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La Perla Habana Black & Tan

Tasty morsels that have been deliciously flavored with the sweet taste of coffee and Irish Crème. These cigarillos are super satisfying and are priced to move, plus they offer up pleasant, mild flavors without overpowering at any point. Wrapped in a Sumatra wrapper and packaged in boxes of 50, you’ll have enough to last you a good, long time. Go ahead and sample the first flavored cigarillos from the La Perla Habana line. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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La Perla Habana Black & Tan (Cigarillos) (3.1"x23)
BOX OF 50 In Stock $59.95 $25.00
Overall Rating 4.48 out of 5 Based on 21 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Black & Tan”

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5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco making an excellent
Excellent tobacco making an excellent little cigar.
4 out of 5
Not Bad
These little guys have a pretty good, mild flavor without any real sweetness, which is exactly what I wanted. They burn a bit quicker than I expected, but that's not an issue. The only problem I have with them is that the tobacco at the end is a little loose and I get a bit in my mouth whenever I smoke one. Overall a good product that I would recommend!
5 out of 5
Nice cigarello!!!!
Smooth smoke with a nice vanilla after taste. Best cigarillo I've had in years!
5 out of 5
La Perla Habana Black and Tan
The best tasting cigarillo I've had in years!!!
5 out of 5
Didn't care for these little sticks.
No taste!
1 out of 5
taste like cardboard smells like pipe tobacco
5 out of 5
Perfect Quick Smoke
Great tasting, smooth & quick smoke. Great to light up while fly fishing on the river.
5 out of 5
happy and puffing away
la perla is one of my favorit cigar i also like very much the fill sizes ones and cis prices cant be beat
5 out of 5
Love these things
Great taste. Very sweet. Gets the job done when you're on the go or want something different.
4 out of 5
A good cigarillo
Pleasantly spicy. About a 10 minute smoke. Great for winter days walking the dog.
4 out of 5
Great for the price
Great for the price
5 out of 5
Nice little sweet smoke when you don't have a lot of time
5 out of 5
Good all arounf
Very good on everything. Have yet to make a bad choice.
4 out of 5
These really are little pearls
Very smooth, very well constructed, an excellent 5-10 minute smoke. Recommended.
5 out of 5
Great cigars at great prices!
I have been really please with this purchase. The smoothness of these cigars has been pure joy.
4 out of 5
wish order could process and ship faster
5 out of 5
simple and pleasant
pleasant little sticks. the flavor is simple yet satisfying, and they seem consistent so far from one to the next. i clocked these at about 12 minutes at a relaxed pace. I'd buy them again.
5 out of 5
Great Little Smokes
These black and tan cigars were great little smokes for a wedding event based on an Irish Theme. They fit perfectly in with the crowd and everyone enjoyed them.
5 out of 5
Great deals and the cigars was great
i got my cigars fast with free shipping and they was as great as they said they would be smiling big
3 out of 5
Not what i expected
Were a somewhat of a dissapointment. Was expecting a mellower tastier smoke instead was harsh left tobacco bits in my mouth.Wont buy them again. No matter the price.
5 out of 5
Surprisingly Tasty
Was just looking for a cigarillo for grilling and decided to give these a try on a whim. Was not disappointing and several of my cigar-smoking friends agree. Very tasty!
Customer Testimonials
Just got this, smoked one and thought it was great; a little of a sweet taste. Great price and little smoke.
Great little cigars...just thinking about the taste and aroma makes my mouth water! I've bought them three times. First class cigarillos!
Nice & smooth; great for a quick smoke!
Was looking for a small decent tasting cigar when short on time. Tried these and they just didn't appeal to me. Small, loose, weird taste, and got hot toward the end which didn't give you much to smoke as they're small already. I won't purchase again.
Awesome little smokes! I wouldn't rate them so mild, more like a medium. Full of flavor!
A great tasty little smoke for when time is short.
A great smelling small smoke however short on taste.
A mild, pleasant taste somewhat like coffee with cream, but what makes these a winner is construction. Even when you're done, it's still holding its' shape, not leaking out one, if not more (all?), sides as most of these small cigars do. Yeah, a Swisher Sweet blueberry, etc. is still together at the end, but they're in a totally different & lower taste category - at least to my taste & mind. The Black & Tan can go in my car in an old tin (from some other brand) & still be tasty a day or 2 later. I'm buying more.
Impulse bought these. Couldn't be happier I did! They are great for relaxing in the yard when you have 10 mins to spare. Friends love them but I never wanna share them! Want them all to myself. One buddy of mine got his own box after trying mine. I made him reimburse me with his for the ones he brook from me! Smoking them as I write this.
Tried these on a MMAO deal, and am really surprised. These are the best mini cigarillo I have tried, similar to an Al Capone, but no sugar on the wrapper, and more flavor in the blend. Does have a certain sweetness to the smoke. Probably the best thing I have tried from the entire Perla Habana brand.
Received my order today and had to try one. A tasty little smoke. A must try for anyone who only has time for short smoke, nicely flavored. La Perla Habana has created a good one.