CI Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels Churchill (7.0"x50) Pack of 40

CI Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels Churchill

Churchill (7.0"x50)

Pack of 40

It’s true, too many cooks do indeed spoil the soup. So we whipped up a batch solo, and this simmerin’ pot’s about to boil over. Consider: all long-filler, USA Connecticut-wrapped Torpedos and Churchills for just under $1.75 apiece. Straight from one of industry’s most renowned factories to your doorstep with just a quick stopover at CI in the middle. Call it factory fresh, call it farm to table, call it like it is: one damn good deal. High-quality, mellow to medium-bodied beauties loaded with rich n’ creamy flavors for pennies on the dollar. They’re good, that’s a promise. If they weren’t we’d put someone else’s name on ‘em.