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Reviews by Brandon S
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CAO Black

Brandon S

Originally the first cigar ever produced by Cano A. Ozgener the Black is back and in my opinion, it’s better than ever!

I keep an ample supply of these on hand at all times because quite frankly, I think they’re addictive. At home I have so many empty CAO Black boxes that at a quick glance it damn near looks like a Zebra standing next to my humidor!

The Black is a very well-rounded cigar that upon lighting it up will greet you with a quick dose of spiciness before settling down into a creamy, medium-bodied smoke at about the 1” mark. A little further into it and you begin to pick up distinct cedary notes that are a direct result of each cigar in the box being draped with a nice cedar sleeve. From here the Black slowly gains complexity, constantly changing and evolving throughout the remainder of the cigar. Over time I have settled on two specific sizes that I really enjoy; the 6X50 Toro size called the Bengal and the 6X52 Torpedo named Gothic. Both sizes are simply perfect for showcasing the dizzying array of flavors that this cigar is capable of producing. Come to think of it, the only down side (if you can call it that) is that the CAO Black is extremely limited in production. Just 6,000 boxes of each size were produced for the US market which means that it’s about time I stop writing and get myself set up with another coupla boxes!