Staff Reviews for May 2009

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  • Man O' War Ruination

    Man O’ War Ruination. Oh yes. This holy cocktail of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf ligeros along with Habano Ecuador ligero leaf is a veritable powderkeg. Ligeros are the tobacco plant’s highest priming (the leaves on the top of the plant). This means more sun exposure which in turn leads to maximum strength and robust flavor. And since Man O’ War Ruination …
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  • 5 Vegas Classic

    Steve R
    Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel the past few months, you know that SCHIP has hit home. This bill places a heavy tax on all cigars, and has resulted in higher prices starting 4/1. Some manufacturers are using this tax as a vehicle to introduce price increases that, in some cases, go above and beyond the level of the tax. In several cases, manufacturers have instituted multiple price …
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