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El Rey Del Mundo

From the creators of Punch and Hoyo de Monterey, CI presents El Rey Del Mundo cigars: Handmande premiums that feature Honduran binders, and rich, oily Sumatra wrappers. Inside, the El Rey Del Mundo holds combinations of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers for a rich and spicy flavor. All of this from a brand that is rated as high as 91 by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Good news! El Rey Del Mundo has earned a slew of 90+ ratings, including a 91-rating, noting: "It has a great draw, rich with cocoa and coffee bean flavor. It finishes with a nice kick of spice."

PackIn StockMSRPPriceQtyCart
Choix Supreme (Toro) (6.0"x49)
Box of 20Backordered$141.00
save $42.0130% off
Rectangulare (Corona) (5.6"x45)
Box of 30Backordered$183.00
save $54.0130% off
Rectangulare (Corona) (5.6"x45)
Pack of 5In Stock$26.00
Robusto Larga Oscuro (Toro) (6.0"x54)
Box of 20Backordered$147.00
save $44.0130% off
Robusto Larga Oscuro (Toro) (6.0"x54)
Pack of 5Backordered$31.00
Robusto Oscuro (5.0"x54)
Box of 20Backordered$134.00
save $39.0129% off
Robusto Oscuro (5.0"x54)
Pack of 5Backordered$28.50
Robusto Suprema Oscuro (Churchill) (7.0"x54)
Box of 20Backordered$159.00
save $48.0130% off
Robusto Suprema Oscuro (Churchill) (7.0"x54)
Pack of 5Backordered$33.50
Overall Rating4.81 out of 5 Based on 78 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “El Rey Del Mundo”

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5 out of 5
Fantastic Cigar
I have a top 5 cigar list. 5 cigars that I identify as my favorites. This is consistently in this list. Slow, long, and even burn. Lots of smoke. Most importantly an awesome flavor. I know taste is subjective but I get lots of leather, oak, and rich tobacco flavors without being too spicy. This is a great cigar that is consistent every time. I have never been disappointed by an El Rey.
5 out of 5
Wow.... great smoke
My friend was nice enough to give me one of these (had never heard of them). Wow what a great smoke. Great construction Burns nicely nothing bad to say about it just a great smoke and now my favorite.
5 out of 5
Truly 'The King of The World'
After over thirty years of smoking hand made cigars, the El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro has become my favorite due to it's consistent good construction and flavor profile. I've tried numerous expensive brands over the years and have found many of them to burn poorly and/or taste bitter or smoke hot. These cigars are always rolled perfectly, burn very evenly with no streaking or tunneling and provide great volumes of creamy dense smoke with a great earthy flavor. I have always preferred the rich earthy flavor of Nicaraguan tobaccos and these cigars provide that consistently. Never harsh or overpowering, these sticks provide rich Cuban style flavors that go great with a good rich stout or a bourbon. Truly "The King of The World" of cigars!
5 out of 5
good smoke
I would say they are in a close race with the top cigars
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Gigars Camino quickly and in good shape
5 out of 5
Great Deal
Nice sized quick smoke when you do a cigar justice.
5 out of 5
I t is one of
I t is one of the greats
5 out of 5
King of the ******* World!
I cannot for the life of me figure out how this brand is so under-acclaimed. It's an old line brand with which most everyone is familiar. To my palate, it has a robust, full profile, not medium-full as it's reported here. Rich flavor, thick, billowy smoke, and beautiful to look at. On top of this, it's probably the greatest, most colorful brand name in all of cigardom. The phrase, "El Rey Del Mundo" is a thing of beauty on multiple levels.
5 out of 5
Wonderful cigar
Wonderful cigar
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke!
Excellent smoke!
5 out of 5
Old fashion goodness
This is an awesome cigar. Nice flavor, burns slow and even. I would like to smoke one of these every day, however, its difficult to find them in stock. I noticed that the boxes have a date on them and they have an additional two years of ageing after they are boxed up. Maybe one of the reasons there so good and in short supply. I just love them and I Hope the folks at CI can get more soon!! If you see them in stock, grab a box proto because they won't be in stock very long, and you can't go wrong!!
5 out of 5
King of the World
These are my #1 cigar. Smokes great and you feel like the king of the world.
5 out of 5
bought El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme
Very good flavorful Cigar, good value for the Money.
2 out of 5
This is the first cigar I couldn't smoke. It was so dry, dull, and hard on the draw. I let it go out and never touched it again. Must have been a dud.
5 out of 5
pleasure at large
A fine smooth taste, draw and finish. Reward yourself and light up a heater. My all time favorite..
5 out of 5
Great cigar, smooth even smoke.
I don't have favorites, always enjoy variation in enjoyable pastimes. But, on a desert island and no other choice, this is the one for me.
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
Excellent smoke
5 out of 5
Favorite for over 25 years...
Been smoking El Rey Robusto Oscuro's for over 25 years, and everyone is well constructed, burns evenly, and absolutely tasty!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Its one of my favorite
Its one of my favorite cigars
5 out of 5
All ways winner for the past twenty years
This medium to full smoke is constantly on back order that says it all
5 out of 5
Good value
Great cigars
5 out of 5
Great smoke
This cigar is delicious and smokes well. It is priced reasonably. Wish u had the next length up which seems to b always backordered.
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
Rolled to tight. Hard to
Rolled to tight. Hard to enjoy them.
2 out of 5
Not sure now
Man I dumped a helluva lot a praise on the first one but the second stick was god awful. Draw was terrible and tasted like floor sweepings from a cigarette factory! Chunked it in the trash half way through. A little confused here to say the least!
5 out of 5
Vamos Amigos!!!
First third great! Second third great! Last third great! Great cigar with flavor of leather and pepper with a hint of sweetness joining in on the ride for the last third. Yum Yum, eat em up!!! Vamos Amigos!!!!
5 out of 5
Hard pack, easy draw, lots of smoke, STF (smokes to fingers), delicious! And under $5!
5 out of 5
Puff Daddy.
Delicious !!!
5 out of 5
El Rey Del Mundo (King of the World)
This medium cigar is never disappointing, it burns smooth and true, has excellent flavor and is just the right size. Combine with a glass of good Bourbon and a lawn chair and you do feel like the "King of the World"
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke haven't seen these
Excellent smoke haven't seen these in a long time however when I went to reorder you were out of stock
5 out of 5
has been my “go to” cigar for over a decade.
5 out of 5
Outstanding smoke
These stay in my rotation in my humidor. Great smoke and great price.
4 out of 5
Good smooth smoke
Usually buy the Rotschild maduros and thought I would try these. Very nice and would buy again.
5 out of 5
Great stick, great delivery time
Thanks for delivering my cigars in such a timely manner. The sticks looked and smoked great. We will be doing business again.
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke! Well worth the money.
5 out of 5
Go TO Cigar!!
I've been buying these for years and never been disappointed!
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Tasty little devil
5 out of 5
Smooth Draw
The El Rey Del Mundo is an exceptional cigar. The paper wrapped cigars remain easily fresh in your humidor and are an excellent cigar to take on the golf course.
5 out of 5
Great cigar!
The El Ray del Mundo cigars are my #1 cigars to smoke. From first lit to last i can't say enough how much i enjoy them. Try it for yourself and tell me what you think. I'm sure you'll agree.
5 out of 5
Fantastic Smoke
I tried one of these cigars in a smoke shop in Holland Michigan and just loved it. Right from the get go I knew this was going to be a great smoke. Smooth and really developed as I smoked it. Love it and not a bad price . Another great smoke to add to my humidor!!
5 out of 5
Why have a cheeseburger when you can have a T-Bone steak?!
The El Rey is the best kept secret (
5 out of 5
Smooth smokes
Very smooth and tasty smoke. Over the years this has become my go to cigar, always keep the humidor full with these beauties. Always take two to the golf course because the aroma draws in the curious wondering what I'm puffing on...some lucky hacker will enjoy one with me.
5 out of 5
My new favorite!
A friend gave me one of these to try. I was impressed by the smooth taste and the clean burning ash. The rectangular shape is pleasant to hold and keeps the cigar from rolling. Oddly, my wife hates cigars, but likes this brand. I tell her this cigar is blended to keep mosquitos away. She says keep puffing!
5 out of 5
The friendly cigar
The El Ray Del Mundo is a go to cigar for anyone who enjoys a long smoke and every mid to full taste of this wonderful cigar.
4 out of 5
Enough Said
"Good Cigar"
5 out of 5
Solid Cigar
This cigar is a favorite of mine over years. Full of rich flavor but not overly heavy.
5 out of 5
Always a good experience
I've enjoyed doing business with CI good deals good prices and prompt shipping
5 out of 5
ERdM Rectangulares, Still Great!
After giving many newer brands a try, went back and bought a box of these. They're hard to beat!
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Always a fresh stick from CI. That's why I keep coming back.
5 out of 5
This cigar is really complex once it hits it's sweet spot... About a half inch into the burn the flavors start to melt together and is very bold and creamy and smokes that way until you can't hold the cigar just by your finger tips AWESOME
5 out of 5
My every day cigar love
My every day cigar love them!
5 out of 5
Good Value
Very well priced hand made cigar.
5 out of 5
Whisper-down-the-lane Excellence
How could it be, that a cigar you might not have heard of except through word of mouth, could be on par with some of the best cigars you have ever experienced? That's the very question I was asking myself about midway through one of these El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Suprema Oscuro cigars. How, indeed? I came to this simple conclusion: It seems that the marketing hype, advertising, sampling and merchandizing that are common to other high-quality brands do not extend to this one. As a result, what you are left with is a cigar that is worth every single penny you spent on it. You can rest assured that with El Rey Del Mundo, you have a cigar that is rolled to perfection, tastes incredible all the way through, and has an even, predictable burn from head to foot. And you can take solace in the fact that you are not funding a campaign to help sell the very product you are enjoying. You never heard of it? Me neither. But I can guarantee you, you will never forget it. So, keep on whispering it down the lane, and hope that not too many others catch on to our little secret.
5 out of 5
Toro hit the top 20
LOVE THESE! they have everything going for them, Nice burn, Nice flavour, feel good and PRICE IS EXCELLENT for these. PLEASE don't raise the price on these you have a winner ...leave it alone. It scores high for me and is in my top 20 (#9) these are just plain good. Not over powering a solid medium to just over in potency and flavour is not boring. excellent distinction throughout as it mells into different smooth nuttiness (yet definitely not mild like most "nutty" tasting cigars) really like that it shows you its complexity later in the smoke. 1st third is really nice in flavour and strength without being "mean" to you. Transitions are really nice and pleasant and if your not carefull you will find yourself going to fast near the end making it hot......slow down and it stays nice and smooth with lots of flavour. A constant in my humidors. love em;
5 out of 5
Great everyday cigar
This is a great inexpensive cigar one can smoke daily and get the full enjoyment he is looking for. Great on the golf course.
5 out of 5
Greatest cigsrs
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
Good construction and middle of the road strength. I'm a buyer again.
5 out of 5
tasty, and well made
good, prompt service.
5 out of 5
Great taste... Incredible construction
I've been smoking El Rey Del Mundo Oscuros for over 15 years. It's still my favorite smoke... always a wide open draw (as a 54 ring-gauge should be)... tasty from the get-go with coffee, leather and sometimes chocolate nuances, and I have to force myself to put the butt down before I burn my fingers. No one constructs a more perfect cigar. Each stick is sturdy, not squishy, and produces a prodigious amount of smoke. If you enjoy kicking back with a Maduro in a big ring-gauge, this cigar should be in your humidor!
4 out of 5
El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Oscuro
The price for the quality and full flavor second to none.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
EXCELLENT! This cigar is without doubt one of the most underrated I've encountered. A wonderful medium bodied smoke. Dark chocolate, sweet tobacco, with just a sprinkle of earthy spice. Bliss. Why are these not more widely talked about?
5 out of 5
A Great Daily Smoke :)
I've been smoking this particular cigar for over 20 years!!! This is my regular daily (2 a day) smoke. The flavor, quality, and price are just right for me.
4 out of 5
this Cigar was very good
5 out of 5
A great cigar!!!
My favorite cigar hands down! I've never had any problems with them at all,perfect draw,perfect burn...perfect everything. I do buy and smoke other cigars but nothing compares to these....get some you won't regret it.
5 out of 5
El Rey
Still a great cigar with a great price point.
4 out of 5
Very nice stick, will order more
Smooth and earthy for the 1st 2/3rds. Mild, non overbearing pepper at the last 3rd. From a go to Java guy, this is a very nice and mature non flavored stick.
5 out of 5
Great flavor, burn and price.
Didn't have one cigar out of the box burn uneven.
5 out of 5
Good Smoke
I've enjoyed these for years as a good everyday smoke Even burn, plenty of smoke with a white, gray ash.
5 out of 5
Good smoke, delivery time was
Good smoke, delivery time was good
5 out of 5
El Rey's
awesome cigar as always, one of my firsts and favorites, hard to find in shops nowadays and if I do they aren't any good. Great to know I can still get them at both a good price and quality. I highly recommend it to anyone who has been smoking and is looking for a new go-to stick that's inexpensive but will still get your attention. Well rolled, not too tight or loose, good sturdy cap for punching, cutting or chewing. Great flavor through and through within the whole box, not just one stick.
5 out of 5
An Old Favorite Revisited
Got involved smoking cigars during the Boom years. Enjoyed the El Rey Del Mundo cigars then, really good construction, flavor and price. Thank the heavens they still make this cigar. It will once again become my favorite all occasion smoke.
5 out of 5
Awesome stogie
this cigar (el Rey del Mundo) has become one of my favorite cigars, it's one of the few stogies I never run out of. Great flavor, draw and at a unbeatable price, and the tissue wrapped cigars look good in the humidor. And ci's price can't be beat, you owe it to you're self to try these!
5 out of 5
Try this one!
I have been smoking cigars for over 50 years. This is the best cigar for the price I have ever smoked rivaling many "name brand cigars" 3 to 4 times the price I have smoked many boxes and they are consistently of the highest quality
4 out of 5
El Rey Del Mundo
This hand made Churchill cigar (factory stored and fully raped paper) was a pleasure. The value for price point is outstanding. It is a medium/strong cigar. The one I enjoyed burned over one and a half hours. Even though it is not a robust cigar; if you like a refined Maduro you will like this cigar. I recommend it.
5 out of 5
Excellent Cigar
Well made, easy draw, thus far very consistent.
5 out of 5
Always Happy
Always Happy with the product and service I get with CI, I dont shop anywhere else.
Customer Testimonials
I've been smoking cigars for a short while now, maybe a year or two. My girlfriend was kind of a big cigarette smoker and I've been trying to get her out of that and into cigars. Every once in a while, I'd smoke a cigar with her. She likes the taste and smell a lot better. When I bought this one, I decided to share the experience with her. As soon as she took her first puff, her eyes lit up. She kept going on about how good it tasted. I couldn't agree more. Probably the best I've ever tasted. Needless to say, I'll be buying a lot more of these.
LS of Brooklyn, NY
Just an awesome cigar; loving all those flavors and for the price for the box, can't beat it. Can't wait to purchase more boxes.
SH of Laredo, TX
I smoked these years ago and loved them. Just revisited the toro oscuro and what a treat! Perfect draw, burn, ash, billows of smoke, and I'm still tasting the semi-sweet dark chocolate and pepper! I've got to get a box next payday!
LS of Burkburnett, TX
These cigars never, ever disappoint! I've been smoking them for years and I tell ya...whenever I just want a good, consistent, tasty cigar, all I gotta do is look for the toilet paper in the box! I love how they wrap them in tissue, and the taste works perfectly for, I can't tell you all about the hints of spices, coffees, tea, or all of the other flavors that others LOVE to tell you about...all I know is that I will always enjoy an ERdM, always have, never had a bad one, great value.
VJ of Fillmore, CA
This cigar is the finest smoothest most delicous cigar I have ever enjoyed. I've only been smoking for around a year and have had , Padron to Cohiba to Victor Sinclairs on the lower end of my preference. I've had close to 150 different cigars in that year and I can honestly say that El Rey Delmundo DESTROYS THEM ALL!!! They even wrap them in toilet paper so you can wipe the Amazement off your face after you've tried one.
SG of Bend, OR
My top pick for cigars. Smoking this baby was like eating a kick ass meal that you don't mind spending good money on, but the price was also great!! Highly recommend!!!
SG of Bend, OR
The best cigar I ever it. CI's price is 50% to 65% cheaper than cigar shops locally...just ordered a box of 7x54 at a great deal. Love the 5x54...never had a bad stick...El Rey del Mundo has been consistent for the last 10+ years I've been smoking will never go wrong will a EL REY DEL MUNDO!!!
DW of brockton, MA
The robusto larga is a gem. These tissue wrapped beauties are booming with tons of creamy, chocolatey goodness! Reasonably priced and boxed in plain boxes that you can store other goodies can't go wrong!
Absolutely one of the finest cigars I have ever smoked! I go to a local cigar store here in Dallas and the store owner took me to the side and introduced me to this cigar telling me that it's the only cigar he considers as his "Go TO Cigar". Once you try this one you will fall under it's spell just as I did. Since trying this 2 months ago I have gone thru 3 boxes. It is a smooth well wrapped cigar that is easy on the draw and full of complex flavors that will keep you coming back. The pre-draw is so inviting you will hardly want to wait to light this up. ENJOY!
I ordered an 5-pack of the El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Oscuro's based on the feedback i read. I couldn't agree more with the previous reviewers. This is definitely a fantastic cigar and one you should not pass up. CS from Panama City Florida pretty much sums up my thoughts...... what a treat!
AJ of New Westminster, BC
Started out smoking El Rey Del Mundos a few years ago and thought they were really good, then I started trying other brands- ones more well know and more expensive. Last month I decided to buy a five-pack and realized they were every bit as good if not better than anything I'd been smoking for the last few years. This is a great cigar.
All of my expectations, and I will admit they were hoggishly high, were overwhelmed with an sure confirmation that this is one great cigar.
Three words say it all: OUT OF STOCK. This is one of my top 5 favorite premium cigars. It always delivers and blows you away with its taste and spicy aroma. Definitely a cigar that merits a premium cognac or whiskey alongside.
Wow el rey del mundo choix supreme maduro totally enjoyed this cigar. it sells for 5 bucks for the single which i must say better than some of the stogies i have of 10 to 20 dollar range.this is my second cigar in the rey del mundo line. solid construction great flavor and smell.i think there under priced.they are going in my humidor to rest
FS of Trujillo Alto, PR
Hey gang,I finally got ahold of a box of the ERDM Choix Supreme-WOW!Now I know why they sell out so fast.Pre-light taste and draw-very nice.Spark it up, 1st inch or two-heavy sweet cedar(almost green)-needs some humi-time.After the 1st 3rd is a whole different ball game.Lots of pepper,cream,and leather tastes played back and forth until the last 2 inches where all these flavors came together and magnified, hitting me in the gut at the very end and a little in the head.Only an expert blender can hide that kind of power with so many flavors until the end-Frank Llaneza is a genius.Thanks again C.I.
RK of College Park, MD
My local shop turned me on to these and I really liked them. While looking around CI, I noticed they were almost half the price. Seriously, how could this be? After double checking 3-4 times and finally being convinced it's the exact same thing I bought a box from CI. I like to throw my local guy some business, but twice as much? Well done CI. For me this smoke is a gem. It sits right next to some chisel maduro's, CX2's, and RP Edge right now. Very solid, and a heck of a deal.
P of KAtlanta, GA
Hello,gang!I first tried this cigar while out of town on a family trip and unexpectedly ran across a smoke shop in a mall where we were.I saw some(El Rey del Mundos) in robusto larga size and bought a few.Got home a few days later and sparked one up..........Man o'man!This baby is what it's all about.The oscuro wrapper is second to none,the smoke is so aromatic-it has that very heavy rich peppery aroma that makes you stop and take notice(very rare)-taste-pepper,nuts,cream,leather,perfectly balanced.I must say that it smelled and tasted so good that this baby touched me on an emotional level, pardon me getting all sappy,but you can see that the makers of this cigar put a lot of love into this work of art.Thanks C.I. for spoiling us so much,Bravo El Rey del Mundo!!!!
R of Kcollege park, MD
I received my order from a daily deal today. I couldn't resist trying one and just finished it. Wow! What a Great cigar. Sat out on my porch with a cup of english tea and puffed away until the nub couldn't be held anymore. This one tastes a lot like an excellent Perdomo. Complex flavor with what I have heard described by others as a hint of orange peel taste. I like to sample the smell of my cigars as I puff, and this one was truly wonderful. I am glad I bought this one but wish only that I had purchased more when I did. El Rey Del Mundo Toro Maduro. I will have to get more of these, and recommend these to everyone. Thanks CI.
DF of Pitman, NJ
this is what i love about ci, discovering new brands . these blew my mind. a huge log of a cigar, slightly rustic looking. but well made. the first inch was milder than anticipated. remainded me of a don thomas anniverary a little. then the true nature of this flavor bomb kicks in, earth and spice, wich build per inch untill you realize this is a very full body cigar, loads of sweet coffee flavors . on the churchill size expect 1 and a half hours at least to finish i had to put it down with 2 inches left from the band. i was not happy to put it down. one of the biggest surprises in a while.
JS of miamisburg, OH
I recently retried an old favorite of mine, El Rey del Mundo. For about $6-$7 I picked up a robusto suprema in the sumi wrapper. Boy have I been missing out! The attention to detail, construction, flavor, and draw are on par with the greats, like Hendrik Kelner and Jose Padron. I would say this cigar is like a combination of a Hoyo de Monterrey and a Coronado. Surprisingly, this cigar does what both cigars do well; there is lots of chocolate, nuttiness, earthiness, cinnamon sugar, spice all with a cedary finish. I cant think of a single flaw about this cigar, not even an idea about how it could be improved upon. This is one good smoke, my friends. Frankly, this cigar got robbed by Cigar Aficionado; this cigar should have gotten a '93' easy. This is the very best of the underrated. You owe it to your tastebuds to try one because you will easily find yourself setting aside your pricey Padillas and Don Pepins to make room for El Rey.
MC of Claremont, CA
What to say about the El Rey Del Mundo?? What a great smoke. Became my favorite (Robustos Larga) the minute I tasted it. I've been trying a lot of different sticks lately, and there are some comparables, but nothing can beat it IMO. My buddy turned me on to these badboys around 6 months ago, and I don't go a week w/o smoking at least 1. It's like the ol' reliable, the one you can always turn to in time of need. heh... :)
PP of Manteca, CA
I was gifted one of these oscuros, rubusto size. (El Rey del Mundo) Put it in the humi, forgot about it and finally tried it after about 1 year of aging. The first thought after torching it was, "I WILL be acquiring some more of these." Big solid maduro that is well made and has some sweetness with coffee and cocoa overtones. Good cigar!
MM of Dallas, TX
The El Rey Del Mundo ~ Robusto Larga Oscuro is the 'best' cigar in this price range, bar none... Light 'em up boys and enjoy...
MK of Mount Prospect, IL
I almost hate to post this just because I am just repeating what everyone else has said. But I just can not help myself. This (el Rey del Mundo Oscuro) is my favorite cigar for any occasion: from just sitting around the house to that special day. I have some really good smokes in my humidors but I look forward to none of them as much as I do the el Rey del Mundos. If you like a smooth, reliable, spicy owe it to yourself to try these.
JW of Jonesboro, AR
This comment is as much praise for El Rey Del Mundo as it is for CI. First off this was my first order through CI, and shipment was lightning fast. I'm hooked! As for the Robusto Larga's I ordered. They've always been my favorite, so I know I'm getting a great smoke every time. CI has them for the right price. These will sit and age a while in my humidor, if I can wait. Highly recommend for the full-bodied smoke lover!
PC of Morristown, NJ
This is a high grade smoke, no doubt (El Rey del Mundo). I dislike that it is oftimes over priced at retailers. But, you know -- not bad. I usually smoke the double maduro. It streets for like $6 to $8 bucks... the latter a bit on the high side. But the the taste is smooth, this is a med to full bodied smoke though. No light stuff here, spicy... I wish they made a Cameroon, it would be slammin! This is one of my daily sticks... I truly enjoy it. My rate this stick: 83
CS of Southern, CA
The tissue-wrapped Robusto Larga (El Rey del Mundo) is a gem! Let it age a bit in your humidor and enjoy one of the best blends out there. You can indeed pick this out in a blind taste test thanks to it's unique nutty flavor. If you are looking for a nice creamy, nutty flavor delivered smoothly with a great burn and draw, this is a must try. I pick these up by the box! At CI prices, why not?
DD of Oradell, NJ
Always on my favorites list. The El Rey robusta largas (El Rey Del Mundo) are as reliable in consistency and flavor as the sunrising each day. These are one of the truly great cigars period and are superior in flavor and higher quality than most higher price point cigars. I always have some in my humidor.
CS of Panama City, FL
I had heard great things about the El Rey del Mundos. But, I had no idea they were this good. I bought a five pack of the Robusto Oscuros, and me and my buddies have skipped everything else in the humidor just to smoke these. I will purchase a box soon.
AW of Siloam Springs, AR
I have to say I am a picky smoker I have smoked many maduros before and this (El Rey del Mundo)is about the best one out there for the taste, quality and price. You have to try it, to me there is not to much out there that beats it. If you like full bodied and a tasty smoke you have to try.
AW of Joliet, IL
A lovely spring morning,the first tee, being in the the first group playing behind the mowers and greens crew and an El Rey del Mundo Oscuro..What a combination!! Hands down my favorite product that I've purchased from CI...first class taste..medium full in body and smooooth..damn cheap,too...for the product you're getting..Only thing coulda made the morning better woulda been a couple more putts dropping in for birdie..I'm ordering some more today!! Thanks to CI for stocking such variety..
TC of Horn Lake, MS
I smoked one of these (El Rey Del Mundo) the other night with a buddy of mine. I felt like a kid on Christmas opening the tissue paper and revealing this dark, oily, gorgeous cigar. It smoked just as well as it looked; hints of coffee, cream, and a very subtle hint of licorice and spice. All I have to say is WOW! We were both very impressed. I'll definitely buy more of these.
TC of Bound Brook, NJ
A very good medium-full smoke (El Rey Del Mundo). No suprises, great flavor through-out the smoke.
BF of Meriden, CT
I found this cigar (El Rey Del Mundo) to be very smooth and a flavorable cigar. I love the detail attention that was given in wrapping it in white tissue paper.
CR of Chicago, IL