Staff Reviews for July 2016

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  • Macanudo Inspirado Black

    Jason B
    Macanudo is known for creating some of the best cigar blends on the market. High quality control, smooth flavors and mellow blends are what this classic Cuban brand is best known for. It is one of the most asked for cigar manufacturers in our retail locations. When Macanudo becomes inspired to create something new and unique, it is something that just needs to be experienced for yourself. …
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  • Master Built?

    Jeff K
    Powerband is the newest addition to the Master Built Series from Camacho. There are two other cigars in that line: Triple Maduro and American Barrel Aged. Triple Maduro has been a crowd pleaser since the blend debuted. And I liked American Barrel Aged enough to review it last year, and give it a 90 point rating. Needless to say, Powerband had some big shoes to fill if it was going to live up to …
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