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Reviews by Steve R

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La Aurora

Steve R

La Aurora, a.k.a. The Fuente Killer. Why do I call it this? Because every time a customer asks for something comparable to Fuente, I introduce them to La Aurora - in my mind, the best brand to ever come out of the Dominican. Think about it: they’re both mellow to medium-bodied premiums made in the Dominican using the finest selection of long-leaf tobaccos and Cameroon wrappers. Apples to apples? Not really. La Aurora is made in the Dominican Republic’s oldest factory. Since 1903, this factory has used the same tobaccos, from the same family-owned fields within the Dominican, leading to an unbelievably consistent blend and flavor, cigar after cigar. This factory sets the standard in passion and devotion towards the highest quality in tobacco and fine cigars. Locals call it “The Pride of the Dominican”, and for good reason. Apples to oranges, and the customers’ reactions are undeniable proof.

Although I do enjoy the La Aurora Preferidos, I can’t afford to enjoy them regularly, so I usually lean on the trusty Robusto to get me through. I’ve probably burned 7-8 boxes over the past year, and haven’t been let down yet. My current box is no different. Every cigar performs perfectly. Slow, cool burn that stays even regardless of how poorly I light the foot. It’s almost impossible to find a soft spot in any of the cigars and the draw of each has been a touch above effortless. The vein-free wrappers are so silky and smooth it almost hurts to clip the flawlessly applied cap. Flavor-wise, this cigar shows a lot of character. The Cameroon wrapper gives off soft hints of nuts that prepare your palate for a buttery smooth tanginess and woody aftertaste. These flavors remain constant right up to the end, leading the cigar into a creamy, robust finish complemented by the slightest bit of pepper. Even without the fancy finish, this cigar will satisfy the palate no matter what your preference in strength may be. The deliciously complex flavors coat the palate instantly upon lighting, never hinting at fading into the ever so boring world of one-dimensional Dominicans, while the immaculate construction allows you to fully enjoy this fantastic handmade every time you light one up. I strongly recommend you try these if you haven’t already.