Staff Reviews for May 2008

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  • Nub Cameroon - Vertical Tasting

    Steve R
    After tasting countless cigars and working hands on in the Oliva factory, Sam Leccia concluded that a cigar normally hits its ‘sweet spot’ within 3 to 4 inches of the burn. Therefore, one must invest a good amount of time with a cigar prior to being rewarded with its true character. So, Sam worked with the Oliva Cigar Family (maker’s of Serie ‘V’ and Serie …
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  • Man O' War

    I don’t want to overstate it but quite simply, Man O’ War is special. Let me count the ways. First, the maker – AJ Fernandez. His Esteli, Nicaragua-based Tabacalera Fernandez factory boasts a surprising list of quality blends; in fact, he’s the best maker you never heard of. His list of clients includes Ernie Padilla, Rocky Patel, Kaizad Hansotia and others. He was …
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