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H. Upmann The Banker

This one comes straight from the vault.

Legend has it that Carl and Herman Upmann, a pair of ambitious German bankers, traveled to Cuba in 1844 with the intention of creating the perfect cigar. This top-secret blend was reserved solely for their most important (read: wealthiest) clients, and was locked in a vault to keep it away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, the bank burned down in the 20s, but luckily enough for you and me, attempts have been made to reintroduce this special concoction. That’s where H. Upmann The Banker comes into play.

Swathed in a super-dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and filled to the gills with vintage long-filler leaves from Nicaragua and the Dominican, this bold treat is worth writing home about. Spicy enough to keep you on your toes without overwhelming, the blend is medium in body with a distinctly creamy texture and features solid, earthy notes. It’s the perfect choice for your favorite hedge fund manager, or for anyone who appreciates a well-made, intensely satisfying Cuban-esque premium handmade with a bit of history behind it.

H. Upmann The Banker received a well-deserved 91-rating noting: "The wheaty and raisin-like aromas coming off the cold bouquet of the foot recur on the palate. The cigar also takes on cedary, herbal notes before a coffee finish."

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Arbitrage (Churchill) (7.0"x56)
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Arbitrage (Churchill) (7.0"x56)
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Basis Point #2 (Belicoso) (6.1"x54)
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Basis Point #2 (Belicoso) (6.1"x54)
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Currency (Robusto) (5.5"x48)
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Overall Rating 4.67 out of 5 Based on 21 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “H. Upmann The Banker”

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5 out of 5
Very smooth
Good burn well constructed
3 out of 5
Got this stick in a sampler.....and was disappointed as I was expecting more. The draw was decent with plenty of smoke, but the burn was uneven and the overall experience was kinda blah. For those who haven't tried it....get the Upmann by A.J. Fernandez ..... it blows this one out of the water!
5 out of 5
My sons Christmas gift
Bankers are my son's favorite cigars and I'm sure he will enjoy them as soon as temps get above 50 degrees around May
5 out of 5
best cigar I had in awhile !
Great cigar burns to perfection! Great flavor definitely will buy plenty more .a must have in your hyumidor collection .
5 out of 5
How did I miss it!
I hadn't tried this particular stick, how did this happen! Wow, I have been missing it, this is an awesome smoke! If you can afford it you should be smoking it! Smooth, yet flavorful, a true medium bodied smoke that you can enjoy anytime / anyplace!
5 out of 5
Love this cigar!
Love this cigar!
5 out of 5
Its a great smoke with a great burn
5 out of 5
The Banker Currency (Upmann)
I usually smoke Partagas Cigars, the a friend introduce me to The Banker currency, I love this fine cigars taste!
5 out of 5
Excellent Cigar
The Banker Currency was an excellent cigar. Medium to full with lots of taste and aroma. Highly recommend this cigar.
5 out of 5
H Upmann The Banker
A great cigar. Enjoyable flavors throughout the cigar's stages. I usually enjoy Upmann's No. 2 however I find The Banker equally enjoyable. Is The Banker rated?
5 out of 5
First H. Upmann I've had... now trying more.
I thought it was just really nice all around. Has a peppery and spicy start that smooths out into a pleasantly sweet and creamy smoke, little hints of nutty and perhaps coffee/dark chocolate flavors. And that's really what I personally am looking for in my cigars, so this one will likely stay in my rotation. Oh and a nice strong, white ash, too. I've had more than 5 of them now, and they all burned very nicely with minimal touch ups and no burn runs.
5 out of 5
On my 3rd box
Quickly becoming my go to favorite!!
5 out of 5
Can never go wrong with this cigar.
Great cigar, great flavor. I've enjoyed this car for a while now and I keep it stocked in my humidor. I've yet to find someone who doesn't enjoy The Banker.
4 out of 5
You can bank on the Banker
I am sitting on my porch as I smoke this beautiful stick. My brother bought me this for Christmas and the taste is just unbelievable. Long filler and slow burning. Hints of cream and spice makes this stick very nice!
5 out of 5
Nice flavorful medium smoke
I'm smoking this as I'm writing. I've never really smoked too many (non-cuban) H Upmanns but this one looked intriguing in it's description so I gave one a try. Peeling off the superfluous tissue paper (what appears to be the band holding it on is really and additional band) the thing smelled marvelous. Nice fermented tobacco aroma. Dry draw was nice. Construction is pretty good. The burn is tight and even. Room smell is mild and pleasant. Nice medium body to it with notes of wood. Brandy almost bourbon notes as you progress. Nice cigar with complexity without being overpowering.
5 out of 5
Great smoke !!
I normally smoke upmann reserves and wanted to try something new from the same brand. The upmann banker was more of a bold smoke and exactly what I was looking for. Great smoke!! Will purchase more from CI in the future.
4 out of 5
H Upman, The Banker, Arbitrage
The Banker delivers a consistent flavorful smoke with an even burn every time. The Arbitrage is the perfect chomper for the golf course or kickin back with beverages of choice. There is no arbitrage or hedge or bet or dare to try - it is like putting money in the bank ... A sure thing to please. Bank on it. Get the Banker.
2 out of 5
Not quite up to par from H. Upmann. Looked great. Very nice band. Burned perfect but there just wasn't much smoke or flavor. For that price I'll stick with other H. Upmann's.
5 out of 5
One of the best
Nice slow burning cigar
5 out of 5
A Great Cigar
This is a well constructed cigar that burns and draws smoothly and even. The flavor is fabulous and I will be purchasing more of these beauties
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
If I could afford these for everyday it would be my first choice. Great construction, complex flavors and rich full tastes.
Customer Testimonials
I got a couple of these in my monthly club sampler. Excellent cigar! Lots of creamy smoke and the chewy Habano wrapper with the spicy, nutty flavor profile are very Cuban-esque. I will definitely be making space in the humidor for these beauties.
I got this lovely cigar from a local store and allowed it to sit awhile. This was a fantastically smooth. I feel it was medium strength; delicious wrapper and tasty notes of earth, cocoa, and sweet. The band was unique and the wrapper/burn was perfect. I will be smoking more of these. I would recommend these.
Absolutely beautiful smoke. I smoked the Annuity the other day, and it has instantly become in my top 5. Very consistent quality; no burn issues at all. Excellent taste, both on the palate and through the nose. I want more!
Great, love them nice and fresh, what a cigar.
The wrapper is what initially made me look at the description and I must say I am glad that it peaked my interest. The monster produced a pleasant creamy mild flavor that lasted at the CI lounge in Bethlehem for nearly 2 hours. I am upset that I only purchased one more to keep at home.
I have been a fan of the H. Upmann line since I had one almost a year ago, and the banker is by far one of the best I have had. It is strong enough so you know it's their but light enough so it doesn't feel like you just feel 50ft. I smoked this one down to a tiny little nub and was burning my fingers, it was that good.
My only complaint is the band requires a degree in neurosurgery to remove. Aside from that, this is a wonderful cigar. Anyone who likes a medium body smoke tasting spicy-sweet but not too spicy this is it. The Arbitrage will last nearly two hours smoked properly.