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The Cigar Clip

Say goodbye to burnt fingertips with the Cigar Clip. New to the market, this 'handy' accessory allows you to get every last flavorful puff out of your favorite cigar. The times of wasting that last little nub are over. Constructed using 304 grade stainless steel, and features a heat-resistant rubber coated handle. The Cigar Clip is fully adjustable to fit any ring gauge and has a full lifetime warranty. I think we have found the cigar smoker's new best friend.

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CIGAR CLIP In Stock $9.95 $8.99

Customer Reviews of “The Cigar Clip”

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I love my cigar clip! I've used it on everything from a perfecto to a 6x60.
The cigar clip arrived in good shape, looking forward to using it. :)
If you're like me and love smoking your cigar all the way to the nub, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just be prepared for all your friends to make comments about your "roach" clip. Don't worry...they're only jealous.
A nice tool to have when you get past the nub! I like it and I will use it from now on. No more burning my fingertips with a cigar that's too good to let go. It has a nice leather pouch that comes with it too.
Nice little tool to get every last puff without burning the fingers. The leather case it comes with is a nice touch too.
Works great! Good simple design; good price.
Lost my first one and complain every time my cigar reaches those last couple of inches. Finally gave up on finding it and have ordered a 2nd one (this way I know I'll find the first). If you like to get the most out of your cigars like I do, you won't regret buying it no matter how many cracks you hear from your friends about it being an "over sized roach clip".