Staff Reviews for August 2006

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  • 5 Vegas Gold No. 1

    Steve R
    For the past 5 days we’ve seen nothing but rain here in Bath, PA. Flash flood warnings bombard the airwaves, while local residents can be seen paddling down the streets on the evening news. Craziness. Yesterday, there was a break in the rain and a few rays of foggy sunshine before the day came to an end. This was my chance to go outside and enjoy a cigar, and I’ll be damned if I …
  • Victor Sinclair Vintage

    For some reason, this review took an extensive amount of "research"... Monday - "ok, Bob E. from Wyomissing, PA said that I need to spark up one of these Victor Sinclair Vintage Selects, haven't had one for a while, but that was when it was a pricey jobbie.  Whoah, not bad, easy draw, good looking box press, fires up easily, this is primed for a Gonz's Pick." Tuesday - "ok, one …