Nicaraguan Ligero-Laced 2nds Cigars
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Nicaraguan Ligero-Laced 2nds

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Ligero-laced lovelies for pennies.

Here comes another dazzler for display in the seconds showcase. Enter Nicaraguan Ligero-Laced 2nds. Packed to the brim with extensively aged ligeros, these bad boys bring bold refined flavor in spades. Unfortunately, I can't spill the beans as to what exact cigars are at hand, but what I can tell you is these ligero-laced handmades are super legit.

Hailing from one of Nicaragua's most respected factories, each cigar comes jam-packed with layer after layer of potent ligeros. Normally these would set you back some serious coin, but at these prices you can fill the humidor to the top. Have at it.

Liga ‘H’ – Full-bodied Habano. Notes of oak, spices, leather, and cocoa.
Liga ‘F’ – Extra-full-bodied Habano. Deep flavors of spice, earth, leather, and coffee. Complex and extremely robust.
Liga ‘M’ – Full-bodied Maduro. Dark and strong, complete with notes of natural sweetness, earth, dark chocolate, and spices.
Liga ‘D’ – Medium-bodied Habano. Notes of coffee and rich tobacco complemented by a slight hint of pepper and sweet undertones of the finish.
Liga 'CF' - Full-bodied flavor profile Habano. Notes of leather and spice.

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Best 2nd cigar out there bar none! There is a reason they sell out so fast.
WV of Huntley, IL
I just bought the Nicaraguan Ligero-Laced 2nds. I can't believe I bought them for the low price I did. No wonder they sell out so fast. Excellent cigars. Wonderful blend, draw, and taste.
EF of Pembroke Pines, FL
Good value. Good kick. Runs hot. Sometimes tough draw.
Can't believe these are "2nds." These were my second go- around with "2nds" and I can honestly say there is nothing 2nd best about them. Nice even burn the whole time, good flavor with a really nice amount of smoke. So good I bought 2 more bundles, these are definitely going to be regulars in my humidor.
A great deal, great cigars, and thank you CI!
GR of Inglewood, CA
Great cigar, smooth with great burn. Want more but they are sold out, you try these, and you'll quit paying $8.00 or more for smokes. WOW.
LW of cedar park, TX
Very good...wish I would have ordered more...8 on a scale of 1-10.
JD of Mesa, AZ
Wish I had bought more when the gettin' was good but I could hardly fit the last bunch in my new fourth humidor! I bought one of each liga but missed getting the medium strength. I am guessing they won't be around again any too soon. There are still a few robustos left (as of 10/25/14) and I am seriously thinking of buying a fifth humidor!
Near perfect construction, burn and consistency w/ a very tasty and fairly complex 'ligero-laced' flavor for around $2. Does it get much better? I think not!
JK of philadelphia, PA
The Liga H Double Toro is absolutely one of the best deals on CI. I'm not sure what makes these 2nds and to be honest I don't care. All I know is this cigar is pretty flawless in respect to draw construction and flavor. Keep them in your box for as long as you can...they get so much better with age but then again they're not bad right off the truck either. Truly wonderful smoke!
Some of the best smokes I've ever had...nice rich consistent flavors: Mocha, full-bodied, hint of rich spice. Perfect burn and white ash for every smoke. I wish I could get these cigars again....
AH of Las Vegas, NV
First one was great, and each one after got even better...
This was not my favorite. They were very mild and a bit too tightly rolled.
Wow! I ordered the Nicaraguan 90plus 2nds, but got a bundle of these---I think it's the Maduro. Anyway, be forewarned---these are KICK-ASS POTENT! Not for the guy like me who likes a medium-robust cigar. I smoke a cigar a day, and I tried these---but no way I can handle one day. Not me---maybe once a week. Got that "tickle" in my throat after a few days. If you are looking for a potent, uber-robust cigar, this is it. But I can't handle it.
....I love the cigar, always purchase when available. Hope they are available again soon.
Well worth the money. I bought type D. Thought it would be a bust. I've smoked some of the best and these are up there. A complete steal. Enjoy.
AB of farmingdale, NY
Don't buy these cigars. They are terrible. That way maybe I can get them.
Thought I would need to let these rest in humi for a while but where so good it didnt last 2 weeks before they were gone. Time to reorder.
DW of Mulvane, KS
Good cigars. No complaints at all.
Nice. Think premium Dominican with more flavor. I will order more of these.
JF of Spring, TX
Very good smoke for the money.
DL of Jacksonville, NC
Wow! Liga 'H' Double Toro. Great smoke, nice even burn from start to finish, nothing second about them. Can't wait to try the other bundles.
If you want to pay $100+ for a box of cigars so you can say you didn't buy seconds, be my guest. It just means these beauts will still be available for me! Values like these are why I love CI!!
RL of Loxley, AL
these are very good for the price
Hip Hip HooooooRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!! These babies are BAAAACK ! And life is good once again... The H, F and M are out of this world good ! every bit as good as the 1st's. These aint two'st, they're GREAAAT !
LF of Mesa, AZ
I always have a bundle of these in my humidor. Outstanding value!
It's too bad they go "Out of Stock" on these. Ligero-Laced 2nd s are a well made true change of pace. They taste sour, not bitter and are consistent from one to the other.
This was my go to stick. I ordered 6 bundles of the liga D when I noticed others were out of stock. This is after 8 to 10 bundles over the past 6 months or so. I may have had 3 bad ones in all. I do not think that there is a comparable smoke even close in this price range. I went to order more today and they were all out of stock. I may take a break for now. I believe the saying about if you love something you must let it go, and if it returns it was meant to be.
BC of Louisville, KY
Now this I like! Perfect draw & burn. Very rich flavor with out being over powering. At under $2.00 a real winner! Thanks again CI.
CD of Bristol, CT
Got these probably about 9 months ago, smoked one when I first got it, the wrapper was a bit beat up and the foot was a bit messy, didn't pay too much attention to this seeing as it was a second. Smoked it and thought "dang, what a waste, good thing I didn't pay too much for this." Put them in the bottom of my humi' and left them there until a couple days ago. Spotted one while pondering what to smoke one day and thought, "eh, what the hell." Lit it up and boy my initial impression wrong! Great, deep flavor. These are some good sticks, let them sit in your humi a while before you try them, you won't be dissapointed.
WM of Flint, MI
These were a surprise! I expected something quite less than what arrived. Really good, smooth, even burning smoke. Very good flavor and the aroma is what I would have expected from a much more expensive cigar. These cigars impressed me so much, I plan to put them on the auto-ship so I can get them more frequently.
PJ of Fountain, CO
A pretty decent everyday smoke. Lots of spice upfront and medium to full strength. Honestly, my biggest mistake was smoking these right away. Let them sit for a couple of months.
Good bang for your buck cigar. Has a changing flavor profile on a med- full body smoke. It has a hard feel to it but so far the draw is good. The burn can be somewhat uneven but if you turn the slow side down, it catches up nicely. You won't get any complaints about the aroma from this stogie. It's quite pleasant! Overall...a great value in a very good cigar. I've bought 4 bundles and would buy more if still available.
RL of Hickory, NC
Received my Liga 'H' robustos in the mail on Friday, just in time to enjoy them on a weekend getaway. Great price for a great quality cigar. Fifteen for less than $30? These smoke like $6 sticks! I might have to come back for more of these in the future. Until then, I'm on a quest to try all that I can from CI!
These cigars are horrible, so stop buying them. I will buy them all and punish myself with them so you don't have to. (wink, wink)
Good smoke. Well constructed. Slightly harsh.
My precious!!! Yesssss!! We wants them!!!
JD of wildwood, NJ
I've been a fan of the originals since their release a few years ago. Knowing this, a friend of mine gave me the Liga D No. 4 and the Liga F Robusto. I smoked both, back to back and I was hooked. I called up CI and ordered 5 bundles (2 of the Liga D sizes and one of the F, the M and the H)...under $140 for 75 cigars.
JB of Orange Park, FL
I bought some of the F and M series torpedoes three months ago. I smoked a couple of each and found them a bit unruly, so I gave them a three month time out in the naughty humidor. I took one out today and torched it, what a difference the timeout made. Incredible full bodied bliss. Yeah, I'd say these things are on par with the Man O War. Very happy I bought a bunch to lay down for a while. Buy a bundle, give 'em some time and you'll be rewarded for your patience.
Strong, great ash, beautiful construction, delicious. A must try for every full body smoker.
I was looking for a good inexpensive cigar. I finally found it! I keep my humidor stocked with these gems.
Big beauties! Taste great, made solidly. It's hard to tell why they are seconds. Nice wrappers which glisten with oils. They burn well with plenty of rich, nutty smoke. CI is the best!
RM of Hollister, CA
These cigars are GREAT! Taste, construction and burn is the best. Thanks CI
RB of Middletown, OH
I bought a pack of 15 coronas (Liga D). Smoked one right from the package. The stick looked good with nothing that I would consider a flaw. I punched a hole in the cap and took a couple of pulls before lighting - nice flavor with a hint of sweetness. The stick was well constructed and burned evenly from start to finish with all ashes 1" or better. The draw was easy all the way through. The flavor was a good one - wood, nutty, smooth - and stayed consistent for the whole smoke. Even though the draw was very easy, the inhale was not hot until the last 1.5" at which point I tossed it. To summarize, it was an enjoyable and quality smoke with little maintenance - only one re-light. I would buy again.
The M is My favorite of this series. Closer to the full bodied end but very smooth. Zero harshness throughout with strong chocolate notes in first 3rd. Even for a "second" the construction is outstanding. Ive noticed a few very small wrapper nicks here and there which I assume warranted the cut from a first run but in no way did they effect anything. Perfect draw and burn with tons of smoke. Bright white ash that held strong almost the entire first half of the robusto. At $2 a stick its a steal.
FE of ladue, MO
Even though they are 2nds, these cigars quickly became a go to favorite. They have a perfect draw and just the right amount of spice. I suggest you give these inexpensive smokes a try. Just make sure you have the time to devote to beauties.
Smoked the Liga 'F' Robusto. Just like Cain 'F'. Very good, full flavored Habano smoke. Plan to buy several more bundles and store them in my cedar box for aging.
Nicaraguan Ligero Laced 2nds - Liga "M" Robusto - One word, AWESOME. Research (to include smoking many of these) convinces me these are cosmetic outcasts from a very popular, high-end, top shelf label. 2nds? Really? I was blown away. These are a no-brainer for the budget-minded BOTL. Like full bodied Maduros? Hit these! Everything about them is perfect. Construction, burn, flavor profile. Buy - Enjoy - Repeat (often). Do some homework and you'll determine what these are. I just hope that once the "secret" is revealed these won't disappear. This offer (and the entire Ligero Laced 2nd family) proves that CI continues to amaze.
An outstanding medium/full bodied smoke at a fabulous bargain price! Gave a couple to a friend of mine the other day, and after they had smoked one, they handed me a $20 bill and asked if that would be enough to cover the two sticks. When I told them I paid a little over $2 per stick, they rushed out and ordered their own. Should have not told them and kept the $20 for my own re-order!
I bought a bundle of the M-torpedos back about 7 months ago, The first few were just OK so I put the rest to bed for some humi hibernation. Today I decided to grab one, head out to the patio and see how they smoke now. They have improved greatly and really deliver on the flavors listed in the description. Very nice burn too with no corrections needed. Looking back at the price I paid for these sticks I will definitely get some more - just give them some rest and you will have a rich, tasty smoke for not a lot of scratch.
I've smoked quite a bit of cigars since I'm 80 yeas old. And I can tell a good cigar when I first torch it up. This cigar is by far one of the best flavorful and satisfying smokes I have had in a long time. I just had a Man O war Ruination.... does not compare to the Ligero. This is a cigar I will continue to stock up on. If you like a full flavor and pepper taste, get some of these.
Got a couple of bundles of the Liga "F" Robustos and I was surprised and impressed by this stick. Tucked them away in the humidor for some rest, but I had to try one right off the truck. The construction was flawless, with an easy cut and light, a perfect draw, and a strong ash. Smooth flavors with lots of pepper in the retro-hale. The strength built up right to the end. This cigar is an absolutely amazing value!
JQ of Xenia, OH
Yeah right...seconds my @$$. There is nothing second about these babies. Earthy and spicy with some great wood components. Great construction, high quality wrappers, wonderful burn with a nice solid ash. I am a Diesel and Man O' War fan, and these are in the same league. I'll be keeping some of these around at all times. A great ligero cigar.
BM of Perryville, MO
Holy crap! I just lit up the first of the Liga F Torpedos and man oh man I'm impressed! I've been buying low priced bundles claiming to resemble top shelf cigars for years, but this is hands down the winner. It's very strong; you feel it in your belly from the first puff. The flavor profile is complex and thoroughly good (usually I'm pleased enough that there's a flavor profile at all with low priced cigars). Easy draw, billows of smoke, even burn, prominent peppery tang but it's somehow gentle, very subtle leathery quality, sweetish but not excessively. And this is right from the box, no humidor time. Awesome!
JB of Belchertown, MA
Wow, these cheap bundles are never any good it seems. Well, I stand corrected. The Ligero-Laced 2nds are in fact VERY good. I got a bundle of the Liga H torpedoes and was impressed with the smooth flavor. I will be getting another bundle when I run out for sure.
BL of Fontana, CA
I was intrigued so I researched, took the plunge and bought a pack of the double toro "M" series. Wow- really a great smoke...I can make one last the whole round on the golf course and will love every minute of it. Great cigar, let alone for the price... Will be trying all of the varieties...I cannot recommend highly enough... Thanks Cigars International!
LM of Redondo Beach, CA
just got the liga "d" 4 today from the brown truck (fast shipping) today, not a bad smoke burned perfect smoked even better! Was hoping for a stronger stick its cold in central NY but great none the less. For any one who lives in a cold climate check em' out you won't be sorry. GOTTA LOVE CI!
LH of Oneida, NY
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to stoop as low as a second cigar. For the longest time, I've purchased samplers off Cigars International for great deals on name brands. But, being the cheap-o that I am, I decided to buy a pack of the Liga "m" seconds. When they arrived, I had to try one right out of the box. At first light, they aren't particularly memorable or robust, but they're good. After an hour-plus run time and a great burn (no touch ups on the five that I've had), I was impressed. With shipping, I got these for $2 per stick and they're worth it for the once-a-day cigar smoker. Pick up a pack, let 'em sit in the humidor for a couple of weeks, and you won't know you are smoking a second!
CS of West Chester, OH
The Ligero Laced 'D' coronas are just as good as the firsts! A certain NASCAR famed city in FL cigars are the perfect match. Velvety wrapper, oak, cedar and smooth tobacco flavors are silky on the palate. These are definitely a steal at this price. Will most certainly buy more in the future.
GR of Sterling, VA