Staff Reviews for June 2006

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  • El Mejor Espresso

    Brandon S
    El Mejor, literally translated means “the best one’ or, “the great one”. Truly a fitting moniker in this case because the El Mejor Espresso is an excellent cigar no matter how you “cut” it. Nicaraguan cigars are most often likened to the Cuban cigars of old. They are typically stereotyped as being medium to full-bodied and spicy with a rich and robust flavor …
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  • Torano Exodus 1959

    Brandon S
    Boy Howdy! If it could ever be possible to infuse a chocolate bar into a few leaves of tobacco and roll it into a cigar, it would unquestionably be called a Torano Exodus 1959! Now don’t get me wrong here because I’m not saying that this is a flavored smoke in any way. Instead, what I’m trying to get across to you without actually handing you one is the fact that this cigar …
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