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Who is one of the largest tobacco growers in the world for over 80 years? The original grower and creator of Habano Ecuador wrappers? The tobacco supplier for ultra-premium handmades like Davidoff, Ashton VSG, Montecristo, and many more? The answer to this riddle is probably one you don’t yet know, but one you should, and one you soon will. The answer: Oliva Tobacco Company. At hand is an impressive new boutique brand, crafted only with the top 1% of all their tobaccos. These tobaccos were secured exclusively by one of Nicaragua's top factories, and Latitude Zero was born.

​Latitude Zero takes its name from Ecuador, an homage to their supplier Oliva Tobacco Company’s major growing area and the origin of the gorgeous wrapper leaf gracing their new premium brand. A R13E grade (Angel’s Cut) Habano Ecuador wrapper from 2011 that’s easily the finest I’ve ever seen. Inside, a bold cocktail of vintage 2010, Nicaraguan long-fillers all from a farm in Esteli dubbed ‘The Jewel.’ This combination promotes a powerful, heady profile that’s layered with complex nuances of nuts, pepper, oak, cream, and caramel. Elegant, extremely well-balanced, and brimming with flavor, Latitude Zero showcases the difference that truly premium tobacco makes.

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Bought a five pack because of a review by kohnhed and after letting it marinate in the humidor for a couple months, decided to check them out. I've got the torpedo version and it's "Full speed ahead!" tasty. There's a pleasant sweetness to this stick, well constructed and it stays lit. With the additional $20 bucks off for a box, I just had to purchase one. Way to go CI. The only thing I wish is the next time you have a special, let me know. I found out about this through sheer luck!
Definitely not a smooth cigar. Very peppery and spicey to the point of overwhelming to me. I would not recommend this cigar to anyone less than full flavor preference. I tend to lean the wards full flavor. I will let them rest 6 months or so and see what they bring then.
RC of waupun, WI
I have to say after all the hype I thought it would be a better cigar. I just received these Robustos and decided to try one. I was not very impressed. That cigar I had tasted like it had a bite through the whole thing and it ran uncontrollably; the burn was terrible. I'll try the Experimentals with hopes that they are better. I would not recommend these at this price.
I bought some of these on a whim....These vitolas are flavorful with a creamy aftertaste. Consistent burn and flavor throughout, and very well made. Not a complex smoke, which is okay with me. It's definitely one you can sit back and enjoy with a Scotch and thoroughly enjoy the next 90 mins. I've bought two boxes since my first five pack was smoked too fast. It's brother, the Experimental, is another great smoke, but a little fuller with a more earthy taste. You definitely can't go wrong with these sticks. Obviously, they both are a permanent part of my collection. Congrats OTC.... Definitely a winner! And thanks CI for stocking them.
CH of Fredericksburg, VA
WOW! is right, nice tight burn, superb flavor, and a tasty toothy wrapper. Must mention the nice mellow tobacco buzz. WOW! I will be smoking more.
JW of Daphne, AL
I bought a box of these because I like Habano wrapped and Nicaragua filler cigars and because of C.I.'s description of them. Also, they are pretty reasonably priced. I smoked a couple shortly after receiving them and thought they were ok but nothing really special. Another cigar with a fancy box and over-the-top band, right? However, after resting in one of my humidors for more than three months these once "ok" cigars have transformed into a very flavorful, smooth, and complex smoking experience. Huh, everything C.I.'s description said they are! I guess it just goes to show you that you shouldn't be too quick to judge something. I'm looking forward to enjoying Latitude Zero as long as they make them. Thanks, C.I. for turning me on to them. You're the best!!!
TS of Elkhart, IN
Got a 5er of the Toro Gordo Latitude Zeros and let one acclimate in the humi for a week or so before I smoked it. Started out medium with a creamy texture and a nice sweet but not too sweet finish. Wonderful flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco reminding me of a good Fuente. Cigar took all of 2 hours to get to the nub and I still didn't want it to end. Pepper came in midway through the 2nd third and built to a tangy ending. The next few will rest for a few months to see how they age but I'll definitely be getting a box.
WB of Hillsboro, OR
I was given one of these Latitude Zero cigars for my birthday and I must say that I was surprised at its quality. Many times, when you get a "gift" of a cigar that you don't recognize, it's not much, but this one is an exception. The nutty, creamy, caramel flavors were there, as advertised, the construction was dead on and the burn was perfect. The wrapper is a thing of beauty. For a cigar in its price range, it is remarkably good. I'm pretty sure that I'll get some for myself. Then, I'll be able to give a gift to someone that won't sit in their humidor for years on end.
I smoked the robusto vitola last night. It was an enjoyable cigar. The wrapper is so incredibly silky that I couldn't stop fondling the cigar. I'm not a guy that can pick out each individual flavor that comes across my palate but I did catch some nice flavors throughout the stick. I would say that this is a mild-medium bodied cigar with a mild-medium flavor profile. There is some black pepper around the half way point but definitely not a pepper bomb. I can't say that I was blown away by this stick but I can see keeping some in the humi. It's well worth the price of a 5-pack. I bought the sampler and got one of the experimental sticks as well but have not smoked it yet.
BD of Tomball, TX
I like this cigar, it is well balanced. You get the same flavor from beginning to end with nice tones, particularly in the fine Nicaraguan tobaccos, spice and wood tones. It had a nice burn most of the time which show good aging of the tobaccos as well as the cigar after it was made. Professional construction, definitely not the overrated bundle cigars with fancy labels. The label was to big for me but the overall cigar was a great smoke. I will recommend it to my friends.
YM of Tampa, FL
I was smoking the ‘zero latitude’ last night and I thought this cigar is okay but this is not like any Oliva cigar that I have had, which is a brand I enjoy. So I was curious. There is the “Oliva Cigar Company” which is apparently different from Oliva Tobacco Co. The family-owned Tabacalera Oliva Tabolisa, known in the United States as the “Oliva Cigar Co.”, traces its roots back to Melanio Oliva, who first began to produce tobacco in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in 1886. They make the cigars I like. The Oliva Tobacco Company is run by John E. Oliva, out of Tampa, FL. They are tobacco growers founded in Cuba during the 1920s. Not the same guys.
CB of Murfreesboro, TN
Beautiful packaging, great draw, great taste! The freebie experimentals may be even better.
Just received my first box of torpedoes. After smoking several these new cigars over the course of the weekend, I'll say one thing, WOW! This cigar is well constructed and packed with all the characteristics and flavors of fine, well aged tobaccos. Great burn and consistency. This cigar may just be my next go to stick. Thanks CI.
A nice cigar with an interesting combination of taste.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA

Latitude Zero

If there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s this: I have hair on my face and I sell cigars. Allow me to entertain you for just a few measly seconds about the mysterious cigar that is, Latitude Zero. 

Before I swan dive into this meticulously crafted blend by the Oliva cigar making family, I must speculate on the naming of this blend. As a matter of fact, I have a few alternatives that may tickle the fancies of the branding powers that be. Perhaps they would consider Equator Rare Aged? World’s Goal Line!? The Mason-Dixon Line of Planet Earth Limitada 2014!? Half Planet Habano!? Consider it, ya’ll.

Anyways, this heavily banded treat is densely packed with the finest of tobaccos and you can certainly feel it in the hand. While offered in several different sizes, I choose to review the Robusto size, a 5” by 52 ring gauge delicacy.

The wrapper is dark…well, at least the parts of the cigar you can actually see, as the globe-graphic band covers the entire middle third of the cigar, exposing only a small part of the head and foot respectively. Though it’s not a true maduro, it features a “burnt sienna” type color and has been given the enigmatic title of, “R13E Grade Angel’s Cut”. Apparently, this R13E Grade “Angel’s Cut” wrapper leaf is a Cuban-Seed tobacco grown in Ecuador and, according to whoever writes the product descriptions on our website, “the finest he’s ever seen”. Sounds fancy; let’s see how it tastes. Upon the lighting of this cigar, I immediately take in hints of nougat with a touch of Snickers bar. The Kit-Kat flavor hits the back of my palate and makes me wish I was pillaging for Halloween candy in my Ultimate Warrior costume once again.

But seriously, this thing starts off nice and immediately has my attention. There’s a slight black pepper accompanied by an incredible smoothness on the retrohale. Furthermore, the voluminous smoke I’m getting from the effortless draw is leaving a chocolatey aftertaste (I’m serious about that one). At this point, the cigar is holding a beautiful, white ash and is constructed perfectly. Suddenly, I garnished a brackish, papery taste and aroma that has me wondering, “How the hell did this cigar get so bad?” Much to my dismay, I remembered that I had failed to take off the four-inch long cigar band that covers most of the cigar. Indeed, I was smoking paper.

As I sheepishly remove the singed cigar band that I had smoked for a good quarter inch, the flavor of rich tobacco once again envelops my palate as I get hints of roasted almonds and, once again, a pleasant natural sweetness.  Strength-wise, the cigar toned down to, in my boastful opinion, a solid medium body. Moreover, there’s a distinct Cuban-esque character to this blend at the halfway point. The grand finale has surprisingly returned to the cigars’ original flavor, a pleasant, slightly warm pepperiness with a slight intensity in strength. Overall, however, I’d consider the Latitude Zero medium to full in body. Furthermore, I’d be hesitant to consider this cigar anything short of a great experience. 

Buy this cigar. Buy it in wholesome quantities. Considering the price point, the Latitude Zero is one of the best values on the market. Just take the band off the cigar before smoking. As you can read, I joke around a lot and take a fairly lighthearted approach to this great industry that has provided me happiness, relaxation and ultimately a respectable livelihood. That’s what this business is about: Relaxation, fellowship and, most importantly, fun. If someone tells you otherwise…it’s just a big bowl of wrong.

Expert advice for the day: Tell less jokes. I pity the fool that has to sit through and listen to someone’s droll, long-winded joke that has a lackluster punchline and, overall, is just plain unfunny. 10 minutes of your life you can’t get back is a serious problem. A common response I give to a bad joke teller is, “I had no idea your joke would be that revolting”. The jokes usually cease afterward. Seriously folks, stop with the jokes.