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Kentucky Cheroots

All American made cigarillos from a time-tested company and a fan favorite is a recipe for success. Avanti brings you Kentucky Cheroots, made of 100% USA grown tobaccos hailing from Tennessee and Kentucky these are bold and rugged-looking firecrackers that get the job done in great fashion. Coming in 10 packs of 4 in each, you’ll be stacked to the brim with tasty morsels ripe for the picking.  

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Overall Rating 4.56 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Kentucky Cheroots”

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5 out of 5
Great small cigar!!!
After they "rest" awhile in the humidor, these guys burn great, and taste great!! I will always have them in stock.
3 out of 5
Great flavor, stiff draw...
A really enjoyable smoke if you’re alright with an often stiff draw. I am.
5 out of 5
Best Cheroots made!!
Great taste. Virtually indestructible. American made. What’s not to love.
5 out of 5
Last's better then other Cheroot's
Very Nice smoke these are great for yard work or when your working on your car
5 out of 5
Great Little Cigar
Great little smoke, smooth taste burns evenly and very enjoyable. I'm a repeat buyer of this product and will continue to be! Definitely worth a try.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
Great price & Cigar taste
5 out of 5
great service and great price
Very pleased! Shipped within a day....
3 out of 5
The only problem I have has with this product is the length of time it took to get my cigars. I have other cigar companies I order from and they are consistently 2-3 three quicker on the delivery. This is to bad because I really enjoy these cigars and your company is the only one I can get them from.
5 out of 5
The best
These are delicious cigars, the hickory smoked tobacco is genius.
4 out of 5
Great Quick Smokes!
I was pleasantly surprised by these. Good smoky flavor with a hint of BBQ sauce. Smoke well whole, or can be cut in half. Both methods work well. Can be taken anywhere without the need for humidification. I will definitely keep these in my rotation for when time is short, or I just want something different.
5 out of 5
Great little smokes
My wife got a pack of these for me on a recent trip, almost as a gag gift. The true surprise was how much I enjoy one of these when time is short. Great smokes!
4 out of 5
Clint Eastwood favorite
Discovered these in Old Tombstone on a trip. Fell in love with the flavor right off. Very smooth lasted whIle we walked the town .
4 out of 5
These Kentucky Cheroots are satisfying, convenient, inexpensive and taste great. It's like eating beef jerky by a smoky camp fire while drinking strong and sweet coffee.
5 out of 5
Very Nice
nice smoooooth smoke. Just right after a day of work.
5 out of 5
Glad I found these
These are great smokes for work or drives across town. They are fairly lite with a nice natural woodsy flavor nothing added here. They can be clipped off and relit with no problem. As they are long leaf hand rolled be prepared for the occasional hard draw. I use a 2mm sharpened pin to pierce them when this happens. + no humidor worries while away ... can't beat'em.
5 out of 5
These things are legit. The wrapper is like a mix between tobacco and beef jerky (In a good way!). Great smoky flavor, and just a hint of natural sweetness in the wrapper. These have become my daily smoke. Seriously, give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
Customer Testimonials
These are the original "fire-cured" Italian cigars that Clint Eastwood made famous in his spaghetti western movies...I consider them the ultimate masculine smoke! The fire-curing reminds you of a crisp fall day and burning leaves, but sweeter and nuttier! You can't really compare them to regular cigars---they have a unique real tobacco flavor all their own. Best of all---they are made right here in America by a family owned company in PA, Avanti out of American grown tobacco! Avanti makes several versions, but I like the Kentucky Cheroots best of all because they seem milder, nuttier and sweet then their other brands....
I've been smoking these sticks for 20 years off and on. You might notice a slightly sweet, smokey fragrance out of the box. I snip them in half for a quick one and I like the look and feel. Like you snapped a twig off a tree and lit it up. You'll look just like Clint Eastwood with one protruding from your face, especially if you stop shaving and don a poncho! The smoke is voluminous, and the taste quite agreeable, especially for the price. I've watched them go from .95 cents apiece to over two bucks in my local shop so I'm glad to see them here at nearly the old price! I don't always smoke cheap cigars, but when I do I smoke Kentucky Cheroots!