Fireside Desktop Humidor

Convenient and quaint, this is a nice little humidor!

No bells and whistles to this humidor, just a convenient, 15 to 20-cigar capacity storage unit made of premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar. It's a perfect way to keep a steady supply of premiums at the office, or even over the in-laws house, so you can always get away for an extended cigar break. Complete with humidification device, the Fireside Desktop Humidor is an excellent choice when you just need a little more room for your collection.
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Customer Reviews of “Fireside Desktop Humidor”
“The included humidification device is weak and the size isn't entirely accurate, I only get about 15 in because of the humidification device. Still, a good price overall.”
“Awesome price, ok size and nice fit to an office desk.”
MG of Fayetteville, NC
“Received in excellent condition. The joints of the spanish cedar inside are not as tight together as I would like, but for such a low price point I am not going to be picky. Humidifier puck is a nice design and easy to install. The outside finish is very nice, the felt bottom has the manufacturers Logo screened on and it is cracking and peeling off, but that is on the bottom and does not interfere with anything. All in all, I am very pleased and this humidor will serve my purposes perfectly.”
JC of Johnson City, TN
“A nice little humidor that I got as a second humidor. The color is great. Not sure how many cigars it will actually hold, as I'm currently seasoning it. But it does look like it will hold about 15 robustos.”
AS of Tempe, AZ
“No frills, cutesy, little humidor. Keep it and it's smaller brother on top of each other in the kitchen. Holds humidity just fine going on a couple months now. Of course, I'm not using the sponge that it came with, but beads instead.”
PK of Southfields, NY
“This is a nice little humidor to have for setting some cigars aside for the day or week. I'll be using it this way so I won't have to open my 300 count humidor as much. Also will be used for when the brother-in-law comes over who seems to turn into a cigar expert every time he steps into my house.”
RR of Bakersfield, CA
“nice humidor works well for me ”
DN of Fulton, MO