ACID Cigars by Drew Estate Blondie Maduro (Petite Corona) (4.0"x38) Pack of 5

ACID Cigars by Drew Estate Blondie Maduro

Petite Corona (4.0"x38)

Pack of 5

Blondies have more fun! 

ACID Cigars are #1 with a bullet when we're talking about the best infused cigars on the market. That's not even a question. And there's one line within the ACID brand that reigns supreme over them all — Blondie. Originally offered in a 4" x 38 Sumatra wrapped version, Blondie has spawned tons of sequels and spin-offs, each just as delicious as the last. Featured below is the entire Blondie line. Each vitola in this chart-topping brand is handcrafted, and spends time in Drew Estate's aromatic rooms where over 150 essential oils and botanicals slowly influences the flavor of the final blend. 

ACID Blondie Maduro: small maduro wrapped powerhouse; slightly sweet