Macanudo Cafe Court Tins (Cigarillos)
  • Macanudo Cafe Court Tins (Cigarillos)
  • Macanudo Cafe Court Tins (Cigarillos)
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Macanudo Cafe Court Tins (Cigarillos)

Ask any Tom, Dick, or Harry what his favorite brand of cigar is, and chances are he’ll blurt out, “Macanudo” before you can even finish asking the question. Sure, there are fancier, more limited edition, and more snob-approved cigars out there on the market. Sure, it’s unlikely to impress Mr. Snooty Pants. But when it comes to consistently subtle and pleasant offerings with exceptional pricing, Macanudo is just what the doctor ordered. And with a wide variety of sizes from Ascot cigarillos to Gigante gordos, there's a Macanudo to please the masses. Plus, my prices are unbeatable, so daily enjoyment is practically a prerequisite.

Well-constructed using Dominican and Mexican filler and Connecticut shade wrappers, Macanudo handmades have built up a fine reputation for quality, which is part of what makes them so damn popular. These are the top-selling cigars in the world, and it’s hard to argue with a statistic like that. Take a chance, light one up, and see for yourself why these Macs are where it’s at.

Macanudo Cafe has earned a well-deserved 90-point rating, noting: "Full of bright and zesty tobacco, this lonsdale offers plenty of earthiness and nutty notes as well."

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Court Tins
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