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Reviews by Jeff K
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Casa Magna Dominican

Jeff K
After I finished this, I realized Steve R just wrote the same. Whatever, it just shows the communication gap that happens when you sit five feet apart. Plus, it’s an obvious vote of confidence for a really good new blend….
March Madness is in full swing around here, and between the basketball brackets and the ongoing push to enjoy as much daylight savings as I can, there’s not much time for cigar reviewing. Smoking them, sure, but to actually take the time to sit down and make sense of my thoughts on a blend? That’s a bit more complicated and time-consuming. But since so many of you seek out these reviews and since the big dogs around here have been bugging me about it, I decided to take a moment to reflect on Casa Magna Dominican.

But before we get to all that, a little background on the brand itself. It’s kind of a funny story, actually. Casa Magna is the brainchild of Manuel Quesada, who also happens to own a factory in the Dominican. But that’s not where he chose to produce the original, 93-rated, #1 Cigar of 2008, Casa Magna....instead, he took it to Nicaragua and teamed up with Nestor Plasencia. A very atypical cigar industry scenario. But here’s where the story gets even stranger. His next Casa Magna release was Oscuro, and once again, rather than playing the home field advantage, he opted to have it manufactured in Honduras. But the point of the story is this: he’s finally come home, and Casa Magna Dominican is finally manufactured is his own factory in the Dominican Republic. So now the world makes sense again.

Now that we’ve delved into the history, let’s take a moment to review the specimen at hand, shall we? The first thing I notice is a thin, brown wrapper that’s evenly colored, with a very naturally fermented look. It’s not super oily, but still, I find myself eagerly anticipating lighting this baby up.

The first puff is smooth and easy, with a notable sweetness that envelops my palate nicely. Besides the hit of sweet, I detect notes of toast caramel, nuts, and wood. A few more puffs and I notice a straight burn with a nice white column of ash. Overall, the character is mellow, which thankfully matches my mood at the time. It’s easy to sit back and enjoy this one.

About an inch in, the strength starts to pick up nicely, hitting all sides of my palate. I can feel my salivary glands start to get going, and I can’t help but notice how much I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Now I’m about halfway, and enjoying a nice array of spice, pepper, peat, orange, and ginger. The complexity is definitely impressive. Smoke production stays consistent, which is to say it’s voluminous without being excessive. No complaints here in that department.

The final third reveals yet another layer of flavor, but this time it’s a tinge of cream soda and pepper. As it comes to an end, I’ll admit that I’m a bit disappointed, and hope that another makes its way across my desk in the near future. In short, Casa Magna Dominican is a SLAM DUNK for Manuel Quesada and a cigar I really enjoyed. Good thing he finally brought it on home to the DR.