Staff Reviews for April 2005

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  • Slow-Aged No. 826

    "Slow-Aged No. 826", tell me that isn't the perfect Barry White song title? Or maybe one of the lost Mozart Concertos, who knows? I've been smoking this for the past week and brought some along on my first round (well 9 holes) of golf for the year. Lesson #1: it was windy as hell so learn from me - you need 1 cigar per hole on windy days or you'll feel like a schmuck b/c the 5-pack you …
  • Cu-Avana

    Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing, and I mean nothing, could get you in a good mood? No special cigar, no special lovin' from the wife, no special wine, no 12 shots of tequila, no nuthin'. I never thought I'd make it to Saturday. But here I am, finally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a solid 6 hours sleep (woohoo!), with tremendous hope that this week will be the week I hit …
  • Sun-Grown by Rocky Patel

    Brandon S
    Unless you have been wandering the Gobi Desert for the past few months without food or water, chances are you are becoming increasingly familiar with name Rocky Patel. Rocky is the brilliant founder behind the Indian Tabac brand and after a few tough years in the beginning, Rocky is really coming in to his own with a recent string of releases that have quickly become some of the hottest and most …
  • Rocky Patel Connecticut

    Steve R
    Yes, I know...I just did a write-up on the Rocky Patel Sun Grown. What can I say, Rocky makes some phenomenal cigars, and I am enjoying each new line that he’s come out with. Every time I crack open a box of Vintage, I know exactly what to expect from each cigar found inside. The same goes for the Sun Grown and the Edge, and Rocky’s latest creation, the Connecticut, is no different. The only …