601 Cigars

601 Cigars

Erik Espinosa’s crowning achievement

601 Cigars are a beautiful collection of boutique blends from Erik Espinosa. Handmade at the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, each one of these blends features choice long-filler tobaccos and a complex bevy of potent flavors. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. The 601 Blue Label is a 93-rated box-pressed maduro that’s a fantastic selection for those who love their cigars full-bodied and full-flavored. Turning the dial down just slightly, you’ll find 601 Green Oscuro. This cigar received a healthy 90-rating, and features a long, toasty aftertaste. Shop all of 601’s fantastic releases right here at Cigars International.


601 Blue Label Maduro Cigars

601 Blue Label Maduro

As low as $35.55
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601 Green Oscuro Cigars

601 Green Oscuro

As low as $36.95
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601 La Bomba Cigars

601 La Bomba

As low as $38.50
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601 Red Habano Cigars

601 Red Habano

As low as $34.50
5 Options
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601 Snakebite Cigars

601 Snakebite

As low as $19.99
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601 Steel Cigars

601 Steel

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