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CI's 91-Rated Starter Set New


Have you looked at your phone bill recently? Or maybe your cable bill? Between all the mysterious “convenience” fees and surcharges, I barely know what I’m paying for? And you know, the complexity of our lives extends well beyond these two examples. I hear your pain, and strive for the simple things in life. Namely, cigars. So that’s what I put together here for ya: A simple, classic 20-count humidor that even the wife can get behind. A mouth-watering, 91-rated collection of cigars from titans like CAO, Macanudo, and Cohiba. Scoop in a heaping portion of discounts, and you got yourself a humidor & cigar combo that any enthusiast can get behind. Time for that easy-living, son!

CI’s 91-Rated Starter Set includes 20 cigars:
5 - Macanudo Inspirado Green Robusto (5”x52)
5 - CAO Brazilia Gol! (5”x56)
5 - Cohiba Nicaragua N5x52 (No Tube) (5”x52)
1 - Mahogany 20-Count Humidor (3.19”h x 10.63”w x 8.75”d)

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