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Reviews by Brandon S

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The Edge by Rocky Patel

Brandon S
A while back we had an in-store event featuring Indian Tabac products where Rocky Patel first began introducing the Edge. As we were getting setup I noticed from across the room that Rocky was walking around applying stickers to the 100-ct boxes of Edge cigars. Closer inspection of these stickers revealed something along the lines of a friendly warning to cigar enthusiasts, “For Professional Smokers Only – Smoke only while sitting” Being a big fan of rich and full-bodied cigars I pressed Rocky for more information on the blend however my inquisition was cut short when he handed me an Edge Corojo and said “try it”.

With the runaway success and outstanding ratings that the Vintage line received, most cigar enthusiasts seemed eager to see if Rocky could sustain the momentum with the newer blends. That was back in late September of 2004 and since then I have redefined my perception of Indian Tabac and Rocky Patel from a maker of good quality and flavorful cigars to that of a true Master Blender which produces some of the hottest blends available today.

There is no doubt that the Edge is a full-bodied cigar however it is not the strength of this cigar that I find so intriguing. Rather it is the exceptional level of flavor and complexity that I experience while enjoying one. From the very first draw this cigar is incredibly smooth…not something I have come to expect from a Corojo wrapper. The flavor is rich and leathery but without bite or being peppery. A few more inches in and the complexity really begins to become noticeable. While the flavor of this cigar remains relatively constant throughout, the variations in the flavor are what sets this cigar apart from countless others. The construction is nothing short of flawless and as of yet I have not had to sacrifice one to a poor draw. Add to this the voluminous clouds of smoke this cigar is capable of producing and it is easy to see why Rocky’s cigars are being held in such high regard and score ratings in the stratosphere.