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Brothers In Arms - January 2007

A wall of honor for our brave men and women serving this great country! Help us keep it growing: send your pictures of armed forces members to If possible, please include the location where the pictures were taken and the unit information.

Capt Berisha, MSgt Vatistas, TSgt Cote, TSgt Mullikin, TSgt Gonzalles, SSgt Adams, and A1C Miller.

MSgt King, MSgt Mack, and MSgt Shoemaker.

MSgt King and SRA Vickhouse.

Capt Berisha, TSgt Cote, TSgt Gonzalles, and SSgt Hurst.

Capt Berisha, MSgt Vatistas, and SSgt Adams.

SPC Mahaffey and Manley, Christmas Eve 2006. LSA Anaconda A Co, 449, 36th CAB - Texas Army National Guard.

SPC Hemphill, (Henry L3 seated), SPC Mahaffey, and SGT Holt. LSA Anaconda.
Thanksgiving Evening 2006. A Co, 449, 36th CAB - Texas Army National Guard.

SSG Christopher Adams, 2ID, 2BCT, 3-61 CAV MiTT, FOB Shield, Iraq.

CE2 Richard D. Zinser of 3NCR Main Body in FOB Fallujah, IRAQ smoking a Cuban Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2006.

Chaplain David Nutt of COB Speicher, Iraq.

‘Cigar Ministry’ officers and enlisted soldiers in Iraq.

TSgt Jeffrey Cote protecting his CI Legends sample pack.