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Brothers In Arms - July 2005

A wall of honor for our brave men and women serving this great country! Help us keep it growing: send your pictures of armed forces members to If possible, please include the location where the pictures were taken and the unit information.

Marines deployed to the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.

Marines deployed to the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.

Back row: Capt Warren "El Presidente" Vines and TSgt Pete "Radar" Garrett.
Front row: Capt Joshua "Dimer" Deim, TSgt Joe "Skippy" Shiplett, and me Lt Col M. D. "Doc" Dates.

Lt Col Dates and the guys in the Air Force House, Camp Victory, Iraq playing Spades.

A few afficianados enjoying a rare moment of relaxation from security duties to enjoy a fine Cuban cigar. Picture taken by members of US Navy/US Coast Guard MIUWU-104 and HDCU-111, at Mina Al Ash-Shuaybah, Kuwait.

US Navy Officers deployed onboard USS BOXER in the South China Sea.
Kneeling in front are LT Topping, LT Cho, LT Neill, LCDR Kennedy, LT Hodskins.
Standing in back LT Stephens, LT Blake, CDR Huffaker, CDR Shaub, LCDR Blake.