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Alec Bradley Superstition Torpedo (6.1"x54) Pack of 5

Alec Bradley Superstition Torpedo

Torpedo (6.1"x54)

Pack of 5

The Writing’s on the Wall

Talk to a manufacturer or tobacco grower in our industry and they’ll tell be sure to tell you about their one “hidden secret.” The secret sauce in their formula that no one else has. Maybe it’s the way they transplant their tobacco to the fields, maybe it’s a special soil, or an aging technique, or the quality of canvas they use to wrap bales of tobacco… whatever it is, everyone in our industry is a little superstitious. 

But when you use great tobacco and quality techniques, you don’t need any tricks or secrets — you just make fine cigars day in and day out. Case in point? Alec Bradley Superstition, today’s specimen of attention. Highly-complex and uber-enjoyable, each AB Superstition included Cuban-seed long-filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the DR underneath a beautifully oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper leaf. Light it up and you’ll find loads of espresso, leather, roasted nuts, and a bit of spice on the finish.