Staff Reviews for May 2005

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  • Rocky Patel Connecticut

    The more one smokes cigars, generally speaking the more one tends to gravitate toward strength and complexity over time. I guess that's natural, just like beer, wine, coffee or anything else - as you get more sucked in your palate evolves and you explore the boundaries. Thing is, mellow cigars never really get fantastic ratings or wild-eyed reviews because most of the people who write that stuff, …
  • Park Avenue Serie 44

    Brandon S
    Finally! An everyday smoke from Kaizad Hansotia (maker of Gurkha cigars) without the Ferrari price tag! Seriously, I don’t mind ponying up the big bucks every now and again for a cigar as unique, complex and well-constructed as a Gurkha Master Select or Gurkha Regent but for me, it certainly is not a cigar that I can afford to enjoy daily! Don’t get me wrong now as I do believe that Gurkhas are …