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The Chunktastic Chosen One

Thirty 60-Ring Cigars only $3.25/cigar!


Watch out! This bloated beast is one cigar away from blowing a button...or three. It can't get any bigger or beefier, and if you're a fan of chunky premiums and saving money, you should be sold with just one glance. It's the Chunktastic Chosen One II sampler. A 30-cigar behemoth chock full of 60-ring gems for just $3.25 per cigar. Six different blends, one big chunky sampler, yours today for 75% less. 

Portly creations from Man O' War, 5 Vegas, Diesel, NUB, Gurkha, and Graycliff are just $3.25 apiece. That's a humidor stuffing selection for only $97.50. For an assortment like this, in sizes like these, that’s downright nutty. Take this one for a spin and save $290 OFF retail

All 60-ring Cigars, 6 great blends, 30 total cigars, and whole lotta savings. The Chunktastic Chosen One III discounted down to just $97.50 this week only. Don’t wait. 

The Chunktastic Chosen One III includes:
5 - Diesel Shorty (4.5" x 60)
5 - Man O' War Ruination Robusto #2 (6.0" x 60)
5 - Gurkha Crest XO (6.0" x 60)
5 - Nub Connecticut by Oliva 460 (4.0" x 60)
5 - 5 Vegas Nicaragua Gordo (6.0" x 60)
5 - Graycliff G2 Habano PGXL (6.0" x 60)

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30 Cigars
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