Staff Reviews for January 2006

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  • 5 Vegas Series 'A'

    When you're inside CI headquarters, even if you're not looking for cigars, boy, cigars sure do find you. This place is a 49,000 square foot playground chock full of handmades, and resistance is just about futile. That's the position I found myself this past Sunday. I ran to the office with a plan to get a few things done and a promise to my wife to speed back home without delay. But on my desk …
  • Carlos Torano Exodus 1959

    Steve R
    This Editor’s Pick can be summed up with two words: HERSHEY BAR. As many have already found out for themselves, the Torano Exodus 1959 is gorgeous. Dark, sharply boxed-pressed cigars that seem to leak natural oils, causing me to froth at the mouth every time I reach into the humidor to grab one. In my opinion, this is the best Torano to date, and as an added bonus, it’s perfectly …
  • La Vieja Habana - Fumas

    We recently completely revamped our office space, and if I must say-so myself, this required an incredibly e-fficient, pro-ficient, and su-fficient IT team to relocate the office staff to temporary cubicles. Our network admin Brian somehow kept his sanity through the project and worked around the clock to get it done. Why is this important to you? Good question. Well, one late night after all of …
  • Java by Drew Estate

    The idea for Java was conceived in Allentown, PA. I know that ain't sexy, and you might rather believe it was divine inspiration one day in Central America when Jonathan Drew and Rocky Patel were inspecting tobacco plants in the vegas of the Jalapa Valley....but it's the truth. It was May 2, 2004, and all the major cigar manufacturers were here in Pennsylvania for CI's annual mega-herf called …
  • Gurkha Centurian

    Steve R
    The Gurkha Centurian is not your every day cigar. Rather, it’s a special cigar for a special day. Let’s be honest, how often do you get the chance to enjoy a $30 cigar that was made exclusively for the Sultan of Brunei? In case you're wondering, Brunei Darussalam is an oil-rich country located in the island of Borneo, and the Sultan is not just the Sultan, he's also the country’s Prime Minister, …