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Torano Casa Torano

Tame, smooth, and exploding with flavor.

If you’ve ever been to a Torano rolling event, surely you’ve burned one or two of the fresh-rolled cigars they’re handing out. Every rolling event, they roll the same cigar. An unbanded, unnamed, mellow to medium-bodied Honduran dream that could not be purchased…until now. You see, that cigar you enjoyed is a private ‘house blend’, originally created for the sole purpose of being handed out at events. But, due to consistently high accolades mixed with a steadily growing demand, the Torano family felt it was time to release this blend to the public.

Enter Casa Torano – the Torano family’s house blend. Comprised of choice Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers wrapped in a golden-brown Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut shade wrapper, this Honduran treat is sure to get your taste buds going. The extremely complex blend features a variety of flavors: subtle spice, creamy sweetness, a peppery earthiness – in a nutshell, it takes your palate for a ride. Full of flavors that satisfy the boldest of palates, yet ‘soft’ enough to be enjoyed for breakfast. There’s no need to wait for Carlos to come back to town – just pick up a box today!

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Churchill (7.0"x48)
Box of 25 In Stock $192.25
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Churchill (7.0"x48)
Pack of 5 In Stock $26.50
Corona (6.5"x46)
Pack of 5 In Stock $24.00
Robusto (4.7"x52)
Box of 25 In Stock $182.25
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Robusto (4.7"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $25.00
Toro (6.1"x50)
Box of 25 Backordered $189.75
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Toro (6.1"x50)
Pack of 5 Only 2 Left $26.00
Torpedo (6.5"x54)
Box of 25 In Stock $207.25
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Torpedo (6.5"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $28.50
Overall Rating 4.41 out of 5 Based on 27 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Torano Casa Torano”

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5 out of 5
Good Smoke
This one of the best cameroons I've ever smoked. Smooth, flavorful, no harshness. Let them humidify. I recommend trying them.
4 out of 5
New To Cigars
I am just getting into Cigars so I don't have too much to compare to. I must admit this was a great stick to start with as it was smooth and enjoyable each and every time. I will be ordering another Box so that I always have some in my travel case and at home humidor.
5 out of 5
Nice cigar
One of my favorites. Nice mild to strong smoke.
5 out of 5
Great mild cigar at a great price!
A cigar that never disappoints. At this price this is my go to cigar
5 out of 5
Nice cigar
Nice cigar, average, satisfied
2 out of 5
Corona Tubos
Cigars I received were moldy. I should have sent them back. Next time I’ll get the robusto. Those are always good
4 out of 5
nice little cigar
it's a nice little cigar, i isn't an all day-er. it's a torano which most of them are good cigars. for me, there's a taste that I like in cigars and this cigar has it a liitle,but to each his own when it comes to the taste aspect!!!!!!
5 out of 5
I’m a beginning smoker so I don’t have a lot of comparison, but I think it’s a great stick.
5 out of 5
Casa Torano Favorite
My recent order of Torano Casa Torano Churchill cigars were excellent. I have been a long time customer from CI and am happy to know that I seem able to get my favorite blend and style any time.. Thanks
4 out of 5
Great with coffee
This has been my go-to morning cigar for years. Nice creamy core goes well with a cup of joe, and although it has a lot of flavor the strength is mild-medium so it's good for the first smoke of the day.
1 out of 5
Dissapointing :-(
Very dissapointed in these cigars.Out of the 12 I have smoked, maybe 2 or 3 have been enjoyable. They all seem to burn differently and only the 2 or 3 have not had an unpleasant flavor. Will not order these again :-(
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Have smoked these for a couple of years now and I find them to smoke better, burn better and taste better then some of the more expensive brands that cost 2 and 3 times as much. I think its an excellent cigar
5 out of 5
Fantastic smooth Connecticut
One of the Best mild Connecticut cigars I've ever smoked. Highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Smooth taste, nice burn
I am a casual cigar smoker and prefer milder cigars. This is one of my absolute favorites and it is a great value!
4 out of 5
A fine smoke - heavy for newbies, but a great experience!
This cigar is nice and firm in hand, and is accompanied by a nice draw. The smoke is present and full like its flavor. It sports a complex earthy and peppery presence on my palate, a very warm burn for the throat, as well as a nice burn for the nose. The aroma is full of sweet notes, yet my olfactory senses still pick up the pepper this puppy is packing. Twenty minutes into the cigar, and the flavors are consistent, but the warmth grows. It has a nice Connecticut shade wrapper; some parts of the seam and veins are visible, but the cigar smokes evenly and forms a wonderful ash. Bystanders in the room say the aroma is rather stinky, but as the smoker my experience is quite nice. About 30 minutes in, I have reached the halfway point of the cigar and I sense more sweetness. I will conclude my review with more notes of pleasure and an overall thumbs-up. I look forward to the nub.
5 out of 5
Casa Torano
I am a big fan of many of the Torano cigars and especially this one. I think it's a great everyday cigar. It's a well-priced, well constructed, flavorful mild-medium smoke and it has never let me down. Give it a try!
5 out of 5
Very smooth cigar!
Great smoke and good burn!
5 out of 5
Casa Torano
Very pleasant smoke, one of my favorites
5 out of 5
Smooth & mellow
I would add carmel to the list of flavors already mentioned in CI's write up with a medium length finish. Smooth and mellow from flash-up right down to lip burn. Super service from CI staff.
5 out of 5
My Favorite
These have been my favorite cigars for the last 5 years. Very smooth and flavorful !
4 out of 5
Torano "Casa Torano"
Usually, the first thing I do with cigars I have ordered is put them in my humidor. When I opened the box of Casa Torano Toros I noticed the rich, full aroma. When I handled the cigars they had a firm yet fresh touch. That is when I decided to smoke one right out of the box. Man, that was a good decision. It is an excellent cigar with a smooth draw that stays cool all the way down. I shared several with my friends over the weekend and received many compliments on my choice of cigars. The balance of the box now resides in my humidor. It will be interesting to see how much a couple of weeks there will enhance this already fine cigar. I rate the Torano Casa Torano Toro as 4.5 stars
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great draw,perfect smoke when you don't have a lot of time as it burns quick with good ash,one of my favorites!
5 out of 5
Fast shipping and fresh.
2 out of 5
Very bad box of casa torano
Comparing to privies orders of casa Torino this box was vary bad ,hard to smoke ,wrapper braking two stars only
4 out of 5
CO From Knowlton NJ
Very smooth and consistent smoke. Easy draw and lots of smoke very enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Must get
Love this cigar it's my personal favorite.
5 out of 5
Torano Casa Torano Torpedo my Favorite Choice from CI
I have had to travel some distance in the past to obtain my favorite cigar. The Casa Torano Torpedo meets all my needs for a smooth and excellent smoke. I am very pleased to be able to obtain this item through CI.
Customer Testimonials
This Cigar is pleasant in taste and has a pleasant fragrance, but I think that I like the maduro much better. Why, because it has a more robust flavor and I love the aroma.
I smoke a Cu-Avana natural most of the time as an everyday smoke, but I keep at least 10 Torano Casa Torano's in my humidor for special occasions. It's a very nice, mild, and solid premium smoke. In fact, you like a Fonseca 5-50 as I do, you will love the Torano Casa Torano Robusto even more. Consistent from start to finish, all the way down to the nub.
What a great "morning" cigar. Along with a cup of coffee to start your day, this cigar, a mild-medium, is perfect to start your day. Loose draw for an effortless smoke, and full of easy going flavor.
I would not characterize this as a mild-medium. More of a medium to full. Very nice, earthy taste and aroma. Very similar, to my pallet, to a Ramon Bueso Genesis.
Every bit as good as advertised. Lots of flavor for a milder stick-- These will have a regular place in my humidor as long as they continue to be available!
My favorite cigar - period. The flavor is ample, the spice is perfect, and I have not had a better cigar that didn't cost me my first born child!
This is hands down my favorite Torano cigar. Very easy, but full of flavor with a lingering sweet aftertaste.
Picked this up in a sampler in robusto. Looked online and saw that it was a mild-medium and figured I would smoke this as I was waiting for my hygrometer to calibrate. Felt very heavy, but was the perfect draw. I lit it very poorly, but the cigar quickly corrected itself to a razor sharp burn. First few puffs had little flavor, but all of the sudden BAM! Spice, nuts, and earthyness that quickly took over my mouth. I was amazed by the fact that this cigar was so flavorful for a mild-medium. This is a must try for anyone who usually smokes medium or medium-full. Might even stock my new humidor with a few of these.
This is a nice medium/mild smoke with satisfaction from first draw to the last. I'm not much of a word-smith when it comes to describing flavors so I'll let others attempt that. But I would recommend this brand and especially this stick to just about anyone. I'd compare it to the Graycliff G2 or perhaps Gurkha Champagne series but this one has a much more grown up personality. I'd give it a solid 7 out of 10 rating.
These smokes are awesome! Tried these as I first started out and i'm hooked. These are a must for any humidor and any occasion!!
I like this cigar. Mild, nutty, no pepper or spice and great cigar for a newbie. Reminds me of a Don Diego in flavor and very mild. No harsh, grassy hay aftertaste. Suggest this one to the new cigar smoker or lady friend who loves a mild blend. Its a keeper.
Great flavor in a mild cigar. Very relaxing, consistent and well made. Burns great, nice draw and smells nice. Not just a morning cigar, but nice to smoke anytime. This cigar will not knock you out, but gives pleasure in smoking.
Picked one up at a local B&M shop. One of the most flavorful cigars I've ever smoked. Was surprised to see this is rated mild. It was very smooth, hint of spice, very good construction, nice burn. I will def order some from CI. Must have more.
Good burn, flavor its ok for mild cigar nice ash well made vitola draw smoth and cool to the nub, burn one after three days in the humi. Not the best but have 9 more to go will let set in the humi for some time hope they get better as much been said about this cigars. Will say average since other mild cigars with fuller flavor out there. Got them on a Joe's Jam so gave a try.
Casa Toraño Connecticut Churchill is a great mild smoke. Macanudo Crystal Cafe is my standard, but this was a great, flavorful smoke to give Macanudo a run for their money. I tend to buy samplers for variety, but I'd consider a box of these.
Great cigar, just cracked open a new box. mild and smooth, used to smoke macanudo but a friend suggested Carlos Tarano and now I am hooked. Thanks CI
This wasnt my favorite (Carlos Torano Casa Torano), id give it maybe a 80 , 81 maybe , very young tasting. More spice than i thought. 5 Vegas gold kills this smoke at a better price. I mainly smoke full body cigars, Camacho, Patel-edge etc... but i do like a mild one now and then. ive smoked 4 of these from a 5 pack, 6 months humi time did not round this out. still too green tasting with hay and leaves. not much cream to speak of. i have to be honest, after halfway in, i said to myself ,"why am i still smokin this" lit up an Oliveros Bold to get the taste out of my mouth. now that was a cigar.
This is a great mild cigar with tons of flavor and spice. (Carlos Torano Casa Torano) It is well made with an easy draw. I'm half way through a box and haven't had a bad one yet. This is definitely my favorite cigar!
A nice, mild cigar; too mild for me, however. Even burn, firm ash, excellent draw. Very little to complain about and very reasonably priced. (Casa Torano) Just a wee bit too mild...
I need to purchase another large capacity humidor or maybe a bunch of smaller ones because I just keep making great discoveries with CI and I'm running out of space. This Casa Torano is the latest discovery to really 'grab me'. I purchased the toro 10 pack on a recent Joe's Daily Deal offering and now wish I would have grabbed several more at the time. Some cigars grow on you slowly and tend to be subtle........NOT the Casa Torano. It explodes onto the palate with a delicious combination of spice, nuts, anise, and cream. Definitely not a 'mild' cigar. All I can say is ...........awesome!!! Great construction and a real beauty to look at!! I'll be back for more!! Well done Carlos!!
i am smoking a Carlos Torano Casa Torano while i load cd's into my ipod. robusto size that came with the deal of the week Torano sampler. this is a mild cigar? i was afraid to smoke this thinking i would be wasting my time. wow!! what a surprise!!lots of flavor, lots of smooth spice, and i mean LOTS of spice. this is great. nice smooth draw. started to burn a bit crooked but has since evened out. i like to try lots of different cigars and this is a winner. enjoy one for yourself!!
CASA TORANO.....WOW! On my recent 60th birthday I got loads of cigars...Happy Birthday to me. This GEM was given to me with a 12 year bottle of single malt scotch. The birthday just got better. Wonderful cigar with and elegant presentation, great construction, smooth draw, mellow medium/mild strength never harsh clear down to the nub. I really enjoyed the exceptional rich flavor....LONG ASHES BOOYAH FOR THIS ONE.
The Casa Torano's were quite a surprise to me when I first tried them. They are very flavorful with a hint of creamy goodness which builds slowly until you have no choice but to surrender to this cigar which has just become your newest best friend! Great cigar from a great Company!
I couldn't get over how good the Casa Toranos were! Yes, they were mild in body, but they had a great flavor that evolved throughout the cigar, tasted fresh and clean, and smell great. One of My favorite cigars. (Toro and Churchill)
easily one of the top 5 cigars ive had, its awesome (Carlos Torano Casa Torano)
Bought a Casa Torano torpedo at the Bethlehem store on a recommendation from Kevin. OUTSTANDING! Smooth, creamy and mild. No bitter aftertaste. This is without a doubt one of the best cigars I have ever smoked !
One of my top 5 (Carlos Torano Casa Torano) . This is my go to mild/med cigar. It is smooth, creamy and most of all consistent. This cigar provides maximum value. Toro is my favorite.
I am not a big fan of mild cigars, but let me tell you this is one of the best cigars (Carlos Torano Casa Torano) I have had in some time. Very smooth and flavorable from start to finish.