Staff Reviews for October 2005

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  • Flor del Todo

    Rolando Reyes, Sr. is tireless. The man is over 80 years old, widely acknowledged as the best blender alive, and he still works like a horse day in and day out. Actually, it's probably more like night in, night out: his work habits are legendary - he sleeps during the day, wakes up late in the afternoon, and then stays up the entire night sorting cigars until rollers arrive the next morning. He …
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  • Oliva ’O’ Maduro

    Brandon S
    ‘O’ Maduro….Oh wow, where do I begin... Like a monkey attracted to a shiny object, I first picked one of these up when the fabric band adorned with gold sparkly stuff caught my eye some years back. I love Maduro cigars and I also love full-bodied cigars and when I first laid my eyes on this beauty it was love at first sight! Oily, dark and superbly constructed, the …
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