Xikar Torch Bleeder/Screwdriver Tool  Cigar Accessory

Xikar Torch Bleeder/Screwdriver Tool

Cigar Accessory

The Torch Tool

Torch lighters are great. They make lighting up a cigar quick and easy, as long as they work. But the tiny screws, hard to reach adjustment wheels, and frequent misfires can also make this little commodity a pain to use at times. Xikar, the leading cigar accessory company, has heard your cries. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. So you can imagine they do a lot of repairs. So they brought to market the very tool they use to work on their lighters and cutters. This Xikar Torch Bleeder/Screwdriver Tool fits comfortably in your hand and features both a Phillips head and Flathead screwdriver, perfect for tightening, or loosening those tiny screws, or adjusting those tiny flame adjustment wheels. Pop the cap off the end, and you’ll find a convenient torch bleeder tool. No more rummaging through the junk drawer to find a paper clip. Pick one up today and get your prized torch lighters working great ASAP.

Measures 5.5” Long.