a time when you can relax in the sun and kick back with an amazing cigar and your favorite brew and/or single malt!! This cigar is awesome! You can taste the cedar and there is a smoothness and and nice crisp taste all at the same time. I am a huge fan of the Perdomo reserve champagne and now I am huge fan of this cigar. And at these prices, you CANNOT go wrong!!
JL of Eau Claire, WI
Received in the Brown Bag sampler. Average taste but burned very well and had a nice draw ... would not mind finding it in another sampler order.
MT of Memphis, TN
Well, what can you say...a $8 dollar cigar (Bahia Blu) for $1.50. It is a beauty. Nice construction, draw, and oh so smooth. I ordered these on a deal, and have ordered another bundle. Will not disappoint.
RL of Kennesaw, GA
What a bargain! Got a bundle of these (Bahia Blu) when they were the "deal of the day" and was not in the least disappointed. Still a great deal at the non-daily feature price, I would highly recommend these cigars. Well made, even burn, great aroma. They are mild to medium in strength, super smooth with woody notes, slightly sweet in the beginning and ending with some cocoa notes. These are better than some cigars I have in my humidor that are in the $6-$8 range.
SM of Orlando, FL
Are you kidding! When my friends come over and I open my humi they ask "What's This (Bahia Blu) ?" I tell them, "It's just a cheap Nicaraguan, you won't like it." That way I don't have to share them.
BW of Columbus, OH
OK, middle of the road, somewhat boring and not a memorable cigar. Would be a good cigar for cutting the grass, changing the oil or playing 18. Go somewhere else if you're looking for a cigar to relax with after a good steak.
LZ of Gainesville, GA
Got these (Bahia Blu) for my son-in-law for Christmas. Was a weekly special. He gave me a few back to try out. Wasn't really sure what to expect, they were a good price, but was hoping I didn't give him dog rockets. Smoked my first one on New Years Eve. Wow, I was really surprised! These were actually really fine cigars! Had that barnyard smell, the burn was excellent. Seemed to be from mild to medium taste wise. The construction was excellent. The burn was very even. The draw seemed a little tight at first, but opened up after a couple of minutes. Nice cedar taste. Medium amount of smoke per draw. Really a firm feeling cigar, didn't seem to soften any, especially towards the end. I'm really impressed. Although I usually like a more spicy cigar, I really liked this one. This was smooth down to the nub. Thanks, CI !!
CC of Greenwood, IN
Bought a bundle of these just last week. Wish I hadn't. One cigar is good, the next, harsh and uneven. Very inconsistant. The cigars behind the counter at Walgreens would be a better deal than these. I'm very disappointed in this product. I have never had a bad experience with anything from CI...until these five inch nightmares came along. I should have given my $30 to charity, or flushed it down the toilet. Oh well, live and learn. (I know what you're thinking....30 bucks? What do you expect? To that I say...Something better than this garbage!)
TS of Jupiter, GA
Got a bundle of these to try and smoked one as soon as I got'em. I was a bit disappointed ,so, I put the rest in my humidor. Tried another after they had been in there for about 2 weeks and was amazed at the difference the time had made. Another couple weeks made'em even better! They have a good draw, good construction, even burn and plenty of flavor without being too heavy. Get these, put them in your humi and forget'em for a month, you will be rewarded for your patience.
DS of Casey, IL
I bought a bundle of these (Bahia Blu) just because the price was right and the write up was so good. I've got a poker night coming up soon as well as a large party, so I thought it would be nice to have some cheap cigars in the humidor in order to avoid the free loaders clearing out my good stache. Well, I figured I'd try one out just to make sure I wasn't going to be giving out some rot gut that would offend the masses and I just couldn't believe how nice a cigar this was. Not only is the stick well made and firm throughout, the presentation is great, the draw was perfect and the smoke billows were impressive. This cigar was smooth and flavorful from the first swallow all the way down to the nub. I think this may be the very best purchase for the price I have ever made at an online cigar retailer. I'm going to buy more before they're gone.
RH of Spokane, WA
I took a chance because of the excellent description (Bahia Blu) and the price. Am I glad I did! Smoked my first one tonight down to the nub. Superb value!! Will buy some more.
NR of Houston, TX
Wow...must be in the minority here. Ordered a bundle of Bahia Blu's and found them lacking of all of the of praises I've read here. My average cigar...with draw problems and a hit or miss flavor. Take it from me...spend your hard earned money on something else.
GC of Baldwin City, KS
I got a Bahia Blu robusto as part of a sampler pack and thought that this was the runt of the litter. Was I surprised...the Bahia Blu was anything but, it was to my taste, a great smoke! Well done!!
BF of Gulf Breeze, FL
At a buck fifty this is the best cigar (Bahia Blu) you will find. Very nice construction, burn and draw. It is mild but flavorful and you will see one most mornings between my fingers over the steering wheel adjacent the Dunkin Donuts coffee .
BH of SomeWhereIn, NJ
This was my first actual bundle order. I've only been consistently smoking cigars (every day) for about 2 months now. Bahia Blu is still my favorite. As I continue to discover what taste I really seem to prefer in a cigar, I keep coming back to a corojo wrapper. There is just something really satisfying about the spiciness and zing to these wrappers. Love it! They have a few issues with consistently "pretty" wrappers, but the flavor is killer!
AF of Richmond, KY
I bought my first bundle of (Bahia Blu) Toro. I (as usual) let them sit at least a week before I'll smoke my first test one. Not because it takes to long to get here because CI's shipping department is awesome! I bought them probably like everyone else, the price and for a every day smoke. Surprise, this is a good cigar. Clouds of big smoke, great draw, tasted, and burned great. It did unravel a bit and construction could be better but for the price you can't do better. I will buy more of these! Hey take the band off and fool your buddies with it. They will think you are (stealing a term from my teenage son) a big-baller handing out premium stogies.
TK of Mc calla, AL
Did not like these at all. Tasted like burning newspaper and the draw was waaay too easy.
DC of San Diego, CA
DC of Thornton, CO
Worthless piece of crap. Unsmokable. Got one in a sampler. Tight spot near cap -which might be OK but i was at a bar so no tools so chucked it into the road. Too bad but other outfits who also want my money sell better quality. That's why you buy samplers instead of a box.
JG of Hebron, IL
Received one of these (Churchill) in the brown bag sampler. Yuck. This is hands down the worst tasting cigar I've ever had. Strange, almost chemically taste to it. Wouldn't even give one of these away.
NG of Riverside, CA
For the price its one of my favorites. I bought the CI sizzler sampler and this was in the bunch. Very nice mild cigar good burn great for doing chores and working around the house. I will buy a box for everyday smoke.
RL of Pleasanton, CA
Just got 20 of these sticks (among many, many others) on the sister site, and had to open one of these up after the plethora of positive reviews. Like anyone else, naturally, I look for a quality cigar at a discounted price. My favorites span the range of mild-full, $1-$10, with the likes of Camacho Corojo, Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real, 5 Vegas Gold, some R.P.s, and countless others gracing my list of "must smoke if available". Anyways, I figured I'd buy a bundle of the B500s for my buddies to smoke (those who don't know the difference between a $.50 cigar and a $20 cuban. Of course, I lit one up immediately, and that is where I am writing. The Blu line is fantastic. A wonderful, mild cigar, enjoyable for everyday pleasure. With no construction problems and a smooth draw, this cigar is extremely pleasing, but most importantly, there is TASTE! In a cheap cigar that is usually what falls short for me, I miss the great taste, as I find it a meaningful sacrifice of construction to a great taste in the cheapies, but this one has it all. Obviously, I will let these sit in the humi for a couple of months, as it seems they only get better, from the reviews of others. Bottom line: if you're looking for a cheap MILD cigar that is CONSTRUCTED WELL, HAS A NICE DRAW, and actually has a GREAT TASTE, buy a bundle of these. You won't be disappointed.
BB of Dallas, TX
Good flavor, like cinnamon and pepper with a little bit of toasted peacan taste. Decent construction, a good cigar to get in a sampler and a good price otherwise. I would not buy again but would be happy to stumble upon it again
EL of Redwood City, CA
I'm a casual cigar smoker, always looking for the best deal I can get my hands on. I got one of these in a sampler from CI, and so far out of the 18 smokes I got, this was my favorite. Lots of earth, leather, pepper at various points in the burn, and a touch of sweetness every once in a while with an almost cherry aftertaste. When I get a larger humidor I see a bundle of these in my future for warm summer nights on the deck with friends and beers. Until then, any chance of a 5 pack for those of us without the humidor real estate to commit to a bundle?
CA of Portage, MI
The first time I tried this cigar was from a sampler bundle called "Dog's Breakfast." Since then, I have purchased several boxes. What a good cigar considering the price! This cigar offers hints of cedar, pepper and a deep earthy leathery tobacco flavor. This cigar reminds me of my all time favorite cigar the RP vintage 1992. This cigar is a must try!
BA of Agana Heights, GU
Received this cigar in a brown bag. What a great smoke. Smooth from the start and grew smoother as I smoked it. Just received a bundle of them and can't wait to have one! Great price!
ML of Douglassville, PA
Got this cigar in a sampler pack and after a few days rest in the humi I lit it up today. As a previous fan mailer noted, there really is nothing WOW about this cigar. I smoke 1 or 2 cigars a day depending on the day. The bahia blu is a very mild, in my opinion, consistent smoke. Took 35-30 minutes to complete, burned evenly with no need to relight. If you prefer a smooth and mild smoke with no bite you may like these, I prefer at least a small bite to my smokes. I will smoke one from an occasional sampler but do not see myself order these in bulk.
JM of Opelika, AL
I was very surprised. I figured ok at 30 for 20 they probaly taste bad and burn like crap but to my uber surprise it was a great cigar. Like others said its very mild but flavorful! Not harsh even on a hard draw(er) like myself. The smoke is rather thick. The burn did however canoe at one point but it stayed lit rather wel. The aroma coming off was quite well too. Didn't really have any wrapper issues except held to the light it looked like the cigar was kinda crooked. The flavor was very earthy and peppery. Hints of sweet in the middle finished in peppery leathery thick smoke. 2-3 inches left it starts tasting "done" in my opinion. Unless you just smoke for the nicotine or habit, that's where you quit. Definitely worth 30-40$!!!!! Fill your humidor now lol
DM of Roberta, GA
Was a little hesitant to purchase, but these guys were on the CI Staff Picks, so I thought it was a good bet. I've smoked one, and it was surprisingly good! Definitely mild- a little on the boring side. (flavor-wise, I'm a 5 Vegas classic fan) It had just a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste, but in all other ways a good relaxing smoke. I had some problems keeping it lit- but that could definitely be "user error." Certainly worth buying if you need something you won't mind handing out, since the price is low. I probably won't buy again- simply because the flavor isn't right for my palate. Neither is Macanudo. This doesn't make the cigar any less good, just not suited to my tastes.
JD of Oxnard, CA
I'm about half way through my first bundle of these, in the torpedo sub-group...make sure you snip the tip a bit further up the tapered end if you want an easier draw, otherwise, you will have to pull on it hard to get much, kind of like those super-thick shakes at fast-food joints. However, the flavors are very good. It lives up to the review that CI gave it and is a good value for the quality you get at this price range. I've got several other Nicaraugan sticks and brands and some other blends and straight native brands in my current stock and these fit nicely into my rotation. Pair it with a milder liquor/whiskey if that's your thing, or some good coffee. I'd consider getting another bundle of these in the future, as I continue to explore brands, variants, and such.
Got the Churchill in the Uncle Stu mild sampler. It's a bit darker wrapper with some small veins and tooth. Lit it up after I was sure no ammonia was present being that it was ROTT. Good draw, not too hard. Flavor was classic aged Nicaraguan with that leather and creamy smoke. Little bit of ammonia that left a nice solid tobacco aftertaste. A mild smoke with no pepper to start. A good part of the sampler to showcase Nicaraguan mild cigars without being stupid about price. Comparable to a 5 Vegas Classic but more flavor. I would buy 5 at a time in the future. A nice solid smoke for newbies.
C of Antioch, IL
I have seen some bad reviews of this cigar. I don't get it. I bought a couple bundles back when they were on sale and have been nothing but pleased, burn well and great flavor. Great smoke on the golf course, have shared several and had no complaints. I will buy more. In my experience you can't go wrong with Bahia cigars. the Trinidad's are a good cheap bundle also.
WR of Las Vegas, NV
If you like digging tunnels and love geometric shapes with an emphases on 45 degree angles, you will love the way this cigar burns. At two bucks a stick, the taste is pleasant but, the burn will force you to focus more on cigar maintenance than enjoyment.
RT of Eagle Point, OR
Would purchase again!
MR of Natrona Heights, PA
found these to be a very nice smoke; good construction, good burn, nice flavors, good sticks at a good price point.
RM of Sunrise, FL
.... been smoking good cigars for many years. I'm 65 and just received a 20 bundle from C.I. 3 day free shipping! Lit one torpedo up; this is the best $4.00 cigar ever and it only cost $1.50. I usually smoke some kind of Gurkha which I love, but this takes the cake for sure. No relight, perfect burn, and I get a slight beer flavor, too. Good!!
RD of Magalia, CA
I managed to get a Two-Fer deal on the Bahia Blu Torpedoes and I was pleasantly surprised. I normally prefer my ACID Kuba Kuba cigars but these have turned out to be one of my favorite non-infused smokes. They are strong enough to make them tasty and interesting, but not so strong, as to make them unsuitable for people used to milder smokes. The Bahia Blu will definitely be on my reorder list as often as possible. Try them and I think you will agree that these cigars compete with, and in most cases, even beat much more expensive smokes.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
1st time buyer. I would highly recommend these as an everyday smoker. I am pleased to say that I am going to be trying another BAHIA on my next order.
JO of Monticello, MN
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