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Victor Sinclair Serie '55' Imperial Habano Torpedo

Torpedo (6.5"x56)

Box of 20

Pure premium goodness is the name of the game.

Ok, let's be honest, Victor Sinclair undeniably creates the hottest, most affordable, cigars in the business. Here at CI, we have a difficult time keeping these popular brands in stock. With that being said, we challenged Jose Dominguez, to create an uber-premium blend that we could still deliver to the masses at a great price. And boy did he deliver. While all of his blends thus far have been solid, this one takes things up a notch and catapults the brand into the big leagues. Dare I say, this one belongs on your top ten list? Maybe so! One little taste and you’ll swiftly agree.

VS 55 Imperial Habano delivers some serious flavor. Each one is packed to the gills with notes of espresso, oak, leather, earth, and sweet cream. It’s well balanced and complex, thanks to the blend of tobacco leaves from the best growing regions within five unique countries and have been patiently aged for five long years. This is one Habano-wrapped lovely that’s sure to please.