Staff Reviews for February 2007

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  • Perdomo Lot 23

    Steve R
    Nick Perdomo is widely known for his super-high-end handmades, including Edicion de Silvio, ESV '91 and the amazing La Tradicion series. However, some of our top-selling brands happen to be his value-priced blends, like Slow-Aged Lot 826 and Tierra del Sol. It's clear, Tabacalera Perdomo can craft a top-notch smoke for enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes and incomes. He furthers this point with …
  • Fonseca Habana

    Coming up is Super Bowl weekend, something I view with a mix of equal parts dread and excitement. We all know the game itself is often more spectacle than sporting event. But more than that, here's the reason why. This weekend marks the start of that gaping hole in the sports universe, the 6-week period amounting to little more than a barren, rocky place for televised sports. For many of us this …