Staff Reviews for January 2011

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  • Rocky Patel 1961

    In 2010, Rocky Patel cut the ribbon on his very first factory. Wait, I can hear some of you saying....hasn’t Rocky Patel been selling cigars for years? Indeed. But until this point his production had been contracted out. Rocky would work to create new blends, and then farm out the work to various well-established factories across Central America. Now he’s begun shifting to his own …
  • Edge Counterfeit Toro Corojo

    After spending more than a decade in the cigar industry I’ve seen tons of cigar brands (and “Cigar Super-Stars” come & go. Don Juan, Don Smith, Don This & Don That…the list just never seemed to end. Now, long after the dust has settled from the Cigar Boom of the 90’s we’re well past the end of the Don’s & only the strong are left …