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A Padron that won't break the bank.

Chris H.

I will openly admit right off the bat that I am addicted to Padron cigars. I smoke at least 1-2 per week and even then, it is not enough. The construction, the history, the burn, the flavors, I can go on and on about why I love all types of Padron cigars! But today, I am here to talk about the Padron Series 5000 in natural. This is considered their “entry level” or mainline cigar without the historically pricier cost as its relatives, the 1926, 1964, and other anniversary series sticks everyone loves. While this cigar may not be as expensive, it does not lack beautiful construction, wonderful burn time, and great flavors on the palate.  

 This cigar is a Nicaraguan puro, meaning the wrapper, binder, and long-fillers are all from Nicaragua. It is considered medium-bodied with a burn time of about 60-80 minutes. You will get a wonderful mix of earthy notes, natural sweetness, and hints of leather on the retro hale. This cigar burns very evenly, and not as quick as some of the anniversary sticks seem to do. While many people consider only smoking a Padron for “special occasions”, this cigar is truly a cigar you can add to your rotation of daily smokes. As my motto says, “Life is too short to have bad cigars” and the Padron Series 5000 is not only a good cigar, it is a great cigar. This cigar pairs very well with many spirits, including bourbon to pull the sweetness out of the drink and cigar; as well as Scotch, that will enhance the earth notes with a hint of spice on the tongue. So, grab yourself some of these amazing sticks and toast to life any day of the week, for any reason, with a beautiful Padron cigar that will not break the bank!