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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

A darker, richer Tempus cigar.

Take the 94-rated Tempus, add a maduro wrapper into the equation, and come out on top with another winning blend. If only everything were that easy. But for Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley, the wind is always at his back.

Tempus Maduro cigars combine the same rich filler blend as the original Tempus, now paired with a San Andres maduro wrapper. This wrapper leaf is dark and luscious, specially fermented using an old Cuban technique. The result is a rich, full-flavored blend that's smooth and balanced throughout. Notes of coffee, cocoa, pepper, cedar, and a slightly sweet finish characterize this complex new addition to the Alec Bradley line up.

Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "A dark cigar with some pronounced veins and a roughly applied cap. It's notes of licorice and nuts take on a firey, chili pepper spiciness. The finish is a touch chalky."

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Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro”

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1 out of 5
Waste of money
Dried out, stems caused uneven burn , Alex Bradley should be ashamed. Usually great cigars.
4 out of 5
Good smoke!
Great draw and taste...
5 out of 5
One great cigar
One great cigar
5 out of 5
Love Them!!!
I absolutely love them, one of the better smokes.
5 out of 5
Nice smoke
5 out of 5
excellent cigar
The entire Alec Bradley line is typically excellent and the tempus maduro is no exception. Definitely one of my favorites and I have been smoking cigars for over ten years
3 out of 5
Ordered box of Alec Bradley
Ordered box of Alec Bradley tempos. Mostly dried out sticks.
4 out of 5
My Kind if Cigar!
A lot of punch, flavor, and boldness, it is a winner with me. I think this is an excellent cigar, well done! Some construction issues displeased me on some, but I will continue to maintain my personal inventory. If you like a mire bland cigar this offering is probably not for you.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
This is my wife's favorite cigar, full bodied, great construction, great flavor profile, and most of all AWESOME price. All of AB's product is phenomenal.
2 out of 5
Not typical of Alec Bradley
These cigars tasted stale and lacked flavor. Very uneven burn.Would not stay lit. Completely dissapointed. Not typical of any AB iv'e smoked.
4 out of 5
Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro
Nice cigar, smooth flavor,mild taste. a great daily cigar choice
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Fantastic taste. Sort of floral with a little sweetness. My go to stogie on the weekends.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar.
Great Cigar!
5 out of 5
The Tempus isn't tempestuous.
This is a fabulous cigar. I like the Tempus but I think this one is a little bit better. The cold draw was very tasty. Burned perfect for the first half and just a little wavy on the back half (no corrections). You can taste the mineral hints from the Nica fillers and subtle leather tones as well (i don't like strong leather). It held the ash for the whole smoke (robusto). I wouldn't call it a full but med-full. Very smooth. Another AB winner. Kudo's to CI also, I've been getting great service from them.
5 out of 5
Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Terra Nova
I enjoyed the Tempus Maduro Terra Nova very much. A very smooth smoke, a well made cigar and ample smoke per draw. The taste has just enough sweetness and sharp flavor to make it a great after dinner smoke.
5 out of 5
Absolutely Stunning! Typical AB construction that is of the highest quality and attention to detail on the market today. I can now say that I have found the perfect maduro for my enjoyment. This dark, rich and earthy blend is truly a work of passion for the AB torcedors and is now a staple in my humidor. This fantastic blend has finally given me an aroma that I have encountered in a few of my other favorites like Torano's exodus 50 years and Deisel UHC that I couldn't put my finger on? Now with the help of the AB Tempus maduro I can say "Black Tea"! An aroma that I find mouthwatering and contingent with a high quality blend. See for yourself! And as always, much thanks to BB of Loveland for sharing his expert and entertaining reviews.....
Customer Testimonials
Every so often, a blend comes along that has special qualities or properties that make it unique. Alan Rubin's delightfully delicious Tempus is just such a vitola. It is well documented & its praises have been sung. A massive following, along with honors & ratings as high as 94. Along comes Tempus Maduro. An idea so simple, it almost defies logic. Take the formidable ligero long fillers Tempus is known for & cover them with a seamless chocolate brown San Andres maduro wrapper that is veinless & resplendent with oils. There is something about the leaf that works well with these specific filler tobaccos, taking an already dynamic flavor profile & adding the mellow charms of cocoa, tannin & peat. Full bodied, yet smooth, mellow & downright addictive! I'm hooked & often scour the sites looking for deals on this one specific blend, that boldly stands toe to toe with any maduro offering in recent memory. I rank it up there with some of the nearly peerless maduro classics like San Lotano Maduro, Drew Estate's Undercrown & AJ Fernandez's holy concoction, Diesel Unholy cocktail. High praise indeed, but Tempus Maduro earns every accolade thrown its way & more. I like to keep a few of the regular Tempus & Tempus Maduro on hand, so I can smoke them back to back. Strangely, I can't seem to find any 90+ ratings for Tempus Maduro Terra Nova robusto. It can only be an oversight, in my opinion, since it easily knocks down a 93 in my book. A Top 10 smoke overall, that skyrockets to 1st or 2nd among maduro cigars. Highly recommended to fullheads & maduro lovers alike.
You can't go wrong with Alec Bradley. I bought two other cigars and didn't like, but this was a good tasting smoke. The only thing is that it wasn't full body in my opinion.
Got 5 of the Quadrum Maduro as part of a bundle. Was a bit wary lighting my first one today having read some of the reviews here about the construction/wrapper, but mine burnt beautifully. Actually burned much more evenly than the Prensado which was my first box pressed offering from Alec Bradley. Very smooth start and easy draw when first lit but it really came to life about 1/3 of the way in where it got increasingly peppery. It didn't pack the same punch as the Prensado but I was very happy with this cigar. Looking forward to smoking the rest of them after leaving them in the humidor for a few weeks.
I smoked one of these morsels over the weekend. Great smoke... BUT the burn issues are real. Got midway through the stick and I experienced some crazy uneven burning.... outside of that its one of the best tasting Maduros i've had. But yea ... they need to fix that uneven burn issue cause its annoying.
It is good that the reviews investigating burn issues with some Alec Bradley cigars have subsided, as have the instances of irregular burns. This lineup of premium boutique blends is far too good to be plagued by such problems. In deference to AB, it seems that they have been listening & have managed to get the situation under control. The vitola I am currently smoking, the Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Terra Nova robusto, is a fair example. Ordered just last week & having spent only a few days in my humidor, it is performing extremely well, with no hint of previously seen issues like tunneling. Every time I smoke one of these delicious maduros, I become more & more impressed with just how good it is. Being a huge fan of the Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf, I am totally enamored with Alan Rubin's use of it to take the original 94 rated Tempus blend to the next level. This is one of the few maduros I know of that can stand up with the big boys of maduroland like San Lotano Oval Maduro, Diesel & Drew Estate's Undercrown. Recent deals have allowed me to purchase this fine vitola for less than half of the normal cost. At that price, few, if any other maduro cigars, can compete. Give 'em a try & see if you don't agree. This one will grow on you & if you are like me, you will find Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro thoroughly satisfying.
Tempus & Tempus Maduro. They go together like love & marriage. Consider that one basic blend of Cuban seed Honduran & Nicaraguan long fillers is used in both instances. Information on the binders used has eluded me, but they may well share that commonality too. Tempus' hearty Habano seed wrapper & Tempus Maduro's seamless San Andres leaf, characterize each blend. Fullheads could conceivably keep both on hand & have just about the best medium/full bodied duo currently available. Basically one blend, but different flavor profiles. Alec Bradley's Tempus has earned many 90+ ratings. Deservedly so. Tempus Maduro is a thing of beauty in its own right. The use of a San Andres wrapper fermented the old Cuban way, puts it over the top, for me. Full flavored notes of cedar, cocoa & cracked black pepper, delivered with that silky smooth sweetness characteristic of the leaf. Easily among my favorite maduro cigars, Tempus Maduro earns a solid 92/100, putting it in the heady company of vitolas like 5 Vegas "AAA", Diesel & Undercrown. The Terra Nova is a classically shaped 5" X 50 robusto & my choice when I smoke both blends back to back, as I am during this review. Don't sleep on the Quadrum box pressed gordo robusto at 5.5" X 55. The double nickle format seems perfect for displaying the robust ligeros at play in both blends. Often found included in samplers, it's a good way to keep a few on hand, without having to pay full freight.
Received one of these in a "taste of Alec Bradley sampler". I have been wanting to try one for a while now. The Prensado is one of my favorite smokes... And now the Tempus Maduro is on that list too. It was a little milder than I was expecting, though the flavors that came out were very pleasing. And the aroma was surpurb! My only issues where that the ash flowered often, and.... Anything wet that touches it gets a brown film, fingers lips, etc. Regardless it was an enjoyable cigar.
Yes. The issue is out there & needs to be addressed. Alec Bradley, purveyor of delicious, highly rated blends, can barely deliver a stick that doesn't have at least minor burn issues... I am gnawing on a Tempus Maduro Terra Nova as I write this & will report any issues encountered.... No dry boxing before lighting, the Terra Nova has been stored at 70% humidity for about 8 months. 15 minutes in & the commonly seen underburn begins. If it continues, I will need to put flame to the unburned wrapper. Any burn issues detract from the overall experience. Tempus Maduro, by the way, is a delicious blend, chock full of black tobacco, coffee, bitter chocolate & caramel. Medium/full, spicy, just delightful. Fast toking has corrected the underburn, at least for the time being. I am a big Alec Bradley fan. I hope that these burn irregularities can be overcome.... Tempus Maduro Terra Nova performs fairly well the remainder of the smoke. Still, it caused some concern at the beginning & that is after being warehoused for a long, long time.... Still, I really like most of AB's blends, Tempus Maduro is no exception. 91/100 One of the best Maduro's anywhere.
....Got a perfect cut from my CC perfect cutter. Roasted roughly 30 seconds at 45-degree angle with my trusted butane Xikar torch....For the THIRD time in a row now these ABs have provided nothing but displeasure and frustration....It didn't used to be this way. I have multiple coolidors and desk humidors ranging from 60-70 RH. All use heartfelt beads with distilled water and digi hygros. But for the LIFE OF ME, I can't get these to burn or taste right... OTT or even resting for a year+. And it's not just CI's merch... my local B&M's ABs are just as disastrous. As a BOTL, I say unto my fellow BOTLs, maybe don't pull the trigger on a box or fiver right now. I'm a lover of CI and would normally not try to dissuade someone from purchasing sticks unless I truly felt there were real issues at hand. Maybe grab a single at your local B&M or offer up a trade from a BOTL forum buddy to see if you get any of the issues me and a few of my buddies are experiencing. Hopefully this is a temporary issue and not indicative of things to come. I'll check in on this page and review over the next few months if anyone has any similar issues they'd like to share or discuss....
A nice looking cigar (Quadrum) that is bland, boring and monotonous....
Beautiful looking and tasting cigar. Mexican maduro wrappers rock !!
1 of my top 2 favorites. Very smooth on the retro-hale, nice smoke plumes, creamy taste. Very light on the pepper side; Just enough to let u know this is a mans cigar. I prefer Maduro's. This and CAO Brazillias are my favorite. I highly recommend and thank Cigars international for the hookup. Be blessed.
I enjoy trying cigars that are new to me. I got two of the box pressed maduros in a sampler. my pre light draw was so open that I feared a problem. I was wrong. these are something special. Tons of thick smoke and a great cigar experience. Definitely going on my "to buy next" list.
The Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Terra Nova Robusto is a darkly wrapped, creamy smooth example of this companies penchant for delivering superior blends & exotic tobaccos consistently. Another winner in a stable full of 90+ rated gems. Complex & eventful throughout, the Terra Nova is among my favorite Maduro cigars. Well worth a try, this is a worthy recreation of the original 94 rated Tempus.
I tried the Tempus Habano and it was tasty . So , when I saw the Maduro on the daily deal I had try it. I actually talked my girl into buying 10 of them, and that makes it a sweet deal all the way around for me . I was suprised how well the wrapper and fillers flavor meld together . You'll just have to try one , or 10 and see . They are good !! Kinda reminds me of a Padron !!!
Tempus Quadrum was not Alec Bradley quality that I know and love. In fact the wrapper leaf was powder coated for color.
Not has good as the regular Habano wrapped TEMPUS line, but still a very good maduro cigar. Definitely worth a try.
As soon as I lit my firsts Tempus Maduro I felt in love with it. Smooth and very flavorful, coating the palate with nice chewy flavors. I try it with an espresso, a dark chocolate and a glass of single malt scotch and I'm impressed by the good pairing it was with each. A 90 rated at least!
Just Finished my first one. Just an awesome cigar. Chocolate and coffee. Smelled so damn good it made my pregnant neighbor horny!!! Her husband, needless to say, is a fan now too ;)!!! Only one small problem. There was a small pin hole in the wrapper, causing the cherry to tunnel away from it. After the 1st ash ( which was about 1 inch) it burned back to even by itself. That alone is a feat. But every cigar is a snowflake. Draw was semi-tight but the volume of delicious smoke was tremendous. Will repeat purchase and recommend to others.
I am pleased to be one of the first to review this cigar. This review was done on December 13, 2010. I received these from a Joe's Daily Deal and the first smoked was right out of the package. Please remember that! First off, the light up flavor was fantastic. I can't discern the flavors that many people can but it was absolutely fantastic. The cigar itself was soft but that should improve with age. The burn was fairly even and I am sure that it will be excellent after aging. A wonderful full flavored chocolate smoke. I will wait to see if they are as good as the original. Humidor time will be required for a side by side comparison. Smoke on everyone. BUY SOME, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

Steve R

I’ve long been a fan of Alec Bradley Tempus. This 94-rated stud is damn tasty and always well-made. Especially the Quadrum size, which sits heavy in the hand and comes jam-packed with delicious tobaccos. I just received a Tempus Maduro in this very same size: 5.5”x55 Quadrum. It looks and smells amazing, offering a sweet tobacco pre-light aroma and a bready pre-light flavor that’s making my mouth water. I’m expecting good things here....and decided to write a review to let you know how my first experience with this new blend unfolds.

Side note: I was shocked to see I did not write a review on the original Tempus. I be slackin’, yo!

As I said before, the pre-light characteristics of this cigar really captured my attention. Upon inspecting the foot, I notice a modest mix of darker, ligero-esque tobaccos throughout the blend – foreshadowing of some strength ahead.

The smoke begins with a warm, roasted flavor. Almost like dark roast coffee, with a dry but toasty backbone of dark tobacco flavors beneath. This initial bouquet fills the palate with thick, creamy smoke. The exhale through the nose is surprisingly smooth. However, this all changes after an inch, as red pepper enters the fray....this pepper coats the back of the palate in smooth fashion and becomes a dominate flavor through the nose shortly thereafter. Interestingly enough, I am also picking up a slightly sweet touch of – what seems to be – caramel on the finish....just on the front of the palate. I don’t notice this new intricacy with every puff, but it’s certainly there.

I am midway through, and the power behind those darker tobaccos I mentioned earlier are shining through. This cigar is meaty. Rich, toasty to the core with dark tobacco flavors and a dash of pepper....the caramel is gone as the strength reaches my gut. I wouldn’t call this a full-bodied cigar (not yet, at least), but it is certainly satisfying on many levels with two thirds remaining.

The final stretch is pure maduro. A bold display of strong, but properly cared for tobaccos dishing out impressive flavors that linger long on the palate. Even the aroma has intensified. It was toasty and charcoal-like at first, but has now evolved into a zesty, somewhat oily aroma.

Wow. The darker side of Tempus has many faces. All of which are presented in balanced fashion despite their contrasting attributes. From spicy to sweet, dry to rich, the Alec Bradley Tempus kept me on my toes from start to finish.


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