Staff Reviews for May 2018

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  • The Thrilla in the Villa

    Sean G.
    Look, I’ve never been into cigar reviews. Who the hell cares what some semi-bald, big-headed nerd thinks about a bunch of cigars? Right? But then it dawned on me. Not everyone out there is bombarded with hordes of premium cigars like I am (I know, first-world problems) and works in an environment where their co-workers burn down sticks faster than greased lightning. So I’ll admit it: I was wrong. …
  • A Safari of Complexity

    2003 — a momentous year for cigars. You see, fifteen short years ago is when the Five Hour Energy shot was first introduced to the market, and after becoming incredibly wired and going on a two week buying bender, the team at Cigars International began mutating into the deal-driven, price-slashing monsters we are today. Wait, wait, my editors tell me that’s not quite right. Ah, yes, in addition …
  • Bahia's Rio de Flavor

    Let me start this review off with an apology. For the last year, I’ve been diligently reviewing cigars here, and to my surprise this morning I noticed only one of the cigars I reviewed (Oliva 2nds) has been an affordable option. My bad! Before you get the wrong idea, I don’t take down Padrons and Alma Fuertes everyday. No, in fact, my cigar rotation leans much more towards the “budget” side of …