Staff Reviews for June 2005

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  • Onyx Reserve

    Steve R
    Not too long ago, the Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso blew up the cigar scene with an astonishing ‘94’ rating from Cigar Aficionado. It quickly became all the rave, causing backorders lasting too many months to count. Never before have I seen such demand on a cigar, so naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I remember my first Mini Belicoso like it was yesterday. I was still …
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  • "Original" Cubans

    I used to think this column was an easy task. I smoke a couple of cigars per day, I know what I like and I just need to explain it in gonz verbiage. I used to smoke a cigar once and know it was going to be one primed for Gonz's Pick. Now, I smoke 2, sometimes 3 in a row before I can qualify it. There are so many good cigars out there right now. The market has really come full circle and it's …
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  • La Gloria Cubana Serie ‘R’ #5 Maduro

    Brandon S
    A couple of days ago Steve-O and I received an email from a customer requesting a review/ score on the La Gloria Serie R. First off let me just say “Thank You!” to Chris S. for taking time out of his day to shoot us an email! I love getting feedback from you guys and just discussing cigars in general. The fact that our reviews help you to decide which cigars might be worth your …
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  • Cu-Avana

    A bunch of us at CI, naturally, smoke several cigars daily, sampling tons of blends new and old alike, some great and some just decent, sprinkled in with the occasional atrocious, unsmokeable samples. Despite this I only get around to writing an "official" review once every few weeks. That's probably because I also write all the useless catalog drivel. You know, product copy for the junk mail we …
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