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Flor del Todo

A delicious and modestly priced gem from Puros Indios.

If you enjoy Puros Indios cigars, then Rolando Reyes Sr.'s Flor del Todo is the perfect everyday cigar. Indeed, this brand is one of the best values on the market. A classic "Cuban sandwich" cigar, it's densely packed with Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, and draped in a thick Ecuador Colorado wrapper leaf - one so hearty you could practically chew on it all day. It's medium-bodied with a pleasant, gratifying aroma, and mouth-watering, creamy, nutmeg taste. Loaded with flavor....and less than a buck each! That's why Flor del Todo is the top volume brand on our regular monthly "auto-ship" program. A good cigar at an even better price!

PackIn StockMSRPPriceQtyCart
#4 Especial (Corona) (5.5"x45)
Pack of 40In Stock$150.00
save $95.0163% off
#4 Especial Maduro (Corona) (5.5"x45)
Pack of 40In Stock$150.00
save $95.0163% off
Churchill (7.2"x53)
Pack of 40In Stock$190.00
save $120.0163% off
Churchill Maduro (7.2"x53)
Pack of 40In Stock$190.00
save $120.0163% off
Toro (6.0"x53)
Pack of 40Only 3 Left$170.00
save $105.0162% off
Toro Maduro (6.0"x53)
Pack of 40In Stock$170.00
save $105.0162% off
Torpedo #3 (5.0"x54)
Pack of 40Only 3 Left$170.00
save $105.0162% off
Torpedo #3 Maduro (5.0"x54)
Pack of 40In Stock$170.00
save $105.0162% off
Overall Rating3.98 out of 5 Based on 82 Ratings

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4 out of 5
A solid "daily" smoke..
My "go to" everyday cigar.. No shiny smooth oily outer wrapper - just a plain, adequately constructed one.. You might run into a bad draw once in a hundred.. but generally, a solid somke..
5 out of 5
Best quality for your hard earned money. Just buy it and you will see.
Excellent smoke. Smooth and tasty. Quality made every day cigar. Loved the flavor, wrapper and the burn. Buy this product now and keep buying it, share with your friends and get them to buy this product. Let's support this stick.
4 out of 5
I stopped ordering these a few years ago because of the inconsistent construction, draw, burn and flavor. I ordered some a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised, great little gar with nice a draw, even burn, white ash/smoke and cider flavor.. Leave them in your humidor for a few months and you should be a happy smoker.. I just ordered 80 more.. Smoke On !
4 out of 5
Mark Twain would have bought this cigar
This cigar gets 4 stars for price/vs/value. Mark Twain was a constant cigar smoker who remarked that the cheaper cigars were the best...well, that applies to this cigar. I smoke the Colorado wrapper either the corona or the toro, and have been smoking 'em for a long time. I try other "everyday" cigars, but keep coming back to this one. It's got a good blend of tobaccos, wrapped in an inexpensive wrapper and binder. Yes, it's a mixture of long and short fillers. Hey...what you expect for the price? The cigar has changed slightly over the years...the wrapper used to be better in my humble opinion. Once in a bundle you'll hit a wrapper that unwraps. Or a uneven burn. But for the most part the construction is consistent. But for a guy like me, retired and on a budget, and smokes daily, this is the best "everyday" cigar I can buy.
4 out of 5
Burn Hot!
They are OK. I got some sticks that I could not draw through due to being packed to tight, and they burn hot. They are OK I guess foe people with the time to smoke them,
4 out of 5
Good cigar for $
A good everyday cigar. The flavor is a little on the weak side for my taste but by no means a deal breaker. Construction is good and burns well with good smoke. If you are a brand name smoker this might not be your cigar. For a Joe Sixpack it will be right down your ally.
4 out of 5
Decent Everyday Smoke
First time trying these cigars and they weren't too bad. I only had a few that were hard to draw on or where the binding was coming apart near the center while smoking. It had a good flavor and my friends said the aroma was pretty nice.
4 out of 5
Solid Day to day cigar!
In my opinion, these are he best every day cigars there are. I only gave 4 stars because - hey - they aren't Drew Estates.. But they are a solid, reasonably pried stick that smokes really well. I have been tricked into some "specials" from CI and thought they would be better - buy NOOOOO These are my go to favorites!
4 out of 5
Good Cigar for a Great Price
I have been smoking these for years now.. They are my "go to" cigars. Every now and then, I'll get enticed by an email promo from CI about some bargain cigar and I'll go for it, and just about every time I say "I shoulda bought the Flor del Todos" Good cigar for a great price. I went for 4 stars because.. really.. these are bargain cigars, not Romeo & Julietas.. But a good solid day to day cigar..
3 out of 5
Not For Me
This is not a rave but rage review. The price is great and the flavor isn't bad but that's the only good thing I can say about this cigar. I think over the years I've only written a couple of reviews that were bad. I try to find the good of most things. I don't believe that these are made with long fillers but remnants (short fillers) of tobacco from their top of the line brands. I say this because as I smoke it I have to constantly knock off the ash after only 1/4 inch of ash is made and consequently falls in my lap. I found that 40 out of 40 cigars smoked had canoeing problems. Some so severe that I had to cut the cigar in half just to get it even. The cap that they put on is way to short. It doesn't go far enough down the head enough to prevent unraveling. I use a punch cutter on all my cigars with flat or rounded heads so I don't get those unraveling problems. It doesn't help in this situation. About half way through the smoke the cap comes loose and the head begins to fall apart and unravels. At that point I'm constantly spitting out shards and bits of tobacco. What you end up with is a pile of shards of tobacco that you would need a pipe to smoke.
5 out of 5
excellent product for the price
I've tried the #4's and liked the flavor but they didn't last long enough so i tried the toro size. Excellent choice and the same great flavor as the smaller size.
5 out of 5
ALLways great
ALLways great
3 out of 5
Not bad for everyday smoke!
Not bad for everyday smoke. There are some inconsistency. But I can't ask for perfection for the price. Thanks
4 out of 5
Not a bad smoke for
Not a bad smoke for the money. Good for a daily smoke. I would definitely order again.
4 out of 5
Decent smoke
I'll be getting these again, good construction, good taste and a little tight. Nothing a draw poker can't fix. I'm going to try the toro size next.
3 out of 5
Nice smoke.
inconsistent draw
2 out of 5
Flor del todo
Dry as a bone!!
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke. Very smooth
3 out of 5
Good smoke
Rolled to tight to smoke Not cured correctly
5 out of 5
A man's everyday cigar
these cigars are made for an everyday cigar smoking guy. the price is right and the cigars are good.
5 out of 5
Very good
Very good
3 out of 5
Good Value Cigar
This is surprisingly good for the price, especially since I am not looking to (always) splurge on the high-priced sticks.
4 out of 5
Best 2fer deal there is.
very good everyday medium smoke has a sort of allspice flavor.
4 out of 5
Great everday Cigar
At least my 4th purchase of the Todo, but my first in Maduro. Great everyday cigar
3 out of 5
Burning Uneven
Beside the fact that every cigar burned uneven the taste became a little bitter about three quarters of the way down.
5 out of 5
Love this as an everyday cigar, well made and burns well. Great buy!
3 out of 5
My New Daily Choice
It is a good value for an everyday cigar
5 out of 5
Flor del todo Churchill maduro
Great consistent cigar. All good.
5 out of 5
Flor del Todo
Well made smaller cigar. Even burn, good draw, firmly packed, with a mild flavor. Great knock around smoke.
5 out of 5
flor del toro are a
flor del toro are a good daily smoking cigar
2 out of 5
Ehh....not impressed.
Many are too tight - have little draw and wrapper falls apart - always have 3 on hand because that about what it takes to find a good one. Price point is ok, but poor quality.
4 out of 5
Flor del Todo #4 Especial Maduro - A good cigar for the money
A good everyday cigar at a good price. Mild and enjoyable. I'd buy 'em again. Its no La Aurora Ruby, but I have no complaints with them for the price.
5 out of 5
Cigars for my Husband
He loves the flavor of these cigars!
4 out of 5
Good knock around
Good knock around smoke. Burn well decent flavor. Sizes seem to run smaller that others but still good
5 out of 5
A really good every day smoke.
I have smoked these for years but had to switch to another brand a while back because they were perpetually back ordered. Glad to see them in stock now so I can enjoy them again.
5 out of 5
Flor del todo
I always get a bundle of these and I am never disappointed.
3 out of 5
The quality of this cigar OK but they weren't consistent. Some would be smooth and easy smoking others might be harsh and burn unevenly. I think I'll try to find a daily smoke that provides a more repeatable smoke.
3 out of 5
Just fair!
Just fair!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar!
Like my cigars, excellent flavors! But, your organization sent me a cigar lighter as a incentive gift. It does not work, how do I send it back to you, I have no use for a new broken lighter.
1 out of 5
Very poor taste and burn
These taste terrible and never burn evenly maybe the worst cigars I've ever smoked
4 out of 5
Good alternative to cigarillos and has a Maduro wrapper version for sale as well. Small size and good flavor.
I've purchased these from this site before and before Maduro wrappers became a "sometimes" type of cigar, I had enjoyed and even treased each of the generous bundle available. They're not perfectly rolled, but are offered in a smaller size which I had used in ways similar to cigarillos. A 20 minute smoke or less was good and tossing them prematurely isn't a big deal due to the large amount that will barely fit in humidor packed with other brands. I enjoyed these and the Corona sized as well. Great to knock around with, tear off the band and smoke away. It's smoother than anything you'd expect in this price range for the amount r in one big bundle. They lasted over a month and I had, again, used them as cigarillos or cigarettes. I bought a 3-cigar humidor portable case for this reason. Cigarette smokers I know would go outside and have a chemical tiny thing and I had a corona while tossing hald in the ash tray for use within a short period after in the Big Neptune by Craftsman which is a big 4-cigar black ceramic and wilver lined edge ashtray. Anyway, these need an Xtar V-cutter unless you want to accidentally slice off the entire cap and have the stick unravel. I did this 7 times or so. The draw is good enough for v-cuts, not punches. Get these at the Especial size for a smart cigarillo replacement. A cigarillo bunch or tins cost way more with usually American or cruddy tobacco. Of course a real cigar Maduro will be better than a cigarillo that most could afford.
5 out of 5
Surprisingly good
Lighter, and a good 30 minute smoke. Well made, a great value.
3 out of 5
Flor del Todo
Not bad cigar I like the smaller size’s better
4 out of 5
Good cigars for all day or any time of day smoking.
Believe it or not, these cigars are great Humidor fillers. I like the smaller ring and 5.5" coronas which I didn't find to be strong as some other comparable stogies are since I would smoke 4 per day on average. I wanted quantity over quality and ended up with both. If you want a good 2-fer, I suggest grabbing these babies.
5 out of 5
Mellow, economical everyday cigar
Best small torpedo I've had. Easy draw. Tasty with little heat. Great price with two-fer deal.
4 out of 5
good cigars anngood price
good cigars anngood price
1 out of 5
Poor smoke, flavor, burn and
Poor smoke, flavor, burn and draw poor.
3 out of 5
So So This Time
I've smoked Flor del Toro for many years as an everyday smoke. I've always been very pleased but the bundles I just received were very dried out and not as well constructed it seemed. I may wait a while to try these again.
4 out of 5
Everyday smoke
Not bad for a buck.
5 out of 5
A good everyday cigar,priced great
A good everyday cigar,priced great
1 out of 5
Worst Cigars
they were all dried out and fell apart when I tried to smoke them. very disappointed.,,,
5 out of 5
Good everyday smoke
A good cigar, a bit on the smallish size but flavorful, and the price keeps you happy about grabbing one in situations that you may or may not be able to dedicate totally to the gar
5 out of 5
Very nice and mild
Very nice and mild
3 out of 5
flor del todo
not a bad little cigar, but kind of harsh toward the end
5 out of 5
Great Everyday Ciogar
These are my "go to" cigars.. I'm not "rollin' in the dough" so when I want a hand rolled, these babies do the trick! Good favor - good draw - GREAT price.. The only thing that would keep me from doing a positive review is I don't want the supply to go down and the price go UP!
3 out of 5
not so good.....
I have smoked these off and on for a couple years.Initially a good smoke for the money. Last two batches not so good.Hard to keep lit, very uneven burn and several out of one bundle had a horrible taste. I doubt that I will by again. John, from Chandler,Az.
5 out of 5
Best bang for your literal buck.
These are my go to, everyday cigars. I've tried other deals, but I've come right back. These are the best deal that I've experienced on CI.
5 out of 5
Nice smoke for not alot
They smoke well no funny burning like some inexpensive cigsrs
4 out of 5
Good Everyday Cigar
I got tired of waiting for the Dark Sharks to come in that were on backorder. So, I thought I'd try these out. They're not to bad and last a little longer too. I'm thinking of switching to these unless these go on backorder. Good everyday cigar for those without a lot of money but, still like to smoke a cigar everyday.
5 out of 5
Flor del todo
I've bought these many times and I'm never disappointed!
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Decent smoke
I tend to smoke a couple per day and these are a good option for a cheap everyday smoke. Let them sit in the humidor for a bit, though.
5 out of 5
Very Pleasant Smoke.
While I am just finishing my first one, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised. The maduro wrapped is a much better cigar than the natural. The flavor and the construction is similar to the many high quality long filler cigars that I have bought. I was looking for a good, relatively inexpensive cigar to put on autoship, and am very happy to say that I have found it in this cigar.
5 out of 5
Value you can't pass up!
Ok, keep in mind that the five stars is based on the bang for the buck factor... With that being said. I think you'd be hard pressed and unwise to find a better tasting stick in this price range. This is a great value and darn good tasting cigar that leans towards the milder side of the spectrum. It's a great choice for beginners as well as the person who wants a quick smoke. I say quick because I've noticed that they burn a little on the quick side. Another thing to note is that these cigars don't leave a strong cigar taste in your mouth for days. Some people like that, some people don't. It's a great cigar to bring to the golf course as a gift to fellow golfers as the taste isn't over powering and aren't going to break the bank either. I've smoked over 100 of these things over the years and they're very consistent in flavor. The only knock is that they tend to burn on the quick side, so if you're planning on smoking one at the golf course I'd recommend bringing a couple... maybe more if you want to share!
3 out of 5
Excellent every day stick
I had no real expectations of these due to their extreme economy. Even though cheap enough to lower my expectations, these turned out to be quite tasty. I have had no trouble with uneven draw, they burn evenly and have been cool down to the last inch and a half. A nice mild/medium stick for golf, pretty days on the deck, or just cuz. As an every day smoke I have not really ever found anything that beat these. If it were possible I would rate them as 3.5 stars. I'd say try them as you really have little to lose and, like me, you might just be pleasantly surprised.
4 out of 5
Solid daily smoke
Good construction. Plenty of flavor. Can't beat the quality vs. price in my opinion. I'll be ordering more.
2 out of 5
My Thoughts
I have bought these many times before, a budget smoke that is tasty and enjoyable. However this batch so far every one is wrapped so tight that even after reaming them with a drill bit is hard to smoke, not an enjoyable experience. I can see if there were a few tight ones, but not this many. I may have another budget smoke after this batch. Believe me , that if i could afford it I would buy a better stick.
3 out of 5
cigar retail buyer; consumer
one of my favorite brands for the past five years, last order disappointed w/draw slow, burn uneven and longer to light up;appears cigar still required longer aging. Flavor enjoyable...
5 out of 5
Very good tasting cigar for the money, no heavy after taste after you smoke one
Very good tasting cigar for the money, no heavy after taste after you smoke one Nice thick binder which stays together till the very end, no chopping of the soggy end on these guys I have been smoking these for many years, they are not 100% perfect but when you get a good bunch that are made and cured right, which is about 85% of the time, I would put this up against any 10 to 20$ priced cigar all day long In fact I have thrown away some top dollar cigars only to lite up one of my own When ever I travel to Mexico or the Caribbean, I always bring my own, can not beat the price and quality of this smoke in any of the dozens of places I have traveled
5 out of 5
Good smoke
good even burn lots of smoke decent taste for the money. Excellent walk around cigar
3 out of 5
ok for the price
2 out of 5
not the same
I am still evaluating, but so far I am disappointed. These cigars have been rushed to market and are not up to the taste quality I have come to expect. Also, few burn to the end without relighting. Until now, Flor del Todo has been my exclusive smoke, but now I am reevaluating that choice.
5 out of 5
great service and a damn good cigar
I have been a customer of CI for several years and have nothing but good things to say keep up the good work. I thank that the Flor del Todo is very good everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
Hmmm..not sure what you want here (?) Dave Dunlap
I have been a customer of C.I. for years, and find that the Flor Del Todo Churchills are a really great inexpensive every day cigar. I hope you continue to keep them in stock, as I plan to continue ordering them.
5 out of 5
Accurately rated
Great grab
3 out of 5
They are a very good
They are a very good every day cigar. However lately they have been a bit DRY.
5 out of 5
best everyday cigar
best everyday cigar
4 out of 5
cigar quailty
The Flor del Todo Churcurchill used to be a nice cigar to smoke, but my last batch was loosely packed, this is from when the cigar was unavailable and restocked, with a lesser quality product, in my opinion. Thank you
5 out of 5
Flor del toro Churchill maduro
Been ordering for years and is a pretty much consistent mild well flavored smoke. CIs been out of them several times I've orderd and had to be back ordered.
4 out of 5
Nice for the price
They were a bit harsh off the truck, but a few weeks in the humidor fixed that. Good flavor for an everyday cigar. No one is going to mistake them for premiums, but they draw well, burn well and have a decent flavor. I’m leaving a half dozen in my long-term humidor to see how they’ll fare after one year of aging.
5 out of 5
Just What I Was Looking For!
The FTD #4 is a great little cigar. It's unbelievably affordable. The quality is really great and most importantly consistent. With a mild flavor and smooth smoke it's enjoyable from head to foot. They give me about 20 minutes of smoking satisfaction which is just perfect for s short pause for the cause. I will purchase more as soon as their backorder status changes. I like them so much so that I'm waiting to try their Churchills. Thanks CI for making these babies available.
5 out of 5
Thank you c.i. Your team is Awsome you have taken great care to get my cigars to me through the years. Looking forward to working with you guys for many more!
Customer Testimonials
I generally don't comment on cigars before I have smoked at least 20. However, I bought a couple of bundles and have smoked 8 cigars out of the bunch. 'Nough said in the description, it's right on the money. I can see why there's only one version in stock (5.5 x 45) corona, all else are back ordered. They are perfect for my in between times, short and to the point and they just hit the spot. This is definitely a "keep on hand" cigar. Can't wait until the "Churchills" are available.
TV of Westerly, RI
A very guilty pleasure! I discovered a few Flor del Todo Churchills buried in my large humidor which I hadn't realized were still there. They were now aged a full 3 years since buying them from CI - complete with some exquisite bloom to signal their readiness to satisfy. And, oh, have they ever! I recalled them as being semi-mild and flavorful - a perfect daily smoke without any real major drawbacks but, also, without any real standout characteristics. The smoke was fairly thick with a touch of sweetness, and the aroma was pleasant. In other words, an enjoyable stick at a low price point. What more could you ask of it? Well, after 3 years, lots more! After the first 1/3, I noticed the cigar suddenly coming to life. Flavors and mellowness I had never found in another brand burst forth. In addition, though the burn rate was normal it generated mammoth, dense clouds of smooth and creamy white smoke like I've rarely had the pleasure to experience. From the first 1/3 until the finger searing nub it left a permanent, delightful sweetness on my tongue. That, in concert with several other pleasant flavors, made this aged Churchill a real WINNER! This is where the guilt begins. I'm not one to inhale cigars, and I do NOT recommend it. That's what cigarettes are for if you feel so inclined. But, as a cigarette smoker myself, I did just that without thinking. I waited for the expected painful hacking, but it never came. In fact, though I'm used to smoking super-mild mentholated cigarettes, the smoke couldn't have been any smoother or more satisfying. Like I said, I don't recommend this at all, but every third puff from that point on I just couldn't help myself - it was that amazing! So, as a result, I have decided to have one of these guilty pleasures no more often than, say, once a week. And, oh yeah, I've got to order more from CI and begin that awesome aging process again before I run out of these stupendous stogies!
JG of Gales Ferry, CT
Smooth Rolando Reyes built. Don't think he has anything to do with any bad cigar.
LF of Tempe, AZ
Just got my Flor del Todos. They are extremely well-made. They burn slowly and evenly and you don't get any tobacco in your mouth. Overall, a good deal. I just wish they were a little stronger. The flavor is fine, I just prefer a few clicks more intensity. Still a good deal at the price.
CS of Jacksonville, FL
Best value in a cigar, in my opinion. Hey, I have wasted a lot of time and money looking for a good "everyday" cigar, trying this and that "bargain priced' bundle, and mostly I have been disappointed. Not with this one! I like Padron's Belinda Black and Bolivar, and Ronald Reyes' Cuba Aliados. But I find I am often reaching for the Flor del Todo over the premium priced cigars in my stash. You couldn't do worse, and hard to find a better "everday" cigar then the Flor Del Todo!
I used to love these as my everyday cigar but on my last order the Churchill's were on back-order so I went with the Toro's. For whatever reason these had a somewhat harsh taste....
TM of Litchfield, MI
My favorite daily smoke for about a year! I would REALLY LIKE TO ORDER SOME MORE! Come guys let's get on the "stick" and get them in! LOL!
LR of Pace, FL
Was very pleased with these sticks. Considering the price! As good as any 10 to 15 dollar smoke I've ever got! I got the maduro's and dont think 40 will be enough. Even the wife smoked one last night and loved it. Will be keeping alot of these hidden around the garage from her. Great Smoke!
JB of Santa Monica, CA
Probably the best cheap cigar on this site. I smoked a bundle before writing this review. Decent burn, sometimes uneven. Never fell apart. The last half the cigar is actually good. For an everyday smoke, this is as good as it gets.
FD of Brick, NJ
I started smoking the FdT brand several years ago. But for the last year, I was lured away by the promises of other modestly priced bundles offered by CI and other online cigars retailers. More often then not, they failed to deliver, and some were downright awful! They are right about the creamy nutmeg taste and the clouds of fraqrant smoke the FdT produces. This is not a complex, heavy blend like you find on the more expensive, premium cigars. While I keep some more expensive, more complex cigars on hand, I find I'm reaching for the FdT more often then not. You just can't smoke a premium cigar several times a day, but the mellow blend of the FdT is just right for an everyday cigar.
I have enjoyed these cigars for several years now and am never disappointed. Just wish the maduros would stay in stock more....
I was disappointed with the new "Colorado" replacing the nutmeg-ish "Natural", but I have to say that it is smoother, and very good on its own terms. I do miss the nutmeg though. The new one is a different cigar.
AP of Durham, NC
I got the number 4's in y latest order. Good smokes . I chose the maduro wrapper and find these to be very smooth smokes. Another win for CI on inexpensive but pretty darned good cigars. These have been added to the list of smokes that I will be sure to order again.
AS of Humbird, WI
The party may be over. These have been my favorites for a long time, but the last batch of "Natural" were labelled "Colorado", and these new ones were nothing like the Flor Del Todos I've enjoyed for years. The nutmeg that set these apart from other cigars is gone. The new ones are smoother, a little bitter, more generic. Not at all like the odd little Studebaker of a cigar that we enjoyed so much.
AP of Durham, NC
I'm a big fan of Puros Indios cigars and have great respect for Rolando Reyes. That said, I'm not a fan of these cigars. I bought a bundle of the churchill size and nestled them into my humidor to rest for about a week. On lighting one I expected if not greatness then goodness; I was underwhelmed. I found these to be quite mild tasting and not especially good tasting. I thought maybe I need to set these aside and come back to them later. I had one this week after maybe six months of ignoring them- I lit up and I waited and waited for the taste to balance and smooth out; I smoked it all the way down and it never delivered. I was so disappointed that not only will I not be smoking any more of them, I can't in good conscience give them away. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed them, I wish I did.
This used to be one of my monthly shipment (larger Topedo in Maduro) this was my main daily cigar....Medium, maybe slightly towards bold, but a real solid cigar, espescially for the money. You couldn't beat it...Too bad its no longer around, but the smaller ones are OK. I believe the size of a cigar also lends itself to the taste. There just isn't the variety out there for a real stable cigar at a buck five.............
RH of Chicago, IL
Very loose packed and fast burning cigar. OK for cold weather-quick smokes. Not so good for a round of golf.
Several sticks arrived blowted at the Tip. However nice smooth earthy taste on the good ones. bougth the two fer so felt good about the price. Good everyday smoke.
CS of Apopka, FL
great shorties will keep them stocked in the humidor
VG of Elk Grove, CA
Quite a pleasant surprise !! Buy some and enjoy the price; let 'em rest in your humidor for a bit, then light up and enjoy the smoke !! Gives new meaning to the phrase "win / win".
JT of Benson, NC
Great cigar, even better price!
FD of Brick, NJ
Just an average cigar. Not bad considering the price.
DD of Reddick, IL
Just got the order today. First one out of the wrapper was a home run. If they stay consistent, they will be in every order.
My daily smoke, and I love it. You can smoke more expensive (and I do) but when your throwing some steaks on the grill and opening up a bottle of wine, it's hard to beat this smoke. I have ordered over 200 of these over the last couple years and I keep coming back time and time again.
JS of Gilbert, AZ
....I received an email and checked out this site. I am glad I did. Out of the package first day this cigar was fine. I wish I could still afford the Cohiba's and Partagas as a daily smoke, but that is life. This is a great cigar for the money and will be a staple for me. Glad that the competition pushed me over here.
JM of Simi Valley, CA
Can't even tell you how often I've re-ordered these - Even drove to Bethlehem when they weren't available online.. I want to say they stink so the price won't go up or they won't sell out again.. but I can't lie.. These are my "go to" cigars.. I'm not fond of the torpedo - but I LOVE the Churchill - You will not go wrong ordering these.. ENJOY!
Extremely impressive smoke for around a buck a piece. Put a fancier band on it and charge five bucks and nobody would complain or probably know the difference. I am not familiar with the Flor del Todo brand from years past, but I have been impressed with the quality and value of the cigars produced by Renaldo Reyes (Puros Indios)....These do not have any sort of floral taste or aroma, like the ACID or other flavored smokes. However, I have already had two orders in two sizes and not a single dud in the bunch. I have paid much more for cigars that were not half as good, but I won't again as long as these are still available....
CB of Murfreesboro, TN
I am astonished at how tasty these mild-medium cigars are. I hand them out to all my friends who don't smoke regularly, and they are all able to enjoy it. Creamy, nutmeggy, delicious, and great burn!
DF of Elmhurst, IL
I have ordered both varieties of these sticks. The price and commentary led me to make Flor del Todo some of my first orders from CI....I really prefer the maduros to the other variety. The Maduros may not be for the ostentatious cigar collector, but they sure do taste good. What these value sticks lack in appearance and in firmness, they more than make up for in the pleasure they are to smoke. After all, I buy cigars to smoke, not to look at! Regarding the non-maduro variety.... I believe I have ordered two bundles of them. I found the color and taste to be different on the two occasions I ordered about a year apart. I enjoy a glass of wine, Pinot noir being my nectar of choice, and the non-maduros did not pair well. I cannot say hands down they are not good because I have not encountered anything comparable yet. All I can state for the record is they are not my cup of tea. Therefore I highly suggest ordering a bundle of Flor del Todo Maduros. They are a great value.... In conclusion, Flor del Todo maduros are pleasant and reliable every time, competing flavor wise above their price point, and will leave money left to explore other cigar varieties or things to pair with your smokes in your bank account. Ordering a bundles of these great smokes is a practice of common sense.
Well, I'm half-way through my 2nd order of 40 and man, do these beasties attach themselves to you! I purchased the Maduros and have been pleasantly surprised how smooth they smoke and the nice aroma they exude. I believe I have found my new everyday cigar at half the price that I was paying for what I had been smoking for 5+ years ;)
LR of Pace, FL
Like many others, this is my favorite everyday cigar. I tried these early in my cigar-smoking years, and then went on to sample others in the price range in search of the best everyday cigar. You will not find a more consistent and flavorful cigar in its price range. Have come to love the strong nutmeg taste and mild-medium body. These are great off the truck, but I strongly recommend buying ahead of time and aging in your humi for 6 months or more, as trial-and-error has taught me that this strongly enhances the flavor and smoothness (duh, but worth mentioning).
I just finished my 6th Todo. Although they seem a little on the ugly side, I found them to be a decent smoke. I was able to smoke them down to the last inch. Pretty smooth, not bitter and nice on the palate for a $1.25 cigar. Not my first choice for a daily smoke but very smokeable. I tend to prefer the Bahia Maduro. I will buy these again definitely. For the money, you can't go wrong. I have smoked $3 to $5 sticks that I hated.
LR of Pace, FL
Best cigar for the money that I have found anywhere. I smoke several per day, so the Rocky Patels or others can run up a bill. This is a great everyday cigar.
Hard to keep lit, canoeing, hard to re light. Wrapper falls off almost immediately after lighting. Threw the rest away.
CM of Henderson, NV
This one is a keeper. Flavor, burn, draw, all excellent. Great with a morning cup of coffee or an evening Scotch. Everyday smoke ? Absolutely ! Value ? The best ! Reyes does it again, and again, and again, and again...
Ordered these kinda blind but I know the name and the price simply could not be beaten. Excellent, excellent sticks!! Very mellow yet nice tobacco flavor and something I cannot quite identify...not cedar but something woodsy to me, at least. Nice, even burn and 30-45 minutes of blissful smoke per. Unfortunately, a fairly high percentage were DOA--either too firm of a draw and/or extremely hard to keep lit. About 1 out of 7 I just had to pitch which, at this price, ain't bad at all. I highly recommend these! Great everyday smoke!
JG of Sloan, NY
Maddie Torp #3, good construction, very tasty, good burn.
KD of Burleson, TX
I have smoked 2 bundles of The Flor Del Todo over the years, medium bodied, cream, and yes nutmeg,with a decent burn...
MF of Bogalusa, LA
After reading many positive feedback and seeing it's the top moving brand I had to try these, my first look at these in the box and I though I was gonna break these. Loosely packed but nothing that causes concern still holds ash pretty good I've had two and I currently onto my third. It is a decent smoke but I think I'm going to stick the the Cuban wheel b2 for my everyday smoke.
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
Keeping it short, and sweet....good to go for the price. I know I shoulda let them rest for a couple of days when I got them, but I'm too impatient. The smoke was decent right outa the mail. Let them rest for a couple of days and they got better. I'm not saying these are Padrons or Padillas, but they are a good everyday smoke for sure. Thanks to the others who provided feedback on this one.
TS of Chula Vista, CA
I was looking for an affordable daily smoker to relax with after a hard days work. I read all the reviews about this stick. I'm on my 3rd one. In as few words as possible ,... The cigar is loosely packed, yet not to the point where the thing falls apart on you and the draw is effortless. It has a mild yet pleasant taste. I've had no problems with uneven burns as of yet. Considering price and value... My verdict is, "Looks like I found my new daily smoker!!!" :oD A NOTE TO C.I.: Keep these bad boys in stock and I'll keep on buying them!!!
RA of Monterey Park, CA
for the price, fantastic. not overly complicated, but significant flavor, particularly in the 2nd half.
JH of Allentown, PA
Nope. they aren't pretty. Yes, they are often soft. Sometimes they don'y burn evenly BUT.... These things are the best buy at CI! Great taste you will only find in 'gars much much higher in price. Best yard/golfing 'gar I ever had. Sure. if you have the bucks, go for the big brands and pay the high costs but if money is tight and you are not the type to sacrifice taste and pleasure, these babies (errr... 'giants'?) are a no-brainer. Great right after receiving them but for a real treat, put a few bundles in your humidor for a few months for an extra good smoke. Heck, even if I were uber rich, I'd still keep a bunch of these on hand. One thing is for sure, you actually get more than you pay for with these!
AS of Easley, SC
This is the new "5 cent cigar", for a dollar a smoke these fit the bill. I find that if I put these in a small humidor sans cellophane for a few weeks any ammonia in the tobacco will dissapate and they will be a pretty decent cigar. Hey, these are buck apiece, and I judge them that way.
PN of Yelm,, WA
don't know and don't care what everyone else says about this cigar. i think it it is great. i've noticed how most of the comments refer to the price, forget it. this could be a five dollar cig and would be worth it.
PM of Gallant, AL
If one purchase was smoking a Cu - Avana, and the other was smoking one of these. The individual smoking the Flor del Todo could smoke two of these cigars before the one Cu - Avana was finished. In addition, would enjoy the Cu - Avana so much more than this cigar that burns 3 inches on one side, while the other side is still trying to get started. When you take into consideration of how long the Cu - Avana smokes, against this one. Even if you only buy a box of 20, your getting as much smoking time as 40 of these. Maybe a month in the humidor will help, if it doesn't, there is no way I can smoke the ones remaining. Nevertheless, other reviews are not in agreement with me, so you will have to order them yourselves to really find out.
DM of Taylor, MI
got my first order last night. i went ahead and opened a bundle and put them to bed. this morning i couldn't help but try one. it wasn't very pretty to look at. it started out very mild, but ok. start burning uneven a little. i don't know what these fancy tastes they keep talking about, but about halfway through this stick, it got better tasting. the burn tried to even up. didn't quite get there. the last half of this churchill was better than a lot of 6-8 buck 90+ i've tried. definitely better than the 2 dollar everyday smokes. can't wait to see what they will be like after more than overnite in the humi. i'm 67 and on fixed income. sure glad i tried them.
JD of Haughton, LA
I'm a big fan of Puros Indios Cigars, but as we all know you can't always afford to be well stocked, so on the recommendation of the CI staff, I gave these a try, I have ordered these continually for 4 shipments to supplement my Puros Indios brands. I have never been disappointed with their price, performance, taste or burn. Meaty, dark and tasty. Out of every box/bundle of cigars there are usually 1 or 2 that are not up to snuff, and with Flor del Todo there is no difference. you get a bum wrapper or a hard foot once in a while, but for the money you do not mind, cut it shorter and smoke it anyway. I have found that if you humidor them for a while with others that they will season and mellow a bit and have a more creamy taste to them, 40 of these Ugly sticks for the price is well worth a look especially if you like to smoke daily or every other day. CI staff is right if your a fan of Porus Indios, these are up your alley. Thanks CI for your recommendations.
PF of Braintree, MA
i bought these from cigar bid. I tried one last night and was greatly suprised. Great taste, nice draw- found nothing bad about them. The price was less than $1.25 a stick!
TC of Warren, MI
This is a reliable "everyday" cigar...the blend is sophisticated for a inexpensive cigar and I find it satisfying and tasty. When I am low on money and need to fill my stash for a month or so, and don't want to experiment with some other cheapie, I can always depend on this cigar to satisfy. One thing is I don't think the maduro wrapper goes well with this blend--for my taste, I stay with the original wrapper. The construction is good, but the filler is loose---but it's not a problem. After over a year regularly ordering this cigar, you can do far worse with more expensive, name-brand cigars.
DH of Washington, DC
I found some of these at a small cigar shop and decided to pick one up. I had been eyeballing them on the website for some time due to the ridonkulous pricing. I expected it to taste like horse manure or even worse, a mexican cigar. I was blown away. I thought it started out tasting a lot like a RP Vintage Second then about halfway through it began to pick up a little spice then finished with a full flavor that left me very relaxed. I assumed it must have been a fluke since they were priced like throwaways. I went back and bought 6 more. They all have the same great taste. The burn is a little suspect but manageable. As far as the looks, well I kind of like the rough look. Reminds me of a free hand rolled. Thanks CI for the great deal. I will be buying several bundles.
CK of Sallisaw, OK
I have wanted to try these for years but would never pull the trigger. Well, when CI recently had the $10.00 off deal, I decided to get 40 of these babies and give them a try. I got the Churchill Maduro. Finally got around to trying one yesterday. The description on the website is dead on. Thick wrapper, one you could chew on all day. Easy to cut and light. Burned evenly except for one time and that quickly caught up and stayed lit and even until I retired it. I enjoyed this cigar very much while I was out mowing my lawn and afterwards watching a ballgame on the TV in my garage. Yep, it lasts quite a while, even outdoors. I am glad I finally broke down and got some of these.
MI of Cincinnati, OH
I read the great reviews and took a chance on this budget smoke. I'm glad I did! Starting mellow & mild this stogie's flavor builds in complexity from the halfway point. These massive Churchills draw nicely and finish deliciously for over an hour of real pleasure! I'll try the Maduro next.
JG of Gales Ferry, CT
Great value for the buck and they actually have a great taste... Will buy them again!!!
JK of Mountain Top, PA
Well I just received these Churchill (7.2" x 53) cigars about a week ago. First taste was that they seemed a little green. A pretty light bodied cigar with an unusual taste. I'm having a hard time deciding if I like them or not. But I don't think i'll be ordering them again.
MK of Longmont, CO
Definitely not the most well made cigar, and definitely not the prettiest either, but also tastes a lot better than some name brand smokes that I've had. Hey! Whaddya want for a buck-a-stick???!!!!???? I'll buy 'em again!
LS of Edmonds, WA
I currently smoke a number of different cigars from CI, so I took a chance on 2 bundles of Torpedo #2 maduros. I'm 2/3 through the first bundle and the last cigar I smoked was the first one that I was able to finish. Until that last stick, every one burned up one side (for 2-3 inches), or the wrapper crumbled in my hand, or was so loosely packed that the whole back half flattened and collapsed, but usually a combination of two or more of the conditions. I love how they taste, and I hope the second bundle is more representative of all the glowing praise that I have been reading in the posts above and not a repeat of my first bundle nightmare.
SW of Dyer, IN
The first time i looked at these beasts the only thing I could think of was, "I sure hope they don't taste the way they look!" To my surprise, they actually weren't that bad. Out of the fifty I bought, i only threw out half a dozen. Either because the wrapper was peeling or broken, or the cigar just didn't have the same taste. But honestly, they were good for the money. Definetly not my favorite cigar, but an affordable every day smoke!
JL of Goshen, NH
First impressions be danged (ugly)! By the time you smoke your first one down and stare at the pile ash that impression will be long gone. Worth every tightly squeezed penny that left my pocket. My humidor is full of the Churchill Mad. for now, but I will be back for more.
CL of Oxford, AL
I received my Torpedo #2 Maduros this week. I opened the box in great anticipation. I looked at the cigars I was like what the...they were kind of ugly and I felt them and they did feel kind of loose. Then I remembered back they were kind of like my first wife loose and kind of ugly. But heck I stilled loved her and married her. So I took them home and had to light one up and try it. Looks are deceiving, what a nice smoke. It had a good burn nice flavor just a wonderful experience in a cigar. I would have to say it was better than my first wife. It even lasted longer than she did. This will be my every day cigar thank you CI for the great deal.
RB of Dewey, AZ
very nice cigar (Flor del Todo) - smooth and creamy with a hint of spice in the back end...and the wrapper is tasty too. I smoked one right out of the box and I was happy. Even after i smoked it to the nub, it left a pleasant taste in my mouth. I don't recommend anyone else buy these, because I want them for myself. Thanks!
DC of Jacksonville, FL
U-G-L-Y is in my opinion the best way to sum up my first impression of these guys (Flor Del Todo). Before this recent downturn in the economy I've been spoiled in the sense that I could always afford my favorite blends. Though I consider my self lucky to still have a job my hours have been cut, so I started looking hard for a cheap alternative. I've spent the last several weeks reading review, after review to see what other people are turning to. I noticed there was a 2'fer deal on these , and knowing that they are a product of one of my favorite people in the cigar world Rolando Reyes Sr. I got a little excited. I read the many praises, and decided to pull the trigger on the churchill maduros based on the 7.2x53 size I figured I might as well maximize the offer. When they arrived I was like goodness sake man what have I done these will never see the light of day after they go deep in my humidor. The wrapper was very thick, veiny, 2-toned, and some had many sun spots while some had none. Each stick had a soft spot about midway in the stick it seemed, and finally that band is down right hideous. I said OK here we go grabbed my cutter toasted the foot and I was off to the races. The first 1/2” was what I expected then it mellowed very nicely. Through the rest of the cigar the flavor was steady and INCREDIBLE!!! Yes that right I said it incredible. You don't get many flavors like some cigars give but this cigar gives me the flavors I like best, and it delivers them in a way like no other. Very sweet sugary element on the back of the tongue and nice nuttiness through the nose is the best way I can describe that awesome taste I look for in all my cigars, and these sticks deliver it in truckloads all the way down. Now I understand, Rolando you genius you, this is 90+ rated cigar taste without all the nonsense that would other wise make it a 90+ rated cost. Please CI keep these babies in stock cause I finally found a cigar I can smoke guilt free.
RT of Norwood, OH
I received my ( Flor del Todo ) bundles today, thats pretty fast seeing I just ordered them on Saturday, so far nice packaging, each cigar is wrapped in a very colorful band, which will come off before lighting ( not into advertising my cigars, keep'em guessing ) OK the cigar is no AVO in appearance, but how many are, it has a cool sorta rustic look to it , the wrapper is smooth with a few veins ( reviewing the natural torpedo ) no biggie they still look nice, I've had more expensive cigars that didn't look this good, after cutting the tip I knew the cigar would have an easy draw lighting up was a breeze, clouds of smoke right off the hop, im digging this ( no wussy smoke here ) even burn right down to the pretty band, light gray ash with scattered black flecks, held a 1 1/2 inch ash with no problem, what I like about this cigar is,,,it doesn't taste like a cheap cigar, it has hints of light cider and nuts, not harsh at all,,,which means you can smoke these till your face hurts. No matter how you slice it this is one great cigar deal, If your like me thinking you get what you pay for and there's no way 40 cigars can be any good at $0.99 apiece you'd be wrong just like I was wrong,,,Im enjoying these cigars so much,,,you do not have to spend BIG BUCKS to get a good cigar,,,and these Flor del Todo's are proof of that. another great deal from C.I. and thanks to GONZ, and all of the other great reviews, they really do play a major part in my ordering. M.j.A.
MA of Edison, NJ
(Flor del Todo ) is definitely the Quasimodo of the cigar world. I opened the box and thought to myself, "Man, the UPS guy must have drug these things BEHIND the truck." The wrapper looks like it was grown in Chernobyl, and the filler feels a bit loose to the touch, but man these things are a TREAT to smoke! I ordered the Churchill Maduro and though it is ugly as homemade sin, it makes a heavenly every day burner. The aroma is pleasant, and it is very flavorful with an easy draw and even burn. The ash holds together well, despite the loose feel of the filler. I'll definitely be ordering a second batch when I make some room in my humi. Great value! This is my new favorite every day smoke.
DC of Portsmouth, VA
Good smoke for a great price! The Flor del Todo Meduro Torpedo was a calculated risk on my part to come up with an every day cigar that is less expensive than my local cigar store's Dominican Republic 3rds. I like a full flavored full bodied cigar, and the Flor del Todo fits the bill With a price that if you can beat, I want to know about. The filler is a wee bit loose, but that is the only strike against it. Good Meduro flavor (better than several 5 Vegas I have had), acceptable burn, and cigar to cigar consistency. My main concern is that with all the stellar reviews, CI is gonna raise the price (and right now it it is 5 bucks less than what I got mine for) Good smoke at a Great Price -kevin
KS of saint paul, MN
These cigars have been a nice everyday smoke. (Flor del Todo) I have enjoyed one to two a day and would not hesitate to buy another bundle. If your budget is anything like mine, then this is the cigar for you.
RR of Huntington, WV
Why would anyone buy the short-filler garbage they sell at the Drug Store when they can smoke a REAL handmade, long-filler cigar that tastes and smokes great. If you're looking for a premium smoke at drug store price, try this one. (Flor del Todo) I don't have much money, so I'm a bargain hunter, and this smoke stacks up to the premium cigars I'd like to smoke everyday. After trying this cigar, I've moved on to Ronald Reyes premium smokes, and he's the best as they say at interesting, flavorable blends. Lucky for us on a budget that he makes a great cigar like this to enjoy everyday.
D of of Washington, DC
Greta cigar for the money, very impressed, will definitely get these on a regular basis. These are a must try! (Flor del Todo)
DB of Kalamazoo, MI
I have been smoking cigars for 10 years now. This is an amazing Cigar(Flor del Todo). Don't get fooled with the cheap tag price. Believem me if you smoke this cigar, you will gladly pay $7.00 a stick. Extreamly smooth, Great construction, good draw, already aged, aroma is wonderful. I can't believe this cigar is not in list of premium cigars. I would give this cigar 89 rating. Try to get the Torpedo. Thank you CI. You are the best supplier.
JS of Tamarac, FL
Incredible bargain!(Flor del Todo) A fantastic smoke at a fantastic price. I was not expecting too much when I ordered them, but what a surprise. I just ordered another shipment of them and probably will order yet another just so I always have them on hand! I actually have tried the Maduro and the Natural. Both are winners!
I am smoking my fourth bundle of Flor del Todo's .I have tryed three sizes and lved them all. I am planning on placing another order. A well constructed good drawing tasty cigar. I smoke as many as seven cigars a day when time allows and I always enjoy my Todo's. Thank you CI for finding a good affordable smoke.
DL of Audubon, NJ
Attention everyone!! Just smoked a Flor del Todo right out of the box...unbelievably smooth and very tasty, well constructed with a nice even burn and a decently held ash. I can only imagine what some humi time will do to these babies. If you are looking for another inexpensive every day smoke you can't go wrong here. Jump on this C.I. outrageous deal now, you won't be sorry. enjoy... life is good.
VB of San Francisco, CA
After lighting the first one I thought I had received, like Gonz said, "Flor del Doo-Doo". I decided to try one more just to make sure and I'm glad I did. Good draw, good flavor, and cheap to boot. Thanks CI!
JV of Oakville, WA
Can't smoke $8-12 cigars everyday so I decided to buy a 40 bundle and I am very happy with my choice (Flor del Todo). Thanks for all the feedback I read previous to purchase.
PB of Queens, NY
I just finished smoking my first Flor del Todo, and it is exactly what I was looking for; a medium cigar that smokes well that I could light up for my daily drive time. I took advantage of the 2-fer and got it at a buck a stick, incredible! The Maduro Torpedo smoked like a champ all the way to the end, great flavor! It's a keeper!
Flor del todo is not the smoothest kid on the block but they are good for the price even for short filler. A little age will do them some good but my problem is I smoke them to quick to get any age on them. I like the #4 natural
RO of chs, SC
This is one of my usual suspects in the humidor (Flor del Todo). I cannot emphasize enough how Rolando Reyes Sr is my hero. These cigars might not be the prettiest to the eye, but they are certainly pretty on the palate and definitely to the wallet. I don't hang with the "for a cheap cigar" line because I've smoked some top shelf cigars that I did not enjoy nearly as much as this cigar. My only criticism is that the name is kind of silly, but the smooth earthy smoke is absolutely fantastic. Well done CI and much respect Sr. Reyes.
RS of East Providence, RI
I don't really like to use the phrase 'for the money'; either a cigar is good or it isn't. These are good (Flor del Todo). They're not the prettiest thing and sometimes the burn is a wee bit uneven, but none of this takes away from the flavour. The Churchill Maduros always have a place in my humidors.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
What a beautifully constructed cigar! This baby provides an easy draw with a consistantly even burn. Few other cigars in this price range can provide so much pleasure. As the king of "El Cheapos" I'm always on the hunt for a medium body, long filler, cigar that is smokeable. Flor del Todo smokes and tastes great.
Mr of . FBerkeley, CA
Simply amazing (Flor del Todo). If you're a fan of the Puros Indios Special Aged Piramides, then you'll love this one. It opens with a lush draw and coats the palate with creamy nutmeg and loads of crisp tobacco taste. It burns evenly and fairly quickly, due to the slightly loose roll. What a cigar! What a price!!
SO of Fort Irwin, CA
This is an amazing cigar brand (Flor del Todo) - tasty, consistent, and for only $1 a stick, it is now one of my favorites.
DL of San Jose, CA
For the price, this (Flor del Todo) has become my favorite purchase for "everyday." Perfect size (6X53), good draw to "the last drop," flavorful. I keep one side of my humidor full of these!
GS of Waupaca, WI
These cigars (Flor del Todo) are amazing and the price is perfect for a person on a college budget. The first draw was a little strong for my taste but the rest of the cigar had an almost sweet nutmeg flavor.
RR of ,Jr.Thibodaux, LA
I always liked rolondos cigars -tried these(Flor del Todo) as usual a damn good cigar not real pretty but very tasty seems like they burn more evenly if cut instead of plugged for the money hard to beat i like the maduro enough said
RM of Cleveland, TX
I ordered these cigars (Flor del Todo) to try for a good everyday smoke. I am very pleased with them, very mild, with a rich and sweet taste. Can't beat the price! I will re-order them again, fer sure.
WS of Marion, NC
This is one damn good smoke (Flor del Todo). It's a regular in my humidor. The construction is good, the flavor is outstanding, and the price is unbeatable. I'm not one of those cigar snobs that rates cigars as "Earthy, leathery and nutty, with sweet cedar notes, a smattering of spice, and a hint of minerals and nuts." Right - what a bunch of tree-huggin' hippie crap! My rating is three simple categories: Damn Good, Not Bad, and Dog Rocket. For my money, this working stiff parole officer rates Flor Del Toro as "Damn Good". (So long as it's not the maduro - I only give that a "Not Bad").
RO of Alvarado, TX
I wanted a cigar for the everyday smoke, and this one (Flor del Todo) fits the bill nicely. Ordered the Churchills and so far the three I've smoked are similar to the Puros Indios body and taste. I actually am liking them the more I smoke. Great job on giving us "B.A.S'ers" some fantastic deals!!
DK of Mt. Holly Springs, PA
I've purchased 3 orders of Flor del Todo and plan on ordering more. I look for a cigar that is mild and pleasant, yet will get me through nine holes with some left. This one delivers the taste and goes the distance at less than a buck a stick...outstanding!
SG of Washington, WV
Just got 40 of them (Flor del Todo) and have smoked 5 now. This is a nice everyday cigar. Having smoked about 50% of the cigars that CI has to offer, I rate this cigar pretty high. Just like the description says, creamy and nutmeg taste. Burns nice and extremely statisfing. Get bargin. Leaves the palet with a nice after taste and doesn't hurt the back of your throat. Me Likey!!
GJ of New Orleans, LA
This cigar (Flor del Todo) is another of my favorites for the price. Thanks CI
JW of Camarillo, CA
A great daily smoke (Flor del Todo). Starts off fair but the last few inches are as good as any super premium you'll ever find. I highly recommend this smoke!
MS of Easley, SC
I'm about to place my 4th order for the Flor del Todo's. I have a daughter who regularly sends me smokes from The Dominican Republic, Honduras and Puerto Rico where she lives. None of the over priced brands she sends me compare to this great, (read good and cheap) cigar. I'll keep buying as long as they last. Great clouds of smoke and I'm the hands down smoke-ring champ at my local watering hole with these beauties.
RJ of Tenino, WA
Thanks to CI for the cigar bargain of the year!
GS of Los Angeles, CA

Flor del Todo

Rolando Reyes, Sr. is tireless. The man is over 80 years old, widely acknowledged as the best blender alive, and he still works like a horse day in and day out. Actually, it's probably more like night in, night out: his work habits are legendary - he sleeps during the day, wakes up late in the afternoon, and then stays up the entire night sorting cigars until rollers arrive the next morning. He inspects every cigar rolled in his factory. Yes, every single cigar. Amazing. Most people think that's some made up myth....but it ain't. My last trip to Honduras in July, I popped in on his factory late in the afternoon thinking he'd be up. Unfortunately he was asleep in his house, which sits about a pitching-wedge away from the front door of the factory. They woke him - damn, I felt bad about that - and we sat down at his kitchen table. On the table were 3 things - a pile of unbanded cigars, a bottle of rum, and a giant box of Twinkies. Twinkies! Forget that Atkins diet or South Beach crap - the "Rolando diet" is my kind of regimen. Rolando is an old school, no-nonsense guy who isn't really into bells and whistles. Which is probably why you don't see any glitzy packaging, slick marketing, or tons of publicity on his flagship Puros Indios or Cuba Aliados brands. But to me, "no pretense" is exactly what Flor del Todo is about, so while it's certainly not his finest blend it's a tidy personification of the man himself.

So on to the cigar: at first glance, Flor del Todo is certainly not winning any beauty contests. It is however one of Keith's top five knockaround cigars...cigars I burn when I'm putzing around the yard, on long car rides, playing golf, stuff like that. The Churchill is a meaty 7.25"x53 vitola packed to the brim with fillers. It feels like there's 2 cigars worth of tobaccos in here; in fact it takes a solid hour+ to burn it down to my knuckles. The draw is not effortless - not that it's a tough draw - but there's a little bit of resistance to it which I especially like in a knockaround cigar like this. The wrapper is a thick, double-fermented Ecuadorian leaf with a sort of marbelized appearance and rustic, chewy texture to it. The body is medium, the flavor smooth, slightly creamy, a little gritty on the tongue with a nutty character and pleasant aroma. The finish is very clean and crisp.

I give this one extra credit in the ratings category because of the enormous value - each stick costs around a buck each and that my friend, is unbeatable.

Flor del Todo

This cigar has been around forever, literally as long as my cigar memory serves me. And I can remember the first time I picked up this, um, beauty in about '98, it was a grimy, dry looking blah that tasted just like it looked. I'm not sure who schnookered me into smoking it, but I called it like it smoked and went on referring to it as "flor del doo-doo". Ya know what I mean, like doggie-doo-doo. Yuck. Then, sometime over the last 2 years, someone actually went out there and revived this beast, oh wait, stand by.....yup, that was us, Cigars International. Not sure what we were thinking at the time, because you really had to pick this one out of the trash heap. But, the reincarnation turned out to be right up my alley.

It took me awhile to actually reach in and spark one up, but let me mention the price - less than $1 per stick. OK, twist my arm, it's worth trying for a buck. This latest product is made by Rolando Reyes' Puros Indios factory in Honduras of Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan filler and a dark Ecuadorian wrapper. Funny since it's made in Honduras, there's no leaves from Honduras. It says "mixed fillers". Hmm, perhaps I should be skeptical but I'm not going to pass judgement until I smoke it.

A quick snip and we're off. It's a little bumpy around the edges, but the wrapper itself is quite smooth. The clipped head doesn't reveal any mixed fillers, and after igniting and drawing on it a few strokes, it doesn't leave any annoying leaf bits caught up in my teeth. In fact, I didn't get one. The first draw is quite pleasant, gentle and creamy, no bite, no spices, just smooth. Hmm, a head-scratcher already. After just a few draws, it really opens up. Look out if anyone is standing behind you because they're going to get blasted with smoke. Just ask my buddy Ranger who happened to be down-wind on my deck when we first tried these. It's funny that he seems to be around every time I'm trying cheapie cigars. He doesn't seem to mind, and even after the last few years that we've been smoking together, I doubt he'd know the difference anyway. OK, back to the job at hand.

So far, a very nice surprise. Let me try to explain the flavor. No aftertaste, none, nada, don't look for one. My tonsils tell me it's smooth to medium bodied, a bit up there on the strength scale, just enough to give you a little rush. Pleasant and very creamy with the slightest hint of beer-nuts on the wrapper (oh, never mind, I just threw back some Planters.) Just like those Miller Lite commercials (have you seen the ones in the fountain? wow!) this tastes great and lends itself to the perfect non-intrusive any-time smoke. The first half is incredibly consistent. Ranger won the smoke-ring contest, damn cigarette smokers make it look easy. The smoke is so plentiful that it was hovering in this tree overhead, pretty neat. The ash holds firm and solid for nearly an inch before flaking off. No signs of mixed fill whatsoever, so far I think that's a misprint, or the factory goofed.

The second half spices up a bit and it starts burning a little warmer. The finish is a little sharper and dryer as the cigar continues to fire out an awesome burn. There are a few spots that get a little soft and mushy, it's loosely packed and if you like chewing on your cigars, you'll probably take a bite right out of it. Yet the construction is superb, holds together well and clearly doesn't wear the mixed-filler label. This one's for real.

At about 45 minutes per cigar, not bad for the Toro size, we smoked a couple more that night. I expected a burnt, cottony, choked up throat the next morning. Nope, not a bit. We smoked each one down to about 2 inches, then it got a bit hot and tossed them. Heck, for a buck, it'd be worth smoking down half way, you get your money's worth after just a few draws.

You'll be shocked, believe me, I'm floored by how good this cigar is. Since that weekend on my deck 4 weeks ago, I've nearly finished the second bundle and am going to pick up a few more. It's a I-could-really-use-a-cigar-right-now cigar. This originally struck me as a mindless, riding-the-tractor, cigar. But, it turned out better. If you do decide to mow the lawn with it, you'll find yourself taking a couple of extra laps just to spark up another and enjoy a few more strokes on this one. It's not the prettiest cigar, one you'll probably not hand out at the Christmas Ball, but overall it's a nice everyday cigar.

This sure ain't the Flor del Doo-Doo of old. It's the highest quality cheapie I've smoked in a long time. Spark'm up fellas.