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The Thrilla in the Villa

Sean G.

Look, I’ve never been into cigar reviews. Who the hell cares what some semi-bald, big-headed nerd thinks about a bunch of cigars? Right? But then it dawned on me. Not everyone out there is bombarded with hordes of premium cigars like I am (I know, first-world problems) and works in an environment where their co-workers burn down sticks faster than greased lightning. So I’ll admit it: I was wrong. The people need to know what’s worthwhile in the ever-growing expanse of the cigar universe. And I’m just the man to do it…

The first test-subject on the docket? Villazon Maduro. On paper, this one checks all the boxes. Pedigree? Check. These puppies are rolled at the famous Villazon factory (now renamed HATSA), where the likes of Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey are made. Price point? Check. These bundled beauties just landed here and start at a paltry $2 a cigar. Inexpensive, premium handmades from the industry’s most legendary factory? You have my attention.

Full disclosure: maduro-wrapped cigars are my go-to. No matter what, I was probably going to like this cigar more than the average cigar enthusiast. But believe me when I say it: this warlock is legit. Boasting a four-country, long-filler blend, this gem is as complex as they come. This potent cocktail is then finished with a thick, smooth Broadleaf maduro. The final product provides a fairly stereotypical maduro flavor up front; chocolaty, rich, etc. But as things progress, the blend gradually adds spice as you burn it down. Mix that with the richness of the wrapper and notes of cedar, earth, and citrus and you have a flavor firecracker that’s easily worth price of admission.

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