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CAO America

God Bless America.

CI and CAO, two rock-ribbed American companies put on this planet to bring you the best premium cigars at the best prices. And what better way to tribute the best damn country in the world than with a tasty and satisfying super-premium cigar? We give you, CAO America.

The America cigar is another intriguing handmade from the masterminds at CAO. Finished in pin-stripe format, the America employs two beautiful wrappers: a thick and oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and a flawless Connecticut shade leaf. Despite its appearance, the full leaf of each is in fact utilized. Inside, a robust, 100% ligero mixture of Dominican, Nicaraguan, Italian, and American (USA!) tobacco is blended into an eventful experience. Expect a rich, chewy profile loaded with creamy, oaky nuances, with a short, but pleasantly sweet finish. Get ready, however, the America cigar is a robust firecracker ready to satisfy even the most savage of beasts! Enjoy this fine cigar after a hearty steak dinner with a bold microbrew.

CAO America cigars recently received an impressive 92-point rating, which noted: "A two-toned cigar rolled barber pole style in a light and dark wrapper. It burns a bit unevenly, but sweet and savory flavors come together in the form of roasted meat, sweet cedar and chocolate."

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Landmark (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $155.80 $103.83
Landmark (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $27.50
Monument (Torpedo) (6.2"x54)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $139.80 $92.87
Monument (Torpedo) (6.2"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $24.50
Potomac (Robusto) (5.0"x56)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $131.80 $87.39
Potomac (Robusto) (5.0"x56)
5-PACK In Stock $23.00
Overall Rating 4.74 out of 5 Based on 47 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO America”

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4 out of 5
Stars and smokes
After recently smoking the CAO American I was reminded once again of while I smoke these cigars once a while and not everyday It's a medium to full cigar that's bold and worthy of the name America however the one flaw is and has always been its draw. Like any real American I love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. When I run into a CAO America with a bad draw it's almost hatefully and I don't buy them for a while however I can't stay away too long and will continue to give old glory a second chance..... Fix the draw and the problems solved
5 out of 5
A very satisfying smoke.
A very satisfying smoke.
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
Excellent smoke
4 out of 5
Very good cigar.
I tried these when they were first released and didn't enjoy them. But as time has passed I gave them a second chance and it is well worth it. Great cigar on the strong side of the flavor spectrum smooth yellowish smokes let's you know it's a premium cigar. I highly recommend you give these a try.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Really nice cigar, great flavor and was a nice long smoke.
5 out of 5
CAO America Landmark
There is really not enough good I can say about this cigar. I'm not going to try and bolster it with words...Just know that I will be buying a box of these in the very near future. Just a great every day type smoke.
3 out of 5
Decent cigar
It was a very heavy cigar and had a great draw, but the flavor didn't develop as much as I'd hoped
5 out of 5
America is the way to go
My humidor will always have this cigar inside of it, this is my all time favorite cigar. Smoke at least 3 of these a week and never had a bad one, and you can’t beat the price on the box either.
5 out of 5
I really liked them!
I have to say this is a pretty dam good cigar, I got the 6x60 and it lasts a good 90 minutes and good down to the stub. will be ordering more of them.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
Excellent, smooth and great tasting cigars.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites
This cigar is def in my top 5 smokes, it never disappoints. From the first to last draw I highly recommend it.
5 out of 5
Best cigar on the market.
Best cigar on the market.
5 out of 5
Full of flavor
A full body cigar that burns nicely and has a no after taste
5 out of 5
My favorite stick!
I really love the barber pole wrapper! Great smoke every time out. Especially on 4th of July!
5 out of 5
my favorite cigar, and perfect for any celebration
What a great all around cigar for any occasion, and well within most budgets.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites
Great stick always on of my go to's
5 out of 5
CAO's Best
CAO America Landmark are simply a great smoke. Always a great construction and draw. Matches up well with any Single Malt beverage too
5 out of 5
CAO America Monument Choice
Really good smoke. Steady, even and pure draw. Not too much of an after-bite toward the end, but some. Attractive barber-poled outer wrapping, just re-ordered the Churchill size of the same brand and look forward to its smoke. Satisfied with my choice.
5 out of 5
America's Favorite Cigar
One of my favorite can't go wrong with the America!
5 out of 5
Perfect cigar
Love love love this cigar. One of the best I've had.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Goes well with a nice dram of single malt scotch. Perfect from start to finish
4 out of 5
CAO America Potomac is something
CAO America Potomac is something i enjoy every time i light one up even when riding my Indian Motorcycle.
5 out of 5
Best cigars I have purchased from CI
Best cigars I have purchased from CI.
5 out of 5
super cigar
Super cigar! Excellent for everyday cigar or treat yourself to something flavorfully special! Man, this is it!
4 out of 5
CAO America
Very nice burn, Full of flavor to the end
5 out of 5
Well worth a buy!
Bought a five pack of the monuments to enjoy with buddies on Memorial Day! We lit them up after a huge plate of pulled pork and brisket and they did not disappoint. Creamy rich flavor with a long finish, the construction was excellent and they really poured out the smoke. It was a great way to finish off the day.
2 out of 5
I ordered the CAO America Monument Box of 20 and tins of two other cigars. The other cigars are fine. The CAO Americas are crumbling. They were not properly stored and are damaged. I am forced to return the remainder of this box. It's see how that goes.
4 out of 5
CAO American
Was a good smoke. Had good flavor with a beer or crown royal net.
5 out of 5
A very good cigar with an even burn, nice smoke smell, hints of spice and tasty. would buy again.
5 out of 5
Exact and on time.
5 out of 5
Solid Cigar Great deal
Ok i'm on my 4th box and have not been disappointed. First every one was a even burn. The flavor was medium spice and cedar to start and built into a stronger spice without over powering the cedar tone, but gave my taste buds a chance to catch up to what I would classify as not quite Full flavor. Very solid cigar. I don't rate by numbers, but this is worth having in your humidor. One last thing. I did burn my fingers more than once. The flavor makes it hard to put down.
5 out of 5
Quality from the start
5 out of 5
Best of the CAO offerings
5 out of 5
Number ONE
First class cigars..... When received you can take one out and it's ready to smoke
5 out of 5
The cigars were fresh and
The cigars were fresh and arrived when promised
4 out of 5
I bought these for the 4th of July and was not disappointed. Good taste, good smoke output and well constructed.
5 out of 5
i love u guys
i have been getting cigars from you all for the last 3 months. great prices and so easy to do from my home. i dont even go to the local cigar store any home. ROGER.......
5 out of 5
Great cigar, gifted to a friend.
CAO always brings great quality to the table. Good construction, creamy. Even burn.
5 out of 5
Smoke this!
A very very good smoke and worth the savoring, especially on an American holiday.
5 out of 5
A new national treasure
Very well made with layers of of my new favorites.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar! Burns well, taste great. And it's, well.... 'Murica!!
4 out of 5
Good cigar!
Flavorful and goes great with a glass of Knob Creek.
5 out of 5
Ask not what you can ...See what you cigar can do for you.
My favorite CAO. (Who knows how to pronounce that?) This is about as strong a cigar as I enjoy. They taste good down to the nub. I haven't had one that didn't burn evenly and the barber pole wrapper looks sharp as hell.
5 out of 5
Cigars Online...
I have always been hesitant to purchase cigars "online" until a friend turned me on to Cigars Intl. Man, I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. Price, quality, selection and quick delivery, everything to overcome my fears. Unfortunately,my friends at the local cigar place won't see me much anymore, but I have a 200 cig humidor to fill up and doing that From my new favorite place! Thanks to Cigars International
5 out of 5
CAO America
love these cigars and will order more ......cheers !
5 out of 5
The Best
ive tried a few other online retailers, but always come back to cigars international. You have the best service, selection and prices!
5 out of 5
Tasty Barber-Pole Beauties. Get 'em While You Can!
Let me start by saying that I'm not a huge CAO fan. I've smoked countless cigars by CAO and inevitably I'll find one that is so bound up that not even a draw-poker can easy the pain of puffing on it. With that said, I've had 5 of these barber-pole beauties and they've all been fantastic. Great flavors throughout and not one draw issue.
Customer Testimonials
6/25/15 Just got my 5-pack yesterday. I broke one out a few moments ago to be sure I wasn't going to be disappointed this Independence Day. NO GIMMICK HERE!!! There is plenty to keep a finicky cigar enthusiast interested. I should've gotten a box so I could share more than just a couple. This is a damn good cigar!
One of the greatest cigars and my absolute all time favorite. Smooth creamy smoke.
Despite the stunning visual presentation, this is a no nonsense cigar. Even though I had read the reviews, I was still expecting a more complex flavor, but was pleasantly surprised with a smooth, creamy and absolutely enjoyable cigar.
Smoked one of the bad boys yesterday after having it sit in my humidor for aboiut 2 months. VERRRRRRRYYYYYY GOOOD! Creamy, and just explodes on my palate. Def gettin a box of these soon.
Good smoke.
I've had a couple of these now from different samplers and now I want a whole box! My first impression when I picked up my first CAO America was 'this is a solid cigar!' It seemed to have some heft. Solid construction! Now, sometimes that impression is wrecked the moment I try to draw through a cigar that seems solidly made but has a too-tight draw. Not on this baby! A perfect draw, even burn, lots of great smelling smoke (everyone around commented on the aroma), and solid ash. Add in lots of flavor and you've got a real winner here! BUT...let me warn you: Get plenty or get the larger sizes because the moment you finish one you will want another!
This is a nice enjoyable smoke,with a good draw,good volume of smoke. The band and name "America" are great. I have one saved in the humidor, just resting waiting.... when I can enjoy it in it's full glory!
Being a red-blooded American Combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I bought a 5 pack intending on keeping them in my humidor for only the holidays celebrating 'Murica, and it's fighting men and women, I bought 1 at a shop in Joplin MISSOUR-AH. I got it home and lit it up. I found that it was true to it's namesake. I loved the taste and the smell of it and look forward to smoking the others on the above mentioned days. While smoking this well made cigar, I found myself remembering my life as a WOLFHOUND (1-27 INF) Medic and how much our freedom means to me. Actually brought a tear to my eye. Then I got a sniff of the aroma coming off my prized cigar and fell in love. I will definitely be buying more when I get a chance.
I bought a 5 pack of CAO Americas after really liking the one I got in a sampler. Fairly mellow, it's supposed to be medium/full, and I found it medium at most. A nice cigar to puff on while havin' a beer!
Beautiful and handmade to perfection. This cigar is smooth in taste and aroma. It is a great cigar. One of CAO's best!
I have to agree with the other reviewer (from Cypress CA). I don't understand all the superlative remarks of the majority of reviewer. Sure, the cigar looks great (nice if you are going to frame it for display on a wall), and burns evenly. If that is all that matters, then OK. Well, I found the cigar to lack any significant taste. I can think of plenty of other cigars I'd prefer to smoke.
Smoked one today from the 3 pack I bought. I like these. Always have been a CAO fan. I might order me a box of these gems.
This cigar has been sitting in my 65-71% humi for some time. Decided to finally smoke it tonight: not being yet a seasoned stoagie smoker, and mainly into mild-medium "lighter" cigars, decided to give this a try. A little heavy for beginners (I don't recommend to start with), the smoke was consistently woody and earthy but for the most part pleasant. Took some getting used to but no regrets. Will definitely smoke the other one in my humi but again, due to my "current" preferences, may not buy it again. That is of course my palate changes and I start smoking more often.
Got one of these in a sampler I bought! All I can say is fricking AWESOME!! I loved everything about this cigar: smooth, fantastic taste, good burn, I will most definitely be ordering more of these!!!
Great cigar. Got one in a sampler and really enjoyed it. Kind of a mellower version of Diesel Unholy Cocktail. Has a very pleasant aroma and leaves a bit of a sweetness on the tongue. But the one I smoked was a bit tight, and it swelled up and cracked in the middle about 2 inches from the cap, but a great cigar none the less. I'll get more as soon as I can afford it.
This cigar disappoints me, I love CAO but I'll have to pass on this one. I really had high hopes for it, too.
CAO did an incredible job in making this piece of art. This was probably the best stick I have had. The draw was smooth, and the taste was a deliciously medium strength mixture of spice, coffee, vanilla, and nuts. The thick and creamy smoke was plentiful and had a wonderful aroma. The band was the topping on the cake, so to speak. Overall a very enjoyable experience. I will be buying many more of these beauties in the future.
Smoked the CAO America to celebrate the 4th of July and I am impressed with this smooth cigar. My palate was satisfied from the start all the way to the nub. Definitely not disappointed, and this will be a permanent resident in my humidor.
Wow! A fantastic cigar. The thick and creamy smoke is close to the best I've ever come across.
I received this gem as part of The "Horn of Plenty" Sampler and for me; it was the pick of the litter! The cigar is artfully crafted and unique: the Barber Pole appearance adds to the beauty of the stick. The flavor was mild and complex...some of the sticks had a slightly off/biting flavor, which disappeared after an ash formed. The burn and contruction are impeccable and overall the cigar is a delight!
Being a retired Marine, I felt it to be a patriotic duty to try the America, and to that, the Monument. Now, some people are blessed with tastebuds that might rival the best chef in the world... Me, not I. Either I like something, or I don't. And these, I tell you... Are AWESOME. To begin, the looks, what a pretty cigar, the color of the double wrapper makes it a joy to behold. The build... 2" worth of ash, you make that call... The taste... Smooth, creamy, and, to my undiscerning taste buds... SWEET!! I tried one from my local ABC liquor store... Next thing I bought a box from CI. If you are introducing someone to the joys of smoking cigars, give them one of these beauties... They wiil be hooked.
CAO America is smoooooth. Creamier smoke with a draw that didn't change for a second: whether I was puffing from behind a 2" ash, or savoring it's final moments, before setting it next to the fire, saluting the flag, and calling it a night. I'd like to leave some in the humi for a few months to see if the other reviewer's comment was true, about some added spicy notes.
As stated below, these CAO America's do deliver an interesting array of tastes, all very nice. I have had 2 of a sampler of 5 and found the cap a bit small. If you use a cutter, be gentle. Next time I will use a punch and hope things hold together better. Keep it up CI! God Bless America!!
Just nubbed my first CAO America on July 4th, 2011! That's a fine yummy smoke that, like its namesake, has a lot of countries of origin in it. I found it pleasantly strong enough for my tastes, but I don't think it would overwhelm those who prefer milds. Like most other commentors, I found cream, woodsy, leather smells and tastes, pronounced vanilla midway and dark coffee, toffee, caramel towards the nub. Very fantastic! I have found what I will be smoking every 4th of July! I wanna nuther!
Simply put. This cigar in the large ring size is fantastic in every area. An even burn produces a long ash at least 2 inches in size, each time you discard the burn. It has loads of smoke with smooth flavor that should please anyone. Both the mild to full crowd would be pleased, since you get lost in the enjoyment of this cigar after your first draw.
Okay, since I smoked the Bottle Rocket in the last comment I will now comment on the Potomac. The Potomac is very spicy right from light up. Those of you having had the Italia may recognize that bit of tang that the Italia has in the flavor profile of the Potomac. Of course, the Potomac is not as strong as the Italia. Between the Bottle Rocket and Potomac I cannot say which I like best. They are both fantastic. Please, get some!
I have some bottle rockets and the toro size. These are excellent medium to full smokes. They do get better with age as I have had the rockets in my humi for a year and they are spicier than before. A solid 90!! Get some now!!!
WOW!!Got a 5-pack and couldn't wait,smoked one the same day after work.Boy what a nice ride home!CAO Potomac everything perfect 1hr 20mn of joy.This has it's own unique flavor especially on the retrohale -very,very rich flavor almost like something's cooking.Can't wait to get a box and put'em to sleep for a few months and the aroma is second to none.These could easily go for 2x as much!Thanks again CI-God bless America!!!
Picked up a box of 30 of the "Bottle Rocket" size at a local shop for $5.73 a stick after tax... Outstanding cigar, well worth the bit extra they have them for here... My first cigar was a CAO about 10 years ago (a CAO Maduro 'red series' tubo) and it left me green and sweating... The CAO America is a much more medium bodied smoke with a tangy cedar start and rich leathery flavor to the nub... a great morning smoke, easily worth twice the price.
A work of art. I will never be able to celebrate the 4th of July now without salivating for a CAO America! Beautiful to look at makes you not want to light it. Smooth, tasty, earthy, nutty, all the things I like in a cigar. I'm a CAO fan. No, I'm not going to rate it with a number since that isn't my job. I just know that this is a well made smoke with wonderful taste that I enjoy.
The cigar is beautiful just to be looked at. The 1st third was a little peppery, then this cigar opens up very smooth, very tasty with scent of cedar and coffee. 2nd favorite cigar from CAO.
Wow! This is my favorite CAO to date. Like every CAO this is extremely consistent, every time I pull one out of the Humidor it is fantastic, and exactly what I'm looking for in my smoke! CAO is by far my favorite brand, and the America is my favorite CAO.
I am a huge fan of CAO. I enjoy most lines that they offer including America, but I have to say that the Bottlerockets were a great disappointment! I don't think they are blended as well as the other America sizes. It really has no punch and lacks complexity. It is sorta a low-grade VR (which I love by the way). If you are gonna try Americas, try the smaller sizes.
CAO America is a great medium to full cigar. Beautiful construction and excellent taste; woody, smooth, and notes of vanilla. I never smoke my cigars all the way because of the accumulation of tar and ash, however, with the CAO America I was able to smoke it down to the nub. The cigar was smooth all the way through. My Rating: 92!
Ok i just got done smokeing one of these beautiful CAO America Landmark and im going to give to to you STRAIGHT: Taste: Very Good Burn: Gets Sloppy Near Middle But Does Even Out Till The End Extras:Very Good End Taste(Little Spice But Not To Much) I would Rate This A Solid 91
No joke, this cigar blew me away. I had one yesterday, Memorial Day 09, and it was a thing of beauty. I have to get more. CI - Give us a nice special on these and "We The People" shall enjoy! I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the CAO America!
CAO America...The Beautiful !!
This was my First try of a (CAO America). It is an amazing cigar! The taste is great the smoke is even and I cannot wait till I get another one to smoke.
I love this cigar (CAO America)! one of my favorites. The first time I had it, I had no intention on buying it but who can resist that beautiful look? I lit this one at the in-laws with a cup of coffee. It started off a little smokey but then quickly smoothed out. About 1/3 of the way down you can definitely taste the quick change in flavor. The taste I got was a nutty, earthy and rich chocolatey taste. (This was the taste I got anyway)There was also a taste I could not quite put my finger on, which made my first experience with this cigar more interesting. I did have a little trouble with the tight draw but this can be resolved with a draw poker before smoking. I always keep one of these in the humidor and have handed it out to several friends to try. Everyone has their own taste that they like out of a cigar and this one does it for me. Thanks CAO and to CI for a great website.
I smoked one of these (CAO America) stellar Cigars on January 20th, 2009 in commemoration of President Obama's inauguration. It was a great smoke! And has become my favorite cigar!!!
This cigar was a disapointment (CAO America) for me, but not because of the flavour. The bloody thing fell apart! The draw was excellent and the burn quite even for such a big ring gauge, but it simply came unwrapped. I'll have to say the cigar did not come from CI; it was a gift from a friend who works in a local brick and mortar shop. It looked good and felt good and I was not expecting the results of setting fire to the thing. I'm sure this particular cigar had not been properly cared for before I got it, but it was still an unpleasant experience. I'm going to try another.
The wrapper is cool looking & what more can you say it's another GREAT CAO! I WILL SMOKE ONE 4th of July 2009!
The "CAO AMERICA" is, as advertised....get off your butt and get on the phone or the 'net. I mean it, you lose. Rated.... a smooth 89.
CAO can you not want to try a cigar with a name like that? Far from a novelty cigar, the two wrappers add a flavorful complexity to a smooth creamy blend. Medium bodied and very complex, one of the best "multi-wrapper" cigars out there. This cigar is one of those "must try" cigars, if even just one time. America Rocks!
I was very fortunate to get my hands on the LE CAO America Anthem, and it was everything it was supposed to be and more! I patriotically enjoyed the cigar on the 4th of July! The pin-striped wrapper looks amazing on this beautifully long cigar, and the draw was amazingly effortless. The smoke started off a little woody but quickly turned nutty and creamy. The finish was very smooth. I highly recommend trying this cigar, it will not disappoint!
I have fallen in love (don't tell the wife) the object of my affection, the CAO America! God Bless America and CAO. The best smoke I have ever had, earthy, nutty, warm and robust. This one is true to its name! I took your recommendation and had a nice beer and steak for dinner and then lit this puppy up right at the table (at Ashes in Red Bank NJ you can still smoke a stick in the restuarant) Everyone was looking at my cigar and wondering why they weren't smoking this gem. Thanks CI for your awesome deals, superb customer service, and super fast shipping.
The minute I stepped into the humidor of one of my fave cigar haunts in Vegas... I saw the new box and was already a fan - Yeah Baby! America all the way. The noting the unique intertwining of the Broad-leaf wrapper in a neat little design, I felt this was worth [if not by CAO namesake alone] to give a shot. I grabbed a Landmark... and proceeded to load on on my other stash. I was never let down the minute I lit that bad boy up... Vive' L' America, baby! Now for more critical assessment, it has a dark lush Broad-leaf Maduro... as for oily, I don't' agree entirely on that point. It could use a little lotion [ha ha]. The bouquet is phenominal... spicy, warm... a hint of sweet, can't place it.. perhaps a hint of honey or molasses. A medium bodied smoke great for just about any occasion. The label did America proud... I just finished on last night. I love the red, white and blue.. very regal looking and tame. The eagle took it for me... This is a patriot class stick if there ever was sort a thing. My rate this stick: 90
Excellent. Awesome taste and flavor. Truely a great smoke (CAO America).
All I could hear while enjoying this (CAO America) was Francis Scott Key in the background penning the Anthem to our great Country. A truly remarkable cigar, deep and rich, oaky, smooth and creamy. I truly had to sit in front of the chiminea with this one for about an hour to truly note all the complexities of this fine, fine cigar.