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5/28/16 - Weekend Spotlight - RB Olancho Vintage

Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage
…NEW blend
…boxes start at $29.99
…Save up to 73%*

Hmm, just how do we properly introduce the brand new, super-delicious, and utterly amazing blend from Ramon Bueso? I got it. Drumroll, please. No, not theatric enough. Cue Doves. No, not suspenseful enough. Prepare glitter bombs and dancing ponies. YE…err, no, too messy. How about just a lovely welcome that starts at $2.33 per cigar? That’s more like it. 

Check it out, holmes. This weekend we’ve got the entire lineup of Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage 2005 on full display. Boxes start at just $29.99. We’re so confident that you’ll be singing this one's praises, we’ve got even more in store. We’re throwing 5 more cigars (in the torpedo size) into the equation for just $5. ​That means you can walk off with 15 new Bueso limited edition cigars for as little as $34.99. Fork over as little as $2.33 per limited edition Bueso. Damn.

The blend? Oh yeah, right, that. It’s a slice of cigar tiramisu – layered with delicious flavors. An experience made possible by skillfully combining a cornucopia of vintage tobaccos. The entire cigar is chock full of it, and most notable is the wrapper. A never before used Colorado Oscuro Olancho leaf grown exclusively for this cigar, dating all the way back to 2005 and fermented to perfection. If that sounded good, check out what else this thing is packin’. It’s got more ammunition than a 1980’s action star.

Wrapper: 2005 Colorado Oscuro Olancho
Binder: 2005 leaf from Talanga Valley
Filler: 2008 Nicaraguan Esteli, 2010 Honduras La Entrada, 2008 Honduran Jamastran, and 2003 Honduras Olancho 

Big, intense notes of espresso, earth, spice, leather, cedar, and dashes of pepper, all culminate in swirling fashion. Medium to full-bodied and savory down to the nub, this is one hell of a cigar. 

This is Ramon’s most talked about blend since Genesis The Project, and it’s going to impress even the most devoted fans. Go nuts, and save 73%

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
'A' (Presidente) (8.7"x47)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $44.99
'A' + 5-Pack
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $49.99
Muy Bueso (Gordo) (6.5"x60)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $44.99
Muy Bueso + 5-Pack
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $49.99
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $80.00 $29.99
Robusto + 5-Pack
BOX OF 10 In Stock $80.00 $34.99
Toro (6.0"x50)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $90.00 $34.99
Toro + 5-Pack
BOX OF 10 In Stock $90.00 $39.99
Torpedo (6.0"x52)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $39.99
Torpedo + 5-Pack (6.0"x52)
BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $44.99