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Black & Mild

Middleton's Black and Mild are on the top-selling pipe tobacco cigars. Using broad-cut black Cavendish with Burley and golden Virginia tobaccos, Middleton offers a full-flavored, sweet flavor with a pleasant aroma.

- Tipped for a consistent and dependable draw
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Casino (Lancero/Panatela) (5.0"x30) Shipping Constraints
Box of 25 In Stock $29.20
save $10.70 37% off
Cherry (Lancero/Panatela) (5.0"x30) New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 [10/5] In Stock $58.40
save $21.40 37% off
Gold & Mild (Lancero/Pantella) (5.0"x30) New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 [10/5] In Stock $58.40
save $21.40 37% off
Jazz (Lancero/Pantella) (5.0"x30) New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 [10/5] In Stock $58.40
save $21.40 37% off
Mild (Lancero/Pantella) (5.0"x30) New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 [10/5] In Stock $58.40
save $21.40 37% off
Original (Lancero/Pantella) (5.0"x30) New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 [10/5] In Stock $58.40
save $21.40 37% off
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5 out of 5
Customer Testimonials
Sweet & mellow.
These are what got me into cigars! They have a great smell, burn easily and are cheap. My favorites are the ones that come with the wooden tip. Though they are pretty quick smokes compared to an average cigar and if you smoke a couple in one night they can leave an aftertaste later.
Holy fast shipping batman! I love blacks. I started smoking them in tech school (AF) and have been ever since. I've tried different flavors but can't help but switch back to the original. They smell just like my grandfathers old pipe!
I have tried the wine and cream and they are pretty damn good for the price.
These are really awesome. Pleasant & tasty & a super bargain!
These little cigars have a lovely smell, but to me, they burn up in a blink of an eye. Most of the time i smoke a toro size cigar (6" X 50), so i smoke the Black and Milds only very rarely. They would be better if they offered them in a 5'' X 42 size.
Just got my shipment of Middleton's Gold and Mild. These have burley instead of black cavendish like the Black and Milds meaning they have more oomph. Also these are Vanilla flavored without the hint of fruit the blacks have. Ladies love the aroma and no bad aftertaste like the Black and Milds IMHO. CI has these fresh as can be and at the cheapest prices!
i've been smoking these for years....can't get a better small cigar. people around love the aroma.
This cigar is mighty tasty... I enjoyed one just the other night while drinking forty ounces of Olde English and watching the NBA!!! Will try again in the future...
these cigars are completely terrible. They burn extremely fast and leave a terrible taste in my mouth. you might enjoy them till you smoke a good cigar.
Black & Mild's are great(Middleton)! Nice comfortable plastic tip and a noticeable sweet taste that last's through the whole thing:) I would recommend them to any cigar smoker.
I love Black & Mild cigar (Middleton), they are fresh and moist. Great tasting cigar
i enjoy middleton's black and mild gold. they are smooth and tasty
i love your produted (Middleton)
a very good cigar (Middleton) for really really cheap. I smoke these when I am playing poker with my freinds. Every time I bring a pack they disappear within minutes.
Black & Milds (Middleton) are fantastic!!! I am smoking one right now. I love the smooth flavor and wonderfull aroma of pipe tobacco in a easy to use cigar form. And just like the post above me said, biting on the tip is another pleasure you must savor.
Those of you who are looking for that specific cigar that produces an aromatic, sweet smelling smoke, these (Middleton's Black and Mild) are it.
A great cigar to start out on (Middleton). Great for a quick smoke that tastes good and smells good. Also the plastic tip is great to bite down on.