Daniel Marshall Gold Torpedo 2012 Cigars

Daniel Marshall Gold Torpedo 2012

Torpedo (6.2"x54)


You’ve got a golden ticket!

Ok, simply put....this cigar ain't cheap. Why’s that, you say? Because Daniel Marshall DM2 Gold Torpedos come wrapped in up to 25 individual 24 karat gold leaves from Italy’s premier gold supplier. No kidding. It's physically encased in a layer of GOLD!

Daniel Marshall cigars are coveted by everyone, from A-list celebrities to sports stars to just regular old connoisseurs of the leaf. Originally made famous by his ridiculously high-end humidors, Mr. Marshall branched out into the world of premium cigars and teamed up with Manuel Quesada and the Plasencia factory to create this masterpiece. Besides just being eye-catching, this handmade boasts real substance, including a 5-year-aged Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and a well-chosen mix of Nicaraguan long-leaf filler from Jalapa. It comes in a 6.2”x54 figurado shape, and oh yeah, there’s that gold you get to burn. Since gold combusts at higher temperature than tobacco leaves, you don’t have to worry for one second about lighting it up. Plus, you can even keep the gold ash when you’re finished and show it off to your friends. It’s better than a trip to the chocolate factory, and that’s saying a lot.